10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

It seems that in Europe there are no places left where the foot of a tourist hasn’t stepped, places without long queues near the famous statues and monuments, places where there is no need to look for a restaurant with free tables for hours…

However, such places still exist. We have found 10 interesting cities for you, where no one will prevent your pleasant and relaxing holidays.



If there is a peaceful and cozy corner in the world which seems to has come from the pages of old fairy tales, then it’s Colmar. It’s a colorful and picturesque city which you would not want to leave.




Colmar is one of the most romantic places in Alsace, where you can admire the architecture, taste delicious French sweets, drink local wine and just relax from the monotony of everyday life and the working routine of large cities. The best season or visiting Colmar is spring when the colors of the city houses blend with the flowering of nature.

You should definitely visit Eguisheim village in Colmar. Why? Because in 2013 (and nothing has changed since then) it was recognized as the most beautiful village in  France! The village is quite small, literally a couple of streets, but it’s a very beautiful place. Surrounded by vineyards, nestling in a fold of green hills, Eguisheim is a medieval village whose narrow, concentric streets highlight the architectural merits of its half-timbered houses, lovingly decorated with flowers.

Discover historic fountains, tithe manors, a yellow sandstone church with a 13th century “Opening Virgin” statue in this unique village. Stroll along its narrow streets and admire the broad spectrum of its colored houses, where ancient inscriptions can be deciphered on the stone lintels. Fall in love with the personality of this Alsace village.

The direct train departs from Strasbourg several times a day and goes to Colmar for half an hour. The trip from Zurich will take about 1.5 hours by car.



Manarola is an amazing old town in Italy. It was founded many centuries ago on a rock near the coast of the Ligurian Sea, and since then it has not lost its charm. Moreover, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and vineyards. A truly paradise place!

Manarola is a great option for a weekend because the town is small and there are not so much entertainment options. The beaches here are small, but it is worth trying to dive, as  Manarola is considered one of the best places in Italy for this kind of entertainment.




Like all Italian cities, Manarola is famous for its unrivaled cuisine. As it is a marine city, in addition to traditional pizza and pasta, you will be offered exquisite fish dishes. Just imagine your dinner with fish delicacy, delicious Italian wine and a great view of the city.

The road trip from Pisa to Manarola will take 1.5 hours by car.



Rothenburg is Germany’s fairy-tale dream town, ancient and picturesque. Perhaps the only thing that distinguishes it from many other Bavarian cities is the exceptional devotion of the local residents, who do their best to keep the ancient appearance of Rothenburg. Modern advertising and skyscrapers do not spoil the views of this town.

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There you can see the narrow streets, picturesque houses, ancient signboards on the houses, the Town Hall, the cathedrals and … the year-round Christmas market. Yes, Christmas can be found in Rothenburg even in the summer and spring, and all because there is a special Christmas museum where you can be close to a fairy tale all year round.

Unlike in many big cities, you can easily walk at night, as the city guard walks around the streets and checks if everything is in order. In general, the atmosphere of medieval legends is kept at 100%.

The most convenient way to get to Rothenburg is from Munich. It takes about 3 hours by train.


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Another city, not crowded with tourists, is Valetta, the capital of Malta, the city with an amazing history and beautiful architecture, dozens of churches and cathedrals, ancient castles and chapels …




The central streets of the city are narrow, so be prepared to walk a lot, and if you are tired, you can go by yacht or a boat along the bay. If you wish to enjoy the art, then go to the Royal Opera or the National Museum of Fine Arts, where a pleasant and informative pastime is guaranteed.

Valletta is a World Heritage site and an open-air museum. It is a living experience of Baroque architecture, dotted with quaint cafés and wine bars. The city is today one of Malta’s main tourist attractions, hosting the majestic St John’s Cathedral, the imposing bastions and a treasure of priceless paintings. It also provides a stunning snapshot of Malta’s Grand Harbour, often described as the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Admire the bastion walls, the dense clusters of worn limestone buildings, the timber balconies, and imposing churches. The city’s unique setting nowadays plays host to a series of cultural events, from theatre in English, to concerts by leading opera singers. It is better to come here in the spring or autumn, as the summer is very hot on the island.



Despite all the tragic events that took place on the territory of Bosnia about 20 years ago, today, walking through the ancient cities of the country, you would not find any signs of past sad events, and all because the local residents returned the original beauty and charm to their land.




Mostar is an ancient, picturesque city, surrounded by the mountains from all sides. The river Neretva divides the city, making the views from any shore unbelievable. It’s scary to think that back in the 90s this city was destroyed, and today, having reborn, it shows its beauty again.

Mostar has long been known for its old Turkish houses and Old Bridge, Stari Most, after which it is named. The reconstructed Old Bridge and Old City of Mostar is a symbol of reconciliation, international co-operation and of the coexistence of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities.

Bosnia is not a very popular place for tourists, so the prices here will please every traveler, especially the budget one. The road trip from Split to Mostar will take about 2 hours by car.



Innsbruck is the famous ski resort in Europe, but in summer, everything changes, when there is a quiet and measured life in the city. The trip to Innsbruck in summer will be no less interesting than in winter because of the incredible nature of the Alps. It is worth going to the Alpine Botanical Garden.




Innsbruck is a city of contrasts. Next, to the ancient houses, business centers and shopping complexes are built. Entertainments here are also completely different: someone prefers luxury spa complexes with thermal springs, while someone chooses swimming in alpine lakes, fishing, and cycling. Ladies like Innsbruck, as there is a museum of Swarovski.

Late-medieval Old Town in Innsbruck is picture-book stuff, presided over by a grand Habsburg palace and baroque cathedral, while its Olympic ski jump with big mountain views make a spectacular leap between the urban and the outdoors.



Pučišca is a picturesque village located on one of the islands of Croatia, Brać. Like all the cities of Croatia, Pučišća is famous for its picturesque nature, wonderful mountain landscapes and ancient architecture. The village is also famous for its magnificent bay with crystal clear water.




All those who come here to relax, make a feast of local cuisine and wine. Gourmets say that the most fragrant olive oil is produced in Pučišca.

Pučišca is an ideal and affordable option for summer holidays by the sea because there you do not have to compete for a place by the water. There aren’t such many tourists as on popular European sea resorts.

An excellent souvenir from Pučišca will be the products made of marble because this place is famous for artworks from this material all over the world.

The journey from Split to Brać will take 1 hour by ferry, which goes several times a day.



The picturesque Annecy city sometimes called “Venice of the Alps”, lies on the northern side of Lake Annecy. Canals, boats, narrow alleys, dozens of bridges, ancient houses, cathedrals, castles and many flowers—this is Annecy.

In the heart of the Old Town, visit Palais de l’Ile, a former prison, and the Palais de Justice, home to the History Museum. Near this symbolic building of the 12th century, the Sainte-Claire street is also an unmissable place during the visit for its beautiful arcaded houses.

Towering over the town, the museum-castle, former residence of the counts of Geneva and the dukes of Genevois-Nemours, is dedicated to archaeology, ethnology, art, history and alpine lakes.

To complete this beautiful visit, there’s nothing like a walk on the edge of the magnificent Annecy lake. Not to be missed! The Europe gardens, the Amours bridge spanning the Vassé canal, the Albigny avenue lined with plane trees and the Champ de Mars are magnificent sites great for relaxation. In addition, you can enjoy the local desserts and ice cream.




In the city, literally every month there are some significant events: for example, in June, there is Animation Film Festival, in July during 4 nights all enjoy the blues, in August you can see colorful fireworks at the lake, and in October people enjoy delicacies at the Harvest Festival.

In general, whenever you go to Annecy, the cultural program is guaranteed.

The easiest way to get from Geneva to Annecy will take about an hour by a regular bus.



Gothenburg is a popular city among the Swedes, but it is not so popular among other European citizens. There is the largest entertainment park in Scandinavia – Liseberg. As well as the fun in the amusement park, there are gardens, a sculpture park, hotels, bars, and restaurants. At Christmas-time Liseberg becomes one huge Christmas market.




In general, there are more than enough reasons to visit this city. It has the cleanest beaches, sea walks to the picturesque islands of West Archipelago, shopping centers, as well as many parks and interesting museums in the city center: Museum of Design, Museum of Technology, Museum of World Culture and others.

Visit the Guide Michelin three-starred attraction Gothenburg Museum of Art at Götaplatsen square for the world’s finest collection of national-romantic Scandinavian late 19th-century art.

Gothenburg’s attractions, cultural sights, and museums are within walking distance of each other and most are paired with excellent restaurants and cafés. The city is considered the culinary capital of Sweden, which means that there are more than enough tasty dishes and dainties.



Toruń is one of the oldest city in Poland with the rich history. Each house in Toruń is not only interesting for its architecture but famous for many legends which locals like to tell. In general, Toruń is famous for its mysterious Gothic buildings, which are not so preserved in Eastern Europe.



It is especially pleasant to walk around the city at night when all the houses are illuminated with lights. The Town Hall looks even more interesting in this highlight.

Well, it’s impossible to stay hungry in Poland. In Toruń everyone will find something tasty, and wherever you go, national music will be waiting for you everywhere.

You should walk to the Museum of Gingerbread, where you can try your hand at baking during an interactive show. Note that while the museum offers hourly Polish tours, there are only two English tours a day, so we advise reserving your tickets in advance on the Museum of Gingerbread’s website.

Good fun for the whole family, the 80-minute show will walk you through the steps of making your own gingerbread, led by the Master of Bakery, the Witch, who is in charge of spicing things up, and other characters.

But you’re not just here to bake. You will also learn about the history of gingerbread from its invention in the 13thcentury to how this dessert reflected the rather tumultuous history of Toruń and its rulers.


Now that you’ve wetted your appetite, stop by Gospoda Pod Modrym Fartuchem (Blue Apron Inn) for a real meal. Being one of the oldest restaurants in Poland, it has been satisfying hungry customers who walk around Rynek Nowomiejski since 1489.

If the Museum of Gingerbread left you craving some more baked goods, grab a table at Pierogarnia Stary Toruń and try a unique plate of fresh-out-of-the-oven baked pierogi.


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Europe is chock full of gorgeous destinations, including cities filled to the brim with natural wonders, historical buildings, and art. For travelers who can’t help but dream about lush gardens and breathtaking mountain views, who dream of strolling through historical sites, the listed above beautiful European cities are the places to be.

If you are looking forward to having a wonderful journey from one city to another, be sure that traveling in a private car, using our service, is an ideal solution for you.

We craft exceptional driving itineraries and strive to make driving in Europe simple, safe and enjoyable.

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