3 Effortless ways to travel around Central Europe (No. 3 Is Very Impressive)

Enveloping around 50 sovereign states, the term “Europe” is truly a destination brimming with diversity.


Thus, it has turned into a puzzling place to travel around. Here goes a handy guide to help you out choosing a conveyance option wisely. Europe serves as the cherry on the top of my top travel destinations list. One question that is raised over and over again is, “What are the cheapest and convenient ways to travel across Central Europe?”


Way #1: By train



A train is certainly the scenic classic offering the most romantic way to travel around Central Europe that is still comfy and quick. Planning train trips to the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland is convenient as you’ll be astonished to witness Railways spider spread all over Europe.


Well, the process of booking train tickets is much better online. If you’re planning to make a few short journeys then it would be better to purchase point-to- point tickets. There’s an option of buying a single rail pass that lets the traveler travel to multiple countries within the decided timeframes. It’s totally your call now whether you’re here for a longer duration or a quick journey.


If you’re planning to travel across vast distances, getting a rail pass would be great. The European rail system is really cheap for traveling over short distances. Getting a rail pass would save a lot of money and are a must-to-have thing for travelers pursuing long-distance travel.


Way #2: By bus


Prague to Krakow with a local guide visiting amazing places along the way


Lacking the flair of train travel, but still is the most convenient way of crossing the continent. Individual countries within Central Europe possess their own bus networks. Moreover, Eurolines’ or Student Agency fleet of coaches’ link around 500 destinations across the continent- passes and point-to- point tickets are available easily. The drawbacks could be long journeys and sitting on cramped seats. In addition, you might have to get off the bus for a check at crossing borders. Nothing could be cheaper than bus travel if you’re an on-budget trip to Europe. Booking at least a month before is preferable especially when you’re heading to famous tourists’ routes and cities.


Way #3: In private car with local driver guide




Nothing can compete with the perks of hiring a private car to explore Central Europe. Gear up for an enjoyable trip to Central Europe with the comfort of traveling in a privately-hired car. Moreover, you would be provided with a local driver guide who will connect you to the best tourist’s attractions in Central Europe to ensure that no corner is left undiscovered.


Renting a car is obviously one of your biggest pre-trip decisions which can either make or break your trip. For couples and families, traveling around Central Europe within a car is pretty easier and convenient. With reasonable rentals and enticing rural areas, the case for car rental is ideal for travel trips. You’re set totally free, going wherever you want and whenever you want.


The ultimate benefit of exploring Central Europe via car is that you can stop by the famous tourists’ attractions and eateries to unwind yourself. Moreover, if you find something impressive and enchanting on the way you can definitely stop and give it a look and snap plenty of pictures which isn’t possible in a public transit.


Spending Holidays in Central Europe is relatively easier if you have a car with local driver guide at disposal and therefore, car rental becomes a better option for budget travelers in Europe. Even if you’ve made a traveling plan suddenly, you can simply hunt on the internet for international car rentals to book a car for yourself.


With an experienced driver, you don’t need to care about reading signboards in unknown languages as he’ll be taking care of it while driving carefully. Search for an international car rental company which goes an extra mile for customer satisfaction. We all are aware that the only motive of transportation companies is to move people from one place to another.


How about booking a car that lets you stop wherever you want and take you to visit the flawless Chateau, Castles, and Palaces?




Now that you have a good grasp of the ways to determine whether you could use a channel for travel around Central or Eastern Europe, it’s decision time.


Take a look at each way, and first decide how you want to discover Europe (as I’ve shown you).


Then, consider the relative popularity of each way, your budget, and your goals, and determine what is the best for you.


If you need help doing this, I’m happy to try to point you in the right direction. Leave me a comment below with as much detail as possible, and I’ll try to help out.

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