The Best Trips Story

Best Trips is a Door to Door Transfer between European cities with English speaking local drivers.


It’s a place where you can order a private transportation, connect with local travel experts, and get the personal advice and unique itinerary for your vacation in Europe. With thousands of customers from 15 countries around the globe, we’ve become one of the world’s most trusted transfer company on the travel market.


How We Got Started

Three years ago, I started to cooperate with one USA travel company. My goal was to serve 300+ clients from USA, Canada, and Australia about the barriers they face when searching for how to travel from one country to another with a private local driver.

My private goal was to launch transportation service around Central & Eastern Europe and help travelers to see amazing places on the way from one European capital to another.


“We believe that giving and receiving travel services should be Simple, Affordable and Unforgettable”


No more last minute international transfers, day trips booking, or delays. 

There’s a story behind every transportation: «Thank you. I enjoy travel & communication with you». «Thank you for stopping in this lovely place».

You want to show someone special that you care, and so every detail has to be right. We have taken the time to make every aspect of the Best Trips experience simply beautiful.

We are situated directly in Prague, the Czech Republic to offer the transfer services at an affordable price. Our intuitive website means that in just a few clicks you can order an arrangement of day trip or door to door transfer between European cities. Designed by our professional guides, each day trip is stunning and long-lasting. We make easy and enjoyable your dream holiday.

We developed our best experience in travel business to present the beauty of Central & Eastern Europe, whilst rest companies just try to make some money. And most importantly of all are the finishing touches, that make every transfer a delight and unforgettable.


We Give You Our Best. Always.

Our Prague base and totally flat structure mean there is no “junior” team. You get our very best every single day, and we guarantee you won’t find a more responsive, easier to work transportation company.


The crackerjack Best Trips team includes:

Russ Bily, Best Trips – CEO

[email protected]

Russ is a hype-free digital marketing and customer service strategist,

Traveler, and a technology investor. He founded Best Trips in 2015, and it is his second successful venture.

Russ on a mission to help travelers discover Central & Eastern Europe with English speaking local drivers. He’s advised on travel business since 2012 including many famous travel companies on the market.

Today with thousands of customers from 15+ countries around the globe, his company become one of the world’s most trusted transportation company in the travel market.


Nataly Karimova, Best Trips – Co-Founder

[email protected]

Nataly Co found Best Trips with ten years of experience in hospitality, tourism and Prague guide training.

Previously, she held Destination Manager and local representative positions with the top travel company from New York.

She was also the Top Consultant for travel companies from the USA, Canada and help them open new travel destinations in Eastern Europe.

Though Nataly brings an analytical, data-driven skill set to the Best Trips team, we secretly think she’s part psychic and comes from a lineage of fairy godmothers because of the way she anticipates everyone’s needs three steps before they do.

At Best Trips, Nataly oversees team efforts, maximizes efficiency and organization, and contributes to overall strategy and development of new products and services.


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