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Vienna is a major transportation hub in eastern Austria. Besides staying in Vienna you can also make several interesting trips to nearby places. Vienna can be a starting point for more complex routes. For example, Vienna to Bratislava is about an hour’s drive. You can reach Budapest from Vienna in a couple of hours and Sopron in about 40 minutes. But first, let’s figure out what is the best place to stay in Vienna.

Hotels in Vienna Inner City

The majority of attractions is within a walking distance when you stay in a hotel in the Vienna city center. Perhaps the only place to go by subway is the Schonbrunn Palace Complex. There is a large number of stores there, including Billa supermarkets, plenty of candy shops, cafes, restaurants, and fast food restaurants. This part of the city is most beautifully decorated for Christmas and Easter. It is pleasant and safe to walk here even at night.

If you choose a hotel in the Inner City of Vienna, prices will be higher in comparison with the hotels in other districts. Prices for a double room with breakfast can start from 120-150 euros and go up to 300, 600, 800 EUR).

If you want to live with a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, you will have to accept the sound of the cathedral bells and the noise of the tourists and numerous carriages. It’s better to choose a hotel with the windows facing the courtyard. Be ready for a large number of people at breakfast and the lack of seats at the tables as well. So you should wake up earlier to have your breakfast.

From the hotels located in the very center of Vienna, pay attention to the following:

Slightly cheaper are hotels such as:

5-star hotels in Vienna with history

If the budget for your trip is not limited, then you can choose one of the five-star hotels with history.

For example, Hotel Sacher Wien is several steps away from the Vienna Cathedral and has a true Viennese atmosphere. On the first floor, there is the famous Sacher cafe, where you can taste one of the best cakes in the city. Since it’s a very popular place, you should book it in advance. Interesting that the dress code is still observed there.

Grand Hotel Wien is located near the Vienna Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) and the Kärntner Straße. Without leaving the hotel, you can visit a nearby shopping center or a huge spa. Hotel Ambassador and Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof are also landmark hotels in Vienna.

The price of living in such a hotel is high, but the level of service is high as well. For example, a receptionist can buy you a ticket to the Opera, and so on. But please note that taxis standing at the entrance to any 5-star hotel will cost several times more than those hired by phone or booked online.

Hotels near Vienna City Park

Vienna City Park (Stadtpark) is a real green oasis in the city center. It is pleasant to have evening walks or run in the mornings. In addition, the park is decorated with many monuments and is itself a Viennese landmark. Therefore, if you want to live in the center and at the same time close to the park, then you should pay attention to the following hotels:

As this is the center, all the sights are still within a walking distance. This area is considered prestigious, so be ready for quite high prices. However, it has a relatively underdeveloped infrastructure. There are a few supermarkets. In search of cafes, restaurants, and shops, you will have to either go to the place near the Cathedral or to the Mitte-Landstrasse station on the other side of the park. However, in both cases, the walk will take 5-10 minutes, which is not very far.

Hundertwasser House Neighborhood

Behind the Ring in the eastern part of Vienna, the Danube Canal creates a loop, forming a rather nice district. Famous Hundertwasser House is located in the center of this area. This is a residential district with few tourists.

We can divide local hotels into 3 categories:

  • located on the banks of the Danube Canal
  • located deep in the district
  • located near the Hundertwasser House

Hotels and apartments like Kunsthaus Apartments or Hotel Urania are more convenient when talking about transport. A city sightseeing bus runs along the embankment and there are several tram stops. There is a good infrastructure as well, many supermarkets and restaurants. But it’s a bit noisy, even if you keep the windows closed.

Hotels that are close to Hundertwasser House, like Ruby Sofie Hotel do not have any particular advantages, except for the famous landmark. They are more expensive than their neighbors in the same quarter.

Hotels and apartments in the depths of the area, like Gartenhotel Gabriel City or Flatprovider – Dream Apartment are far from the city center, but you can use a subway to get to the center. The prices are significantly lower than in the Inner City.

Hotels in Vienna near the Belvedere

The advantages of this quarter are the proximity to the center and transport. A lot of trams run around the area. On the one side of the palace, there is the Rennweg railway station, from where you can get directly to the Vienna Airport. On the other side, there is the Central Train Station Wien HBF. In addition, there are many nice restaurants in the area and an old brewery with traditional cuisine.

You may pay attention to the following hotels in this area:

Surroundings of the Museum Quarter

If your main purpose is to visit museums, then you can stay close to the Museum Quarter. From there you can reach the Hofburg Palace, walk to the Cathedral for 10 minutes or to the famous Mariahilferstrasse for about 15 minutes.

In the Museum Quarter, there is also public parking, which is convenient when you travel by car. This area is considered a fashionable place and has quite a large number of designer hotels with spa. The only disadvantage of the district is street noise, but if the hotel has good sound insulation and there are air conditioners, then you will have an ideal holiday.

For example, Hotel Sans Souci Wien with designer interiors offers a full range of services and an excellent spa. Hotel Savoy Garni decorated in a traditional Viennese style is located on a quiet street, but at the same time, the subway and shops are very close. Hotel ViennArt am Museumsquartier is decorated with modern artworks. K + K Maria Theresia is located in the Spittelberg area of artists. Some of the rooms have beautiful views of the Hofburg.

Hotels near the Vienna City Hall

It is also interesting to live near the City Hall (Rathaus). You can reach the Cathedral and some of the attractions right next to it on foot in 10 minutes. There are enough cafes and restaurants with reasonable prices.

From the hotels in this area we can advise Hotel de France Wien, The Levante Parliament – A Design Hotel, Hotel Alpha Wien and Hotel Rathaus – Wein & Design.

Schönbrunn Neighborhood

Meidling district is a nice place to stay in Vienna. It’s located near Schönbrunn Palace, south-west of the Ring. It makes sense to stay here if it is not your first time in Vienna, you have already visited all the museums and now want to live in a traditional Viennese district and make daily unhurried walks in Schönbrunn Park.

Hotels are located on quiet streets within walking distance from the park, for example, Seminarhotel Springer Schlößl. There are also apartments with fully equipped kitchens, for example, Apartment24 — Schönbrunn. You may also stay in a large hotel chain, in particular, Courtyard by Marriott Wien Schönbrunn.

Hotels in this part of the city quite often offer free parking. There is a good infrastructure in the area: cafes, restaurants, Spar supermarket. The main advantage of the area is the Schönbrunn Palace with a huge park, where you can easily spend a couple of days, visit the palace and go to an impressive zoo.


If you have arrived in Vienna to see numerous sights and visit museums, you should consider the territory inside the Ringstrasse, hotels near the Belvedere, the City Hall or the Museum Quarter. If you want to live in a quieter district, then pay attention to the Schönbrunn or Hundertwasser House neighborhoods.

If you stay in Vienna and want to go somewhere else, BestTrips can easily provide you with transportation services. We pick you up at your hotel in Vienna (at any part of Vienna) and drive you to a neighboring city or country with high comfort.

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