The Best Way to Travel Between Prague, Budapest, and Vienna

Prague and Budapest, together with Vienna, are probably the most popular among the tourists’ cities in Central and Eastern Europe. So, Budapest – Vienna—Prague is one of the most favorite tourist routes in Europe.

That is why, the most frequent question, which the tourists ask, what is Prague to Budapest train, how to travel on the route Budapest – Prague, as the distance from Prague to Budapest is 530 km.

The train comes to mind as the first answer. But not only these ways are possible. Bus service is highly developed in Europe. By the way, some tourists do not discount the plane, as it saves their time, but not money. One more amazing option is a river cruise from Prague to Budapest.

What about car journey? It is the most popular means of transport among tourists nowadays.

We are sure that you want to travel with comfort and pleasure, with fun and rest, and enjoy your trip to the full. Of course, you want to consider all the details to make your trip from Prague to Budapest or vice versa just perfect.


In this article, we are going to discuss the best ways to travel between Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, train from Prague to Budapest, also visiting the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, as well as other fascinating places on your way.


How to Get from Prague to Budapest?

Connections of Prague or Budapest with other European capitals is established in a good way, but it is still necessary to choose the best option. So, let’s consider all possible choices.


 Way #1: from Prague to Budapest by train


Between Budapest and Prague regularly ply 7 direct trains; one of them is a night train. The train journey takes 6 hours 46 minutes. The ticket price is 560 CZK (20 €).

All trains depart from Prague Main railway station or Holešovice and arrive at Budapest East station named Budapest-Keleti. E-ticket on the train type EuroCity will cost from 59 to 70 €, depending on the class.

The trains from Prague to Budapest and back ply several times a day. The earliest train is at 5.52 in the morning, and the last one is at 23.58. If you decide to travel from Prague to Budapest, you can buy tickets and see the current schedule on the Czech Transport website:

If your destination is Budapest – Prague, the ticket price will begin from 38 €. Journey time is 6 hours 43 minutes. Please, visit the website of the Hungarian Transport:


Way #2: from Prague to Budapest by bus


If the level of comfort during the train journey is high, here, it will be medium. However, the bus trip from Prague to Budapest or back is, perhaps, the most economical way to travel. The journey will take approximately 7:30-8 hours. There are several bus companies, so you can compare the ticket prices: OrangeWays—18 €, Regio Jet—19 €, ArdaTur—23 €, Metro—30 €.

All buses are equipped with individual power sockets and wifi. The snack and hot drinks are also offered. If you travel from Budapest to Prague, a round trip will cost you at least 11,500 HUF (38 €). Budapest—Prague buses, such as OrangeWays and Volanbusz / Eurolines depart from the main bus station of Budapest, called Népliget.

If you wish to travel by bus, we recommend you to choose Flix Bus or Student Agency, a Czech bus company, using which you can get not only from Prague to Budapest but also vice versa. By the way, with Student Agency buses you get to Vienna and Bratislava, as well as to other cities of Eastern Europe.

The one-way ticket price is approximately 16 €. You can buy the tickets online on the website student agency .eu/en.

Please, keep in mind that all the prices that we give in this article are given just for a for auide purposes. You can visit the websites for checking various discounts. In addition, the ticket price may vary depending on travel dates and class.


Note: On the website InfoBus, you can compare prices of different bus agencies to choose the best for you.


Way #3: from Prague to Budapest by plane


The fastest way to get from Budapest to Prague is by plane. The direct flights are carried out by Czech Airlines. The journey takes 1 hour 25 minutes. The airport is located 17 kilometers from Budapest.

The price for Czech Airlines tickets vary, depending on dates, but the average flight will cost you 180 €.

Please, book the tickets for a flight on the website of Czech Airlines:


Way #4: from Prague to Budapest by river cruise


Another possible way of travel between Prague and Budapest is a river cruise vacation. Choosing this option, you can enjoy seeing some of Central Europe’s capitals—Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest—as well as many small towns along the way.

For more detailed information about a 10-day river cruise from Prague to Budapest and its price, please visit the following website:


Way #5: from Prague to Budapest by private car with a local driver


Car journey allows you not to be tied to the time of departure and other obligations in comparison with traveling by bus or train. Driving from Prague to Budapest takes approximately 5 hours.

Traveling in a private transfer with a local driver guide, using our service, is the most comfortable and means of transport for tourists who travel between Budapest and Prague.

If you wish to go to such capitals as Vienna and Bratislava, as well as see many other famous sites on your way from Budapest to Prague, a private car would be a perfect kind of transport for you.

You can take pictures on your way, have a lot of fun while traveling by car. Most importantly, you can plan your own destination, and with the help of our local driver-guide, you will just have a rest and explore Eastern or Central Europe easily and comfortably.


Now, get a look at the most attractive places between Prague and Budapest, such as Lednice Castle, Bratislava, Vienna, and Győr.


1. Medieval Gothic Lednice Castle


50 km southeast from Brno, in the triangle, where the borders of three neighboring countries, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, are connected, there is a small village called Lednice.

Gothic Medieval Lednice Castle, which is a part of the grand complex, which includes Lednice and Valtice Chateau, as well as the almost 200 square kilometers of magnificent parks and gardens.

Thinking about having a great day in Lednice?

Here are some pieces of advice from us:

– Enjoy Lednice Castle and the gardens of Lednice-Valtice Complex;

– Admire the Garden of Europe in the Lednice-Valtice Complex;

– Take a walk from the 3 Graces summer lodge in the pine woods to the observation tower minaret;

– Visit the neo-Gothic summer residence of the Liechtenstein family;

– Have a lunch in the historic park;

– Enjoy a ride around the Lednice Ponds, which are surrounded by chateaus;

– Visit tropical greenhouse;

– Have a boat trip on the park’s canals;

– Finally, taste wine while visiting the wine cellars beneath Valtice Chateau.


From my point of view, everything listed below is worth seeing. So the prices for excursions can vary from 60 CZK for adults and 40 CZK for a child to 260 and 160 CZK for the longest tour. Children under 6 years may attend some of the excursions for free, including the children’s rooms of the castle and Puppet Museum.


2. Bratislava – Small and Quiet Capital on the Danube River


Slovakia is now starting to gain popularity on the European tourist route. It’s very close to Vienna, so you should definitely visit this amazing city and enjoy smaller crowds and cheaper prices than in other European capitals.

 Here, we will recommend you top places you shouldn’t miss when being in Bratislava.

 A) Visit the Main Square.

The Main Square is a central square in the Old Town and one of the most famous squares in Bratislava. Its most beautiful sites are the Old Town Hall, Roland Fountain, the Embassies of Japan, Greece and France, Apponyi Palace, Palace of the Hungarian exchange bank, and Palugyay Palace.

Each year from the end of November until the end of December, the traditional Christmas Fair takes places here.


B) Walk along the Danube river and view the city.

Start your walk by crossing the UFO bridge, called so due to its shape. Bratislava is famous for its amazing bridges. Another very interesting is Apollo Bridge, the newest one. It is really worth visiting at night when the bridge is illuminated with multi-colored lights.

While walking, you cannot overlook an imposing Bratislava Castle on a hill above the Danube river.


 C) Among the most popular architectural buildings in Bratislava, the first place takes Blue Church of St. Elisabeth. We can also recommend you to see St. Martin’s Cathedral, Presidential and Primate’s Palace, as well as Slovak National Theater.

D) If you are going to have a dinner, Slovak pub will be waiting for you in Bratislava very close to the city center. This pub is recommended by locals because almost all the served products are from their own organic farm.


3. Vienna—the City that Is Proud of Its Past


Vienna is always associated with Classical music, brilliant Viennese maestro, graceful architecture and, of course, cozy cafes with coffee and strudel.

Most often, tourists become familiar with Vienna during a one-day visit to the city, and the main purpose is to see as much as possible. During one day, you can be a little bit acquainted with the main sights of the old city.

Start with a walk with famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) and Stephansplatz.


After rounding Shtefanplats from the left, you can walk to Mozart’s house, where a great composer lived and worked for three years.

Moving on towards the Wollzeile, you will see the Jesuits church. Next, go to the Hoher Markt, which has a rich history since the ancient Romans. Here, at 12 o’clock noon there is a parade of figures on the Ankeruhr clock with musical accompaniment, which attracts the dozens of tourists. Another decoration of this square is a Wedding Fountain.

Being in Vienna, you should see Hofburg Palace—the imperial residence of the Habsburgs. This magnificent palace was built during several centuries, so the echoes of different architectural styles can be found there. You with have the possibility to visit several rooms, dedicated to the Austrian people’s favorite Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sisi.

Any Empire throughout its existence collect the world treasures, and Habsburg Empire is not an exception. This dynasty brought together a collection of jewels, crown jewels, clothes, and even Christian relics. It is believed that even a Holy Grail is in Vienna Treasury Museum.

The rich heritage of three empires can be seen in the treasury of the Habsburgs, located in Hofburg. The tickets to the Habsburg Museum cost 12 euros for adults; for children under 19, there is free entry.


After a walk through the palace, after lying on the grass in the palace garden, go to Maria Theresa Square to see the Museum of Art History and Museum of Natural History. And don’t forget about the most famous Vienna opera!

And what for a dessert?

Well, we come back again to the historic city center. There is a huge choice of cafes and restaurants here. But do not go by the most famous coffeehouse Café Schwarzenberg, Vienna’s foremost café at Ringstraße, where old values and traditions are still preserved.

Here you can relax and have a chat while enjoying traditional coffee specialties, fine pastries, strudel, and other delightful Viennese delicacies.


4. Győr — the City of Rivers


Győr is the third richest city of Hungary in terms of historical attractions, so we recommend you to visit this favorite tourist destination. The radial road network connects Slovakia from the north, Austria from the west, Lake Balaton from the south, and Budapest from the east to the town.

Győr is also called «the city of rivers» as it lies on the confluence of three rivers, Danube, Rába and  Rábca. So it is rich in thermal waters.

Győr’s most interesting tourist attractions are situated in the city center, which is not very large. So you can get around on foot. Near Káptalan Hill, the most noteworthy buildings of Győr are located. Bishops Castle and Episcopal Palace crown Káptalan Hill, so you will easily recognize those architectural buildings.


Visit Basicila of Győr, created around the turn of the 14th and 15th century, The Carmelite Church, Benedictine Church, City Art Museum, Xantus Museum, and, of course, Diocesan Treasury, which consists of the unique liturgical objects, valuable goldsmith masterpieces, and textile church garnitures.

The City Hall is worth visiting, especially at night, as this beautiful Neoclassical building is lit up in gold lights.


Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma is also very popular among the tourists. It witnessed much of Hungarian history. It lies approximately 20 km south of Győr and can be reached by regular buses from the Győr at the main bus station within half an hour.

Győr is a city of festivals so you can find attractive programs all the year round. Besides this, the medical thermal waters attract people who want to have a relaxation. The Rába-Quelle Bath creates excellent opportunities for an active holiday, recovery or relaxation.

If you are looking for some nice places to dine, try one of the many unusual cafés and restaurants in the city center that serve traditional Hungarian foods and desserts, for example, John Bull Pub Győr.

The Viator Restaurant in Pannonhalma is also one of the best in the region. It has a spectacular view, great food, and local wines.



Finally, I want to remind you of not missing Lednice Castle and Bratislava during a trip through Eastern Europe. These places are definitely worth visiting, even if you have only a few hours.

Sure, have a stop in Vienna. However, after the short visit, be sure to return to this fascinating city again for a longer time, at least for a week.

Győr is an important guardian of treasures and wonders of Hungary, so it certainly deserves a visit!

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in each of the ways of traveling between Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. Which option to choose? You decide, as someone is focused on price, while someone on the quality and comfort.

If you still hesitate what kind of transport to use while traveling from Prague to Budapest, especially if you want to visit Bratislava or Vienna, think about exploring Eastern Europe in a private car with a local driver guide, using our service, which will provide you a perfect transportation.

We provide a door-to-door service, which is very convenient, as, with us, you can go to any city, town, or village you want to visit.

If you prefer a private car with our local driver, feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to help you make your trip between Budapest and Prague one of the best!

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