Five Best Ways How to Get from Munich to Prague

Five Best Ways How to Get from Munich to Prague

Prague-Munich is one of the most popular destinations for those who visit the Czech Republic. Almost everyone staying in Prague tries to visit Munich for at least a few days.

How to get from Munich to Prague?

What is the fastest way to get there, Munich to Prague train, Munich to Prague bus?

What is the travel distance from Munich and Prague?

How many hours will it take to travel from Prague to Munich?

Is it expensive – driving from Munich to Prague?

Today I want to tell you about five best, fastest and easiest ways to travel from Munich to Prague. You can get from Munich to Prague by train, bus, plane, taxi and private transfer service (this option is considered the most attractive among tourists). Information will be equally useful to those who want to travel from Prague to Munich.


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The distance between Munich and Prague is about 380 km. The journey by plane takes approximately 50 minutes, the price of the ticket is from 248 EUR. A bus from Prague to Munich will take you in 5-5.5 hours and you will pay at least 15 EUR.

The train is on the road 5 hours and 45 minutes and this way will cost you from 39 to 119 EUR (depending on the class and carrier). And, finally, the taxi or private transfer will drive you to your destination in 3.5 hours. The taxi will cost you from 300 EUR. So, let’s go into more details.


Way № 1: Munich to Prague by train


Way № 1: By train


One of the most common ways of moving between Munich and Prague is by train. The advantages are obvious – the speed, relative comfort, affordable price, as well as frequency of trains. In addition, a train is much more spacious than a bus.

In addition, a train has an undeniable advantage – the luggage compartment is near your seat and not in a separate compartment, as in a bus. So you will have access to your things throughout the journey.

The trains also give you room to stand up and move around, there are no seatbelts, there are full-size toilets in every car, you’re free to bring your own picnic. All trains are fully air-conditioned with minibar, power sockets at all seats & free WiFi.

Comfortable trains link Munich and Prague in 5 hours 45 minutes every two hours, city center to city center. It is convenient that trains run from Praha Central Station Praha hl.n. (Wilsonova) to the ZOB München (Hackerbrücke) railway station in Munich, which is also located in the city center. I advise you to take a ticket to the 2nd class since the differences from the 1st class are quite insignificant.


Here are the two best possible options:

  1. If you travel by Czech railway České dráhy, the train ticket from Munich to Prague will cost you 624 CZK (25 EUR).

Please go to this website, see the prices, buy Munich-Prague tickets in either direction and print your own ticket. It’s pretty easy! Only one name & ID is needed to buy a ticket, even if that ticket covers several people. Please note that children under 5 go free, no ticket needed.

  1. Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains are much more expensive. The prices can violate between 50 and 80 up to 119 EUR.

Find the relevant prices on the official website of the railway operator DB BAHN 


NOTE: If you decided to travel from Munich to Prague by train, first go to the official website of the Czech rail operator and check the prices for the ticket in the direction Munich-Prague. The ticket purchased on the website of the Czech rail carrier will be 2 times cheaper.


Way 2: Taxi from Munich to Prague


Way № 2: By taxi


Travel from Munich to Prague by taxi allows tourists to avoid booking tickets in advance, searching for suitable routes, and thinking about transport changes. This distance can be covered by car in 3.5 hours, this journey will cost from 300-312 EUR for an Economy-class vehicle, 800-845 EUR for Business-class, to 780  EUR for a minibus). This travel option will be most suitable for families with children, aged and inexperienced tourists.

Please check the prices and discounts on the following websites for traveling by taxi.


Way 3: Private transfer from Munich to Prague


from prague to budapest


Nothing can compete with exploring Europe in a private transfer. With an experienced local English-speaking driver-guide, you will not need to care about reading signboards in unknown languages as he’ll be taking care of it while driving carefully.

The road between Munich and Prague is pleasant and comfortable, with possible stops and many places of rest, where you can have a picnic. On the way, it’s worth visiting the Czech city of Pilsen, taking a stroll in the local zoo, admiring the churches and the town hall, or visiting the “medieval” Regensburg with its truly fabulous landscapes.


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The main advantage of the trip by car is its mobility. You plan your trip in your own way, stop wherever you want, visit interesting places whenever you like, take pictures, and have a lot of fun. And the whole idea of the country is very different from what the tourists can see from the train or bus window.

Please note that on it is possible to rent a car that is suitable for a problem-free trip at a bargain price. Do not depend on schedules, follow your desires and open the world without losing a day—it’s so amazing!

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Way 4: How to get from Munich to Prague by bus


Way № 4: By bus


Buses from Munich to Prague are represented by carriers Eurolines, FlixBus, StudentAgency, etc. It will take 4.4-5.1 hours (depending on carrier). Buses depart from Munich central bus station and arrive either at Prague Main Railway Station or at Prague ÚAN Florenc (please check the websites of the carriers).

1.In FlixBus, the prices violate from 20 EUR to 28 EUR for direct express. Please visit and check current prices.


2. StudentAgency buses are operated by RegioJet and Deutsche Bahn. They depart from the Munich bus station ZOB—Hackerbrücke. Prices are from 14 EUR to 27 EUR. For checking available seats and prices, visit this website.


3. The journey by Eurolines is more expensive – 50-57 EUR. But there are more amenities needed for a comfortable trip in the bus: free high-speed WiFi extended legroom and comfortable seat, 3 x LCD, 220V power. Please check the prices and book here. 


NOTE: The bus ticket from Munich to Prague can also be purchased at the ticket offices of Munich’s main train station, the ticket price is almost identical to the train.


Way 5: Direct flights from Munich to Prague


Way № 5: By plane


If you do not want to waste time and do not suffer from aerophobia, then you can use the plane to get from Munich to Prague. Direct flights between Munich and Prague are provided by Air Dolomiti and Lufthansa CityLine.

The travel time is only 50 minutes (although it is worth considering that you will have to get to the airport and from there, check-in for a flight, hand over the luggage, stay in a line, etc.).

The ticket price for one adult is from 99 EUR in autumn and winter months, and from 114 to 194 EUR in spring and summer.

Please always check the availability of flights and prices here and here. 

Planes depart from Munich airport 4 times a day, there are no night flights. From the Prague airport “Vaclav Havel” you will need to get to the city, which is 17 km away. Taxis and public transport are always available for this purpose.



For the convenience of travelers, Munich—Prague destination can be reached by different modes of transport. Each has its pros and cons, as well as differences in price and duration.

Buses are cheap, but they go for a relatively long time. On the contrary, the fastest way is to fly by airplane, but at the same time it’s costly and you will need to book tickets in advance and go through check-in and lines. Traveling by taxi or private car is also very fast and comfortable way.

So if you are looking forward to having a really fast and comfortable way from Munich to Prague, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local English-speaking driver, using our service, is an ideal solution for you.

Now you are familiar with all the “transport secrets” of traveling from Munich to Prague. We think that the problem of how to get from Prague to Munich and back will be solved quickly, and the trip will bring you pleasure!

Decide what is the priority for you: price or time, and start your fascinating journey!

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  • kathy Tarver Reply

    My daughter will be in Munich from August 24 – 25 till Sept 2.My boyfriend and I would like to fly into Munich possibly the same day or a couple of days later.
    wen would like to stay close to its center in Munich for several days. Then we all would like to go to Prague. I have researched the 5 different ways to get there. Is there anything that you could add that would be the best way to go? From Prague where would we fly out of?

    June 28, 2018 at 11:42 pm
    • Russ Bily Reply

      Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for your comment and time to study our blog post. Actually, we discover all ways how you can travel between Munich and Prague in that post, you just need to choose the transport that feet into your budget. From Prague we have flights to every European capital so you can find your destination easily, I recommend to buy tickets early and you will get a better price. If you will need help with car transfer please feel free to contact us any time or browse on our blog.

      Have a nice time in Europe!

      June 29, 2018 at 4:38 pm

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