Top Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest is like a magic box of wonders—you can open it endlessly, each time finding new surprises, discovering new places. You can come to Budapest at any season. In [...]

Where to stay in Vienna?

If you plan to visit Vienna, devote at least 6–7 days to see the city’s sights. Visit at least some of the museums, stroll through the palace complexes and [...]

Best Place to Stay in Vienna

 Vienna is a major transportation hub in eastern Austria. Besides staying in Vienna you can also make several interesting trips to nearby places. Vienna can be a starting point [...]

European Best Destinations 2019

Whether you look forward to an adventurous journey, a city break, a romantic holiday, a family tour, a beach stay, a cultural, historical or gastronomic trip, Europe offers a [...]

What to Pack for European Trip

Whether you’re planning to spend a long weekend in the Czech Republic, a fortnight abroad in Germany, or an entire summer traveling around the continent by Eurorail, you should [...]

Travel to Germany With The Kids

Are you going to visit Berlin or Munich? We selected the most interesting places of Berlin and Munich for family travelers, and also found out what delicious local food [...]

Сelebrate New Year in Prague

The New Year holidays are just around the corner, and we invite you to spend this time in Prague! For last few years is become very popular to celebrate New [...]

Budapest: Tips From Expert Travelers

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest. It seems like Budapest is the only city anyone can talk about these days.You’ve probably read post after post about how “visit Budapest” at least a dozen [...]

How to Get from Berlin to Prague

When visiting Germany it is difficult to refrain from traveling to neighboring countries. Numerous tour operators offer a variety of bus tours to foreigners. But you can visit European [...]

How To Get From Prague To Budapest

These two Eastern European cities are constantly compared with each other. Some like medieval buildings on the Vltava River, while others choose bathing facilities with a view of the [...]

30 Little-Known Facts about Vienna

Today's Vienna is a city-museum with its magnificent monuments of architecture of all conceivable styles, and the old city center in December 2001 was even included in the UNESCO [...]

Recreational Holidays in Europe

Eastern and Central Europe are rich in resources for the development of the recreational sector and tourism. The most important prerequisites for this are the mountain resorts of the [...]

How to Travel with Kids. Part 2

With exciting and fun places to go, traveling with kids is entertainment for the whole family. With a bit of know-how, traveling with children wouldn't be a hassle. In my [...]

The Must-see Cities in Poland

Poland is an ancient country with a rich history, memorable places, folk traditions and cultural values. The developed tourist infrastructure allows it to enjoy wide popularity. Visiting the historical sites [...]

The Must-see Cities in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular European countries for most tourists. The country is a universal choice for any trip as everyone will find something to enjoy: Berlin's [...]

The Must-see Cities in Hungary

The attractiveness of Hungary concerning tourism and recreation cannot be overestimated.The geographical position and climate of this country, its history, as well as the mentality of its inhabitants attract [...]

The Must-See Cities in Austria

Austria is a country of mountains and medieval castles, music and art, wine, coffee, and chocolate. Here Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss were born, and Beethoven was living for a [...]

Top 5 sightseeing in Berlin

Are you thinking about Hop-on/hop-off sightseeing tour in Berlin? Or maybe you are planning your own trip to the capital of Germany and looking for the most popular places [...]

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