7 Of The Best Travel Apps … That You Need for Travel to Europe

Phones imperceptibly turned into our best friends. And even during the holidays, when you would like to off all mobile devices and simply enjoy your vacation, some phone applications can be very, very helpful.


In my last articles about Popular Places to Visit on the Way from Vienna to Prague,  I discuss the importance of this strategy, as well as basic information to help you better understand how you can use travel time more effective and visit more places on the way.


In this post, I’ll share with you Seven of the best travel apps … that you need when you travel to Europe.


Let’s take a closer look!




This application is very useful every time when you traveling to the new European country. No wonder they are already used by more than 70 million people around the world, it’s really convenient.


Duolingo automatically adjusts to your level of language knowledge and gives the tasks that you in the teeth, while constantly raising the bar. Among those, there are also travel with all the right words and phrases that are useful in the journey.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free





Citymapper – comprehensive and easy to use he is the new replacement for standard maps. In addition, in fact of city maps and the possibility of laying a convenient route, he also offers many useful functions for the traveler: warning of delays and cancellations of flights, order Uber driver and integrated with the best cycling routes.


So far Citymapper operates in 30 cities around the world, but we believe that this list will expand soon.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free

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App in the Air

App in the Air-min


A simple and user-friendly application that allows you to track your flights. It covers most of the airlines and airports in the world.


Also helps to calculate the time you have to spend on the road to the airport, check-in registration and flight itself.


The app in the Air integrates with Tripit, which mentioned above so that planning difficult route is now easier than ever. It works without an Internet connection.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free

XE Currency

XE Currency-min


This is the most popular currency converter in the world. They are already used by more than 20 million people. In many ways, XE Currency is aimed at business users, because there you can see the graphics exchange rates and other unnecessary things for people.


Travellers will enjoy this app because they have absolutely all currencies of the world. And the program works autonomously, so you do not need any Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free




This app is designed for traveling with friends and makes it easy to share the cost of the trip. For example you and your friends in one day in Prague, we visited museums, attractions, and restaurants.


At the end of the day, everything is forgotten, who pays and who need to pay next time and how to match.  In this moment Splittr comes.


Just enter your expenses, the amount of payment and the names of the friends. The program will calculate how much someone needs to pay and the result will show in a convenient report.


The application supports multiple currencies and they immediately convert into comfortable currencies for you.


Operating System: iOS

Price: $ 1.99

Time Out

Time Out-min

Excellent application for planning leisure traveling. It tells about the best cafes, restaurants, and bars in the city, about exhibitions and concerts that will take place during your visit. With Time Out, you will be able to reserve a table or buy a ticket for any event.


Another definite plus – the application covers even small towns, not just capitals. So with Time Out, you will not be bored.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Live Trekker


live trekker-min


This app is a dream for every traveler who always too lazy to do the travel notes. The app itself is paving the route that you doing, measuring the speed of movement and show the height level of your location.


And then app create a unique online travel story and you can attach a photo, video, audio or text. All trips are stored separately, so you can open anytime.


Operating System: iOS and Android

Price: Free



With these our recommendations now you ready to make dream holidays into real and you can cover all these wonderful places.


Even if you only use one of these recommendations, I’m confident that it’ll help you take another step towards reaching your travel-related goals.

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