7 Ideas for your Christmas holidays In Vienna

Vienna – is a city that is good at any time of the year. But in Christmas time particular. For those who going to spend New Year’s holiday in Vienna, and for those who have not yet decided on the place of celebration, We make for you list of best recommendations.

First Idea

The most interesting time in Europe is not on New Year’s Eve, but on Christmas Day (25 December). To feel all festive atmosphere you need to arrive in 5-7 days advance.


At Christmas time all over the city opens tens of Christmas Markets, the city is decorated with bright lights and garlands, thousands of Austrians and visitors treat themselves with mulled wine, grilled sausages, gingerbread, chocolate, festive carousel ride and have a lot of fun on the streets.


Second Idea

In the period between Christmas and New Year, you will not have time to get bored because Vienna is rich in interesting places and activities.


Go to museums, stroll through the palaces and parks of the city, visit the unusual excursions and winter towns with ice rollers, carousels, and ice sculptures, browse the shops with Christmas sale – all this you will appreciate in the Austrian capital in the New Year period.

Idea # 3

The main celebrations in the New Year’s Eve in Vienna are in the central part of the city. Thousands of people gather in the evening before the Town Hall, as well as other central squares and streets.


People come with families and friends to listen to concerts of local artists, they dance, drink hot wine and regale treats with fairs, lit sparklers fires and, of course, waiting for the bright New Year’s fireworks.


Idea # 4

Many people go to celebrate the coming year in restaurants or nightclubs in the city, also it is possible to carry out the main night of the year at the ball in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, where is going to be more than 2500 guests from all over the world.


Among the guests and the mayor of the city, and for the highly respected audience throughout the evening singing the famous Viennese opera singers. Of course, everything runs at the highest level, from the banquet to salute and show program!

Idea # 5

Also, it can be interesting New Year celebration in the “luxury” Imperial Express train. For example, Express train will stop at midnight on the bridge over the Danube river, so that all passengers could see the fireworks.


And it’s possible also to celebrate on the cruise boat on the Danube and all night watch the festive and vibrant Vienna. And, of course, with a festive buffet “on board”. The price of New Year’s trips starts from € 170.

Idea # 6

It is impossible to come to Vienna and do not listen to the famous Vienna Opera. And in order to enjoy it, as well as a classical music, there are at least two great opportunities.


Traditionally, in evening of December 31, the State Opera “give” famous “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss, also they organize concerts of classical music in other theaters and the Philharmonics of the city. Prices start from € 250, you should buy tickets in advance.


Another important event in the musical life of the city – it’s New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which traditionally takes place on January 1st in the Musikverein.


To get in is very difficult, tickets are bought almost a year advance, but next to the Town Hall, you can watch a live broadcast with hundreds of the same classics lovers.

Idea # 7

What are the New Year’s holiday without mountains and skiing ?! And to be in Austria and did not visit the winter Alps – a real crime. Go to the famous ski resorts in Innsbruck, Sölden, Kaprun for this winter tale, visit this web for more information how to get there from Vienna.


As you see, now you have many of great ideas how to celebrate New Year in Vienna. This city will give you the best moments and you will remember your winter holiday in Austria for a long time.

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