Day Trip from Prague to Kutná Hora: Bone Church

Want to add a variety to your tour and go for a day from Prague to another fascinating town nearby? Looking for the most popular and rewarding destination for a day trip from Prague?


Think about a trip to Kutná Hora!


If you are not sure about how to get to this amazing town and what to see there, in this article, we will help you to sort everything out.


What to Do in Kutná Hora?


  • Discover Sedlec Ossuary or famous Bone Church, one of most unique burial grounds in the world.
  • Explore the historic center of this UNESCO-listed town.
  • Visit St. Barbara Cathedral.
  • Go down the mines in Silver Museum.
  • Walk along streets lined with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque townhouses.
  • See the medieval Italian Court and take part in coinage.
  • Soak up the culture during lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant.

 What to Expect from this Trip?


First of all, you should expect to see a rather small but amazing town in Central Bohemia with one of the most extra ordinal and unique monuments in the world. Today Kutná Hora, more than any other UNESCO monuments, attracts thousands of tourists, mainly because of its the Sedlec Ossuary, made of human bones.


Kutná Hora is located 60 km east of Prague, so it will cost you no effort to quickly get there by a private car with a local driver. A car journey from Prague to Kutná Hora will take around one hour. So you can choose Best Trips as your travel planner if you wish to complete your travel goals in Kutná Hora.


Kutná Hora without exaggeration can be called a true town-museum. Here, every building and street have its own long history.


So, let’s explore Kutná Hora with its unique attractions together!


Sedlec Ossuary Memento Mori


The Chapel of All Saints, Sedlec Ossuary, or Bone Church is decorated with 40,000 human bones and skulls, who died from the Plague. It was created by František Rint, a local woodcarver, in 1870. This Roman Catholic chapel is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and is one of the most visited sights in the country.


Do you want to experience the range of emotions from excitement to horror? The ossuary is the best place for this. Built in Gothic style, this chapel is located in the center of the cemetery. The bones are formed into various objects, such as a huge chandelier and the coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg noble family.


Sedlec Ossuary is a unique place, which is definitely “must-see”. This masterpiece is really worth seeing!




Opening Hours:
The Ossuary is open daily except for 24th and 25th of December.
November – February: 9 am – 4 pm
April – September: 8 am – 6 pm (9 am – 6 pm on Sundays)
October & March: 9am – 5pm

Guide services are in Czech, English, and German.


Entrance fees:

Full — 90 CZK
Reduced — 60 CZK


Being in Sedlec, you should also visit the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist. This Baroque Gothic church is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with Sedlec Ossuary and other monuments in Kutná Hora. It is one of the most important Czech Gothic buildings.




Italian Court – the Medieval Place of Silver Coins Production


Afterward, embark on a walking excursion in Kutná Hora through the ancient city streets and see the Italian (Vlašský) Court, where the Royal Mint once produced coins for the whole kingdom, including a coin called the “Thaler”, from which the word “Dollar” is derived.


The complex is now used as a museum and City Hall and is one of Kutná Hora’s most visited tourist sites.


A guided tour of the Italian Court takes about 40 minutes. The guides will show you around the court and demonstrate how coins were minted. They will also tell you where the silver treasures were hidden.


In the basement of Italian Court, you will be able to visit the museum, which will open you to the mysterious appearance of Kutná Hora. We must say that it’s pretty dark. You will learn about the robbers, witches, heretics, arsonists, as well as the judges, jailers, and executioners. You will get familiar with the tools and techniques they used.


3 (1)-min


Opening Hours:
Nov. – Feb.: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Mar., Oct.: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Apr. – Sep.: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Entrance fees:
Adults—85 CZK
Children, students—45 CZK
Families—215 CZK


St. Barbara’s Church—a Majestic Jewel of Gothic Architecture


St. Barbara’s Church (Chrám Svaté Barbory), the patroness of miners, will leave you breathless. Along with the historic center and the Cathedral of the Resurrection of the Virgin Mary (Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie), it is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


St. Barbara’s Church is definitely a must-see masterpiece. Apart from the splendid exterior, the cathedral is worth visiting for its stained glass windows and beautifully decorated main altar.


The magnificence of the soaring spires is most apparent from a distance. There is a good vantage point below the Italian Court. The spires are visible for a long time before you see any other sign of the town, and the closer you get, the more impressive they become.



Hrádek—Czech Museum of Silver


Get acquainted with the historical richness of Kutná Hora with a visit to its Silver Museum. Hrádek will return you to the glorious past of the Czech Republic. Here you will spend an exciting journey: go down under the ground and explore the narrow tunnels of medieval silver mine, see the mountain lakes, and take part in coinage.




There are two tours on offer. Tour 1 delves into the geology and archaeology of the region dating back to the first medieval settlement and then chronicles life in the royal town when the silver mines were active.


For a little more interactive fun, we recommend you to take Tour 2 which brings you through a 250-meters mining tunnel to see a replica medieval mine and learn the process of turning ore into coins.


Entrance fees:

Adults—70 CZK
Children, students—40 CZK

Foreign language guide — 20 CZK.


Jesuit College—Gallery of Central Bohemian Region


Visit a two-storey Baroque Jesuit College in a shape of a letter F, built on the premises of former Gothic houses. The location was intentionally chosen next to St. Barbara’s Cathedral, which was in the administration of the Jesuit order. The artificial terrace in front of it was in the early 18th century decorated with statues of saints by the Jesuit sculptor Frantisek Baugut, the author of the Plague Column in Kutná Hora.




After abolishing the Jesuit order in 1773, the college was used for military purposes. At the moment you can find the Gallery of Central Bohemian Region there. It presents Czech modern art, which is also worth visiting!


The spaces of the Jesuit College will also create the setting for music and theater of various kinds. The Kutná Hora Arts Centre hosts contemporary dance, film, social events, seminars, and creative workshops.


Here, you will see other possibilities of spending your free time: a literary and jazz restaurant-café, a bistro, and a store selling art souvenirs and literature.


Where to eat in Kutná Hora?


1. Dačický Restaurant serves the best old Bohemian delicacies.


This famous and very spacious traditional Czech restaurant is divided into a tavern, gazebo, summer garden, and a covered garden terrace. The menu is written in the old language, which will take you in the time of his creator, Renaissance nobleman, writer, and lover of feasts.


Try the fiery Dačický goulash with lard dumplings or roast turkey breast with red cabbage and potato dumplings with plum jam in the renowned Dačický Restaurant. Try here some fine wine, for example, Rulandske, or try blue beer.

Address: Rakova 8 284 01 Kutná Hora

Phone number: +420 603 434 367

Email and website: [email protected]


2. Restaurant V Ruthardce


V Ruthardce is an atmospheric cozy restaurant near the tower of St James’ church.


The tasty and interesting food is reasonably priced. There’s an open fire for the cold months, a shady garden for the warm, and they’re open seven days a week.


Fried camembert cheese with fresh cranberries, a pork cutlet in tarragon butter is very delicious! In the menu of this restaurant, there are also frogs’ legs, snails, and mammoth.


Dačického 15/10,

284 01 Kutná Hora

Phone number: +420 739 013 510





Located only one hour from Prague, Kutná Hora will make your day!


There is a lot to see in Kutná Hora in one day. So, be ready to see famous Bone Chapel, cathedrals, Silver Museum, mine, and other Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings. The meals at V Ruthardce and the beer at Dačický Restaurant are the best places to dine you’ll find in Bohemia.


After picking you up from your Prague hotel, we will drive on a private car for around one hour to reach Kutná Hora.


Using our modern, air-conditioned, comfortable car with a local driver who is a tourist guide at the same time, be sure to explore Kutná Hora in the best way. Best Trips is an ideal solution for your one-day trip to Kutná Hora!

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