Day Trip to Cesky Krumlov and Hluboka Castle from Prague

Česky Krumlov is located on the Vltava River, near the border with Austria. You can get there from any point of the Czech Republic, but most often, the travelers come to South Bohemia from the capital.


From a historical point of view, Prague and Česky Krumlov are two main cities in the Czech Republic. The entire historic center of Česky Krumlov is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, so that a day trip from Prague to Česky Krumlov should be included in the compulsory program of a tour through the Czech Republic.


The distance from Prague to Česky Krumlov is 170 km. You can get from one city to another by train, bus, and by a private car. If you want to choose a train ride, you should know that there are no direct trains going all the way from Prague to Český Krumlov. You have to change trains in České Budějovice. A direct bus ride from Prague to Český Krumlov takes about 3 hours.


Sure, one day trip from Prague to Česky Krumlov by a private car with a local driver is much more preferable. The car journey takes approximately 2,5 hours. Nowadays, tourists are used to going to Česky Krumlov by car.


The advantages are obvious—individual route, unhurried dive into the atmosphere of the medieval city, the opportunity to save money, and at the same time, take advantage of all the benefits of the service.


Hluboká nad Vltavou


The first place to visit between Prague and Český Krumlov should become a famous Czech castle Hluboká nad Vltavou, also known as the “Czech Windsor.” Located 150 km from Prague, it proudly stands on a high rocky cliff, is a beautiful copy of the English Windsor Castle.


Since its establishment, it was many times rebuilt, and at the present time, the exterior of Hluboká nad Vltavou is a beautiful copy of Windsor Castle in London. The interior of the castle is made in the style of late English Renaissance.


During the excursion, each visitor will have the opportunity to witness the magnificent interior of this architectural masterpiece, admire hunting trophies of former owners, suits of armor, impressive arsenal, collected by Schwarzenbergs, and exquisite antique furniture.


Castle’s arsenal is one of the most important repositories of military weapons and armor in Central Europe. The castle library contains 12,000 volumes of books. In addition, here is the largest in Central Europe collection of tapestries from the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.


A unique English park surrounds the castle, and you should certainly walk here and plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the Renaissance.



For checking the opening times, entrance fee, and for ordering the English language excursion, please visit the following website:


Attractions of Česky Krumlov, the City of Art


Of course, the main landmark, for which tourists visit this amazing city is Český Krumlov Castle and its beautiful park with a very beautiful cascade fountain. You can wander around the castle on your own by purchasing a ticket and a guide in your native language at the box office, or have a guided tour, for example, in English.


Český Krumlov Castle offers an exciting look into the lives of the aristocratic rulers of Bohemia through many centuries. Another must-see attraction is the castle’s Baroque theater. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will have a chance to view a variety of important collections of paintings and exquisite period furnishings.


The castle complex consists of 40 buildings, five castle courts, and a park, so be prepared for a little walking.


What is interesting, for at least four centuries, Český Krumlov Castle can be proud of bear keeping. The greatest bear festivals are held at the castle on Christmas Eve for ten years every year. Celebrating Christmas with the bears has become an interesting tradition for the locals and the city guests.



It is also highly recommended to visit the Roman Catholic Church of St. Vitus, built in the 13th century in Gothic style, and is the first place of worship on the site. The church’s distinctive feature is its very high roof, which is the most spectacular when viewed from the richly decorated nave.


The church is also known as the burial place of various famous Bohemian families, including the Rosenbergs and the Schwarzenbergs. If you visit the church during one of the classical concerts, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.



The Minorite Monastery is another surviving building of the 14th century. Still, in use, the monastery is worth visiting during wonderful religious concerts. One of the most interesting things here is a unique set of trusses of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque origin, as well as a number of old organs.


One of the attractions of the city and the pride of all its Jewish community is the synagogue, which was built in Nouveau-Romanesque style in 1909 and which has a unique acoustics. From the moment of the consecration of the synagogue, the number of Jewish residents in the city has doubled. Český Krumlov Synagogue features an eight-sided tower with Torah-shaped windows.


Then, wander through the narrow streets of the city (oh, how beautiful they are at night!), sit on the banks of the Vltava river and visit some of the local museums. The splendid artwork is everywhere; Český Krumlov is famous for its many frescoes, a tradition that dates back centuries.


It’s home of the Egon Schiele Art Centrum, a large gallery featuring classical and contemporary 20th-century artwork; here you can see the works of such well-known artists as Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, as well as the exhibition of works of the Viennese painter Egon Schiele.


Another recommended Museum in Český Krumlov is the Regional Museum with its excellent exhibits relating to the history of both the city and the region of Bohemia. You will see various archaeological exhibits and artifacts, folk arts, weaponry, furnishings, and many ethnographic displays.


Nearby, you will see the Museum of Architecture and Craft, which is also worth visiting. It traces the history of local trades and crafts.


A short walk from the old city center and the Marionette Museum will be opened to your view. It does not matter if you are traveling with children or without, visit this interesting place!


This attraction features numerous amazing displays that will show you the evolution of this centuries-old form of entertainment. Exhibits include old puppets, complete marionette theaters, as well as modern collections from the National Marionette Museum in Prague.



The Wax Museum in Český Krumlov will be interesting for kids. Here you will be able to see the replicas of a blacksmith’s workshop, an alchemist’s shop, a medieval tavern, and a re-creation of the royal courts of Emperor Rudolf II, not saying about famous modern rock stars and actors.


On the contrary, Český Krumlov’s Museum of Torture provides an exciting but dark and scary look at the cruel ways of punishment throughout the centuries.


Besides art buildings and museums, Český Krumlov is famous for its festivals and restaurants.


If you are lucky to visit during the June “medieval” Five-Petalled Rose Festival, you will receive lots of impressions for very, very long time. The streets and squares are full of the tournaments of knights, fairs of historical crafts, banquets, and medieval music. There are festive fireworks over the city, and games of the medieval period for children and adults.


Cuisine and Restaurants


Actually, among the great variety of local cafes, bars, and restaurants, there are simply no bad ones. The examples of the low-cost and decent restaurants can be Hospoda Na Louži, Restaurace Don Julius, Krčma v Šatlavské Ulici, Eggenberg Pivovar, Restaurace Konvice, and others.


What is important for a long trip through the castle complex, there is a knightly tavern there, called Tavern Markéta. And then, at the exit of the castle, on the way to the river, you can enjoy a marvelous chocolate ice cream in a cafe Bon Bon.


According to the locals and city guests, Krčma v Šatlavské Ulici is one of the nicest taverns in Český Krumlov.


This medieval barbecue cellar is hugely popular with visitors and your table mates are much more likely to be from Austria or China than from the town itself, but the grilled meats served up with gusto in a funky labyrinth illuminated by candles are excellent and perfectly in character with Český Krumlov. Advance booking is essential, so if you don’t want to miss having a dinner in Krčma v Šatlavské Ulici, you should reserve a table here.


The Eggenberg Pivovar offers light and dark Pilsner, and the variety of food. Here you can have a great evening in a typical Czech restaurant. This is a cool brewery, recommended by the tourists.


Laibon Restaurant and Papa’s Living Restaurant are highly recommended by TripAdvisor.

If you are a vegetarian, Laibon offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. On the contrary, in the American-style menu of Papa’s Living restaurant, you can order the most delicious ribs, steaks, and chicken wings. Its huge summer riverside terrace is amazing!




People say who didn’t see Český Krumlov, didn’t see the Czech Republic. In the very south of the country, on a picturesque bend of the Vltava river, Český Krumlov or “City of the Red Rose” is located. Why rose? This flower has long been a symbol of Rosenberg family, the owners of these places. It is a fantastic city, where you can enjoy the art and make movies without the decorations!


Hluboká nad Vltavou is one of the most beautiful Castle in the Czech Republic and probably the most visited. So it’s a must-see place!


If you are looking forward to going from Prague to Hluboká nad Vltavou and Český Krumlov, think about going there by a private car with a local English-speaking driver-guide. In this case, you will feel the benefits of the individual travel schedule.


You will visit castles and secluded villages, take pictures at any place you like. Family or friends can rent a private car and experience all the advantages of traveling by car. Bookings can be made on our Best Trips resource:


Driving is the fastest and the most comfortable way to get from Prague to Český Krumlov, and it will give you more freedom to stop along the way. Selecting this option, you will see that Czech countryside is wonderful, with roads gently following the natural landscape and passing through forests, fields, and villages.

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