European Best Destinations 2019

Whether you look forward to an adventurous journey, a city break, a romantic holiday, a family tour, a beach stay, a cultural, historical or gastronomic trip, Europe offers a variety of experiences and landscapes. If you’re interested in the most interesting places to visit in Europe this year, we have some good news for you. BestTrips have collected a list of 7 European best destinations in 2019.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary - European Best Destinations

The capital of Hungary tops our list of the best places to visit in Europe in 2019. According to the results of a vote organized by European Best Destinations, Budapest was recognized the best tourist destination of Europe in 2019.

Budapest can impress everyone with its rich architectural and historical heritage. The city has everything you need: an interesting cultural scene, excellent gastronomy, world heritage sites and hot springs.

When in Budapest, visit the main attractions of Buda and Pest:

  • Buda Castle, a palace complex of the Hungarian kings;
  • Neo-Gothic Parlament building, one of the most emblematic city landmarks;
  • Danube Promenade, a waterside walkway between Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge;
  • Fisherman’s Bastion with its fairy-tale towers;
  • Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Hungary;
  • Matthias Church, also known as Church of Our Lady;
  • Gellért Hill, which offers the best panoramic view of Budapest.

Visit famous Szechenyi Spa Baths in Budapest. They are one of the best and largest thermal baths in Europe with its 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools. It’s the most popular, affordable, fun and relaxing attraction.

In the evening, go on a cruise along the Danube or sit in a cozy restaurant. Taste wonderful goulash and drink a glass of tokaji wine.

This point on the map is a must for a visit in 2019. The pearl of the Danube is not only the best European destination but also one of the most beautiful and safe cities in the world. Moreover, you can go to Budapest quite on a budget. Hotels and apartments are cheaper than in other European capitals.

Braga, Portugal

Braga, Portugal

According to European Best Destinations, Braga is second best European destination to visit in 2019. And it’s just an hour away from Porto. It attracts students, history and adventure lovers, couples as well as those who are looking for new trends and impressions.

Braga is located in northwestern Portugal and thanks to the many churches, is called “Portuguese Rome” or “The City of Archbishops”.

The most significant attractions of Braga are located in the Old Town:

  • Braga Cathedral, the main attraction of all Portugal,
  • Barbara Gardens with shady trees, the best place if you want to escape from the city bustle;
  • Archbishop Palace, an architectural ensemble of three buildings of different styles;
  • Cathedral Museum, where you can see the collection of bells, wooden altars, musical instruments Portuguese tiles and national clothes;
  • Pius XII Museum, with a rich collection of archaeological finds and numerous objects of art.

Five kilometers from the city, and you will see the Calvary United Church of Christ on the hill. It’s one of the oldest churches in Portugal and a very popular pilgrimage site for Christians. It is believed that by climbing this ladder you are purifying your soul. However, to the temple you can climb on the existing cable car.

The last but not least, deciding where to go in Braga, do not forget to take a tour to the port warehouses, which are located on the road to Porto.

Monte Isola, Lombardy, Italy

Monte Isola, Lombardy, Italy -

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Monte Isola, closes the top three popular places to visit in Europe in 2019. It’s just two hours away from Milan. The city is located at the foot of the mountain, which rises straight from the beautiful lake.

If you don’t like mass tourism, Monte Isola is your place. There is no car traffic on the island, so you can safely walk right on the roadway. The whole island is bathed in greenery. You’ll fall in love at first sight with a relaxing atmosphere and characteristic Italian streets.

With its beauty, Lake Iseo is in no way inferior to such famous lakes as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. In addition to the picturesque landscapes, there is an excellent gastronomic scene.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria -

Everyone knows that Salzburg is an ideal place for a European ski holiday. But it is much more than a ski resort. Salzburg is the city of Mozart, festivals, rich culture and history. Top things to do in Salzburg contain a wide variety, from museums and gardens to churches and mountains.

First of all, visit the Mirabell Palace with its beautiful Marble Hall which is a venue for Palace Concerts. Explore Mirabell Gardens with lots of fountains and a great view to Salzburg Cathedral.

Pay a visit to Hohensalzburg Fortress on top of the Festungsberg Hill, Mozart Residence and the Hellbrunn Palace. They are considered the most popular places in Salzburg.

If you like shopping, have a walk through Getreidegasse street. This narrow street has many buildings packed together that have beautiful designs. Many passageways and courtyards spring from the main street and create romantic areas to explore.

To experience a different side to Salzburg, get out of the city and explore Gaisberg mountain. If you are fond of hiking or activities like paragliding and mountain biking., Gaisberg will be your dream.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic -

Any time is a good time to visit Prague, but 2019 might be a special time to see the Czech capital. According to a famous New York travel magazine Travel + Leisure, this year is prime time to see Prague. They’ve included the Czech capital in their annual list of the world’s best places to go in 2019.

Prague has some of the most amazing sites:

  • Vitus Cathedral, the largest temple in Prague;
  • Charles Bridge with 30 Baroque statues on the balustrade;
  • Astronomical Clock with its procession of Apostles;
  • Lennon Wall, a cool Beatles-inspired graffiti;
  • Jewish Quarter, the most intriguing place with the cemetery, museum and 5 synagogues.

There are plenty of things to do in addition to taking photos at these must-see sights, like drinking Czech beer or tasting the delicious Czech food.

Walk around Prague, enjoy its architecture, monuments, magnificent gardens and parks. It can be endless and, most importantly, free of charge. Prague impresses by its unique beauty and accessibility. As well as Budapest, it is considered one of the cheapest cities for tourists.


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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany -

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and also the largest port. It is located on the Elbe river, mixing medieval history and modern views. The city is called the German gateway to the world.


If you like architecture, take a look at the old buildings like the Town Hall, the Museum of Hamburg History, the Church of St Michaelis and the Alster Arkaden. The historic arcades will lead you along the canals to Hamburg’s main square and its richly decorated city hall.

Take a deep breath in Hamburg’s green scene, the park “Planten un Blomen,” which features the Botanical Garden and the largest Japanese Garden in Europe. Throughout the summer months, you can enjoy free water-light concerts, theater performances, and festivals in the park.


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Metz, the north-east of France

Metz, the north-east of France -

Metz is also included in the list of best European destinations, worth visiting in 2019. This capital of the Lorraine province is located on the eastern bank of the Moselle River, close to three international borders, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. It makes a pleasant impression, primarily because it is very different from other French cities.

Metz seems to be located in France, but it has a German spirit. You will like both wide avenues and narrow streets, the stone labyrinths and blooming gardens. It’s a true Garden City, with its trees, flowerbeds and greenery.

Famous for its Gothic cathedral and surprising German Imperial District, Metz is also known for the Pompidou Centre. Pay a visit to Musée de la Cour d’Or, the city’s main museum complex, and Fine Arts’ masterpieces. Don’t miss the Place d’Armes with the Cathedral and the Town-Hall.

There are plenty of cafés with outdoor terraces and restaurants which offer local Lorraine cuisine. You might want to taste the “pâtés Lorrains”, quiches Lorraines or local plum sweets.

Europe is still one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. To get an ideal journey, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the world and spend a lot of money. There are many European cities, where you can go on a budget.

Browse our best places to visit in Europe and book your package. We will be very happy to help your dream trip to Europe come true. Europe is waiting for you!

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