20 Little-Known Facts about Munich for Travelers

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and the second most visited city in Germany after Berlin. 

If you have a plan to spend a few days or a week in Germany, then the choice is obvious – stop at one of the many hotels near the train station in Munich and travel around the area.

Munich is an atypical German city, so do not expect to see traditional Germany here. Despite the fact that the historical center was restored after the war in its original form, it does not look like a real German old city.

This is a picturesque place – on the banks of the Isar River at the foot of the magnificent Alps. The city is famous for a record number of museums and exhibition halls, as well as pinakotheks, art galleries. The streets of ancient Munich can serve as an exposition of the open-air museum.

However, most of all tourists visit this city in autumn, as world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival attracts them. It is held annually for nearly 200 years in the meadow Theresienwiese. In addition to the festival, there are a lot of interesting places in Munich, worth visiting.


Here we present the list of 20 little-known facts about Munich, interesting facts about Munich for travelers, to inspire you to visit this amazing city.


Let’s start! Munich facts

1. Annually about 3 million tourists come to Munich, and this is two times more than the population of this city. Millions of tourists flock to Munich in the summer months and September and October for Oktoberfest.

For all the city’s cultural attractions, the first thing that tends to spring to mind when someone says “Munich” is people sitting in tents, drinking beer. Held from late September to early October every year, the event theoretically commemorates the marriage of Prince Ludwig in 1810 but it’s really a great fun to sit at wooden tables and drink giant glasses of beer.

2. World’s Largest Beer Festival Oktoberfest is visited by more than 7 million people annually. In an area as large as 50 football fields, over 1,532,197 gallons of beer are served.

In 1999 the annual Oktoberfest beer festival was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. During this festival, visitors drank 5.8 million liters of beer.

3. The Beer Festival “Oktoberfest” was first organized by King Max Joseph I in 1806. Since 1950 this beer festival is opened with 12 gun volleys, and the first barrel of beer is opened by the Oberburg Mayor with a shout “O’zapft is!” The founder of this tradition was the chief burgomaster Thomas Wimmer.


4. In Munich, there is the largest beer pub in the world founded in 1589—Hofbräuhaus. In the list of famous visitors of this brewery is Lenin with Krupskaya, Hitler, Mozart, Elizabeth of Bavaria.

Hofbräuhaus has a large safe with cells, which was put here in 1970 at the request of regular customers. In the cells that are locked with a key, there are personal beer mugs of the regular guests of the establishment.

It is interesting that these storage chambers are inherited. Now in Hofbräuhaus, there are about 4000 places for visitors. Hofbräuhaus is spectacular and has the live oompah bands but local favorites such as the Paulaner Brauhaus feel more laid-back and authentic.

5. In Munich in the beer Hofbräuhaus in 1908, there was a “lemonade scandal.” It was caused by the fact that one of the visitors having refused beer, ordered lemonade, and the waiters categorically did not want to serve a customer.

6. Munich is different from other megacities as it does not have skyscrapers. The construction of buildings above 99 meters is prohibited in the city, this decision was taken at a referendum in 2004.

The highest structure remains the church of Frauenkirche (Frauenkirche, Cathedral of the Holy Virgin) – a symbol of the city. Inside is the sarcophagus of Emperor Ludwig IV of Bavaria, made of black marble.

There is a legend that the imprint of a foot at the entrance to the temple is left by the devil. Allegedly, the builder of the cathedral made a deal with Lucifer himself: he will help build the church, and for this, he will receive the soul of the first parishioner who will go to the temple.

However, when the devil came for a fee, the architect showed him the shortcomings in the construction—the building had no windows. In anger, the devil stamped his foot and did not clean up the salt.


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7. On the central square of Munich Marienplatz before Christmas at the end of November opens the most important and largest fair in Bavaria.

It is held in front of Munich Town Hall in a prime location for the three million visitors in the pedestrian heart of the city. Munich Christmas market has a long tradition and offers visitors Christmas items and Christmas crafts products.

8. The Munich beer factory Augustiner, founded in 1328, is the oldest in the world. It is known as a high-quality brewery. It all starts with the uncompromising choice of raw materials – only locally produced, authentic barley is used, for example – and continues with consistently high-quality, in-house malt production.

9. There is a joke that the Munich tax authorities are the bravest. This is because in 1921 the Munich financial department sent Hitler a request for disclosure of his income.

10.The city park of Munich, which is called the English Park (Englischer Garten) has an area of 4.17 square kilometers and is the largest urban park in the world. It was founded in 1792. Its name refers to the style of the landscape popular in Britain from the mid-18th to 19th century.


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11. Only 35% of the permanently living people in Munich was born in this city. By the way, Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, but despite this, most Germans, according to polls, want to live in this city.

12. Munich is the birthplace of the company “BMW,” and here it is the most popular cars brand in comparison with other German cars.

The city even has a “BMW museum,” in which visitors can learn about the history of the development of this brand, and about its perspectives and plans for the future. There you’ll find retro cars, futuristic bridges, squares and huge backlit wall screens.

13. There are almost 70 museums in the city, of which the most visited is the German Museum of Science and Technology (Deutsches Museum).

It is attended by more than one million people in a year. It was founded in 1903. Now there are about 28 000 exhibits related to 50 branches of science.

14. If you want to see a city where public transport runs precisely according to the minute-to-minute schedule, then you should go to Munich. Nowhere else in the world is there such a city that buses, as well as other ground and underground transport, would go with accuracy to a minute, and even without a second delay. Very rarely, only under force-majeure circumstances, minor delays are possible.

15. Some great composers spent time in Munich or were born here into a life of music. Throughout the centuries Munich’s rulers spent a lot of money to entertain themselves in a princely manner and to demonstrate their position in Europe.

Thus Munich became the center of European music history and some true greats composed in the city. Orlando di Lasso, Agostino Steffani, and even Mozart spent time in Munich. Richard Strauss was born in this city.

16. At one time in Munich lived Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here he settled after he returned from the army. He was so poor that he did not even have his apartment and he was huddled in a fitness club where he practiced sports.

17. In this city lived Eve Brown, Adolf Hitler’s companion. He presented her a villa in Munich, a Mercedes plane, as well as one of the first models of the Volkswagen.

18. If you want to see the biggest castle in Germany, then you should visit Munich. The villa is called Nymphenburg. Its distance from one wing to the other is 1 km.

With its unique combination of architecture and garden design, Nymphenburg is one of the best examples in Europe of a synthesis of the arts.

19. Every sports fan associates Munich with football club Bayern – the most famous in Germany. Bayern Munich was founded in 1900 and has become Germany’s most famous and successful football club. Almost all of Bayern’s success has come since the 1960s.

20. The most popular Munich dish is white pork sausages. It is famous all over the world and called “Weisswurst”. The tradition of eating Weißwurst in the morning has continued to the present day.

Eating Weißwurst afternoon is taboo. It is consumed with Bavarian sweet mustard, pretzels, and a Bavarian beer. The Weißwurst is eaten without its skin and there are several techniques for skinning this sausage which is also traditional.


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According to the number of monuments of art and culture, Munich is not inferior to the most famous cities in Europe. In Munich, there are about 70 museums: art galleries, museums of numismatics, hunting and fishing, equipment, musical instruments, BMW museum, Bavaria football club museum and many others.

Every year since 1810, Munich hosts the famous beer festival Oktoberfest. Bavarian music sounds in huge pavilions, guests from all over Germany and from other countries drink beer and have fun. The holiday is so popular that places in beer tents are booked in advance.

All the year round, you can drink beer in Munich’s small pubs called “Kneipe” or large complexes “beer gardens” (Biergarten). Hospitable Munich is waiting for you!

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