Get Your Start in Bavaria With These 5 Recommendations

Are you first time in a wonderful world of Bavaria?


Everyone has to start own dream holiday somewhere.  So, you might as well hit the ground running, as soon as possible.


As you gain steam and begin to understand the finer details of traveling around Germany, you’ll soon realise just how important the right plan is to your dream holiday in Bavaria and Eastern Europe.


In my last articles about Popular Places to Visit on the Way from Vienna to Prague, I discuss the importance of this strategy, as well as basic information to help you better understand how you can use travel time more effective and visit more places on the way.


In this post, I’ll share with you 5 Recommendations that are perfect for everybody who planning visit Bavaria.


Let’s take a closer look!


One of the most beautiful regions of Germany, Bavaria is so similar to the illustration for the fairy tale comes to life!


Magical castles, beautiful lakes and forest thickets covered with legends – it’s not all that awaits you in the fabulous Bavarian!


Bavaria – is not only Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg or Memmingen, the most famous places for travellers. The largest region of Germany in store many interesting things for their guests!

1.Neuschwanstein Castle is an animated legend


That’s what I want to call it an architectural marvel – magic castle Neuschwanstein, Bavaria pearl. The castle is famous for its luxurious interiors and wall paintings on the theme of Wagner’s operas and German sagas, each of which (paintings) – a true work of art.


The castle is located near the town of Fussen, which you can reach by train from Munich, and from Fussen station take the bus №78.

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Note: close to the castle Neuschwanstein, there is another monarch residence – the castle Hohenschwangau. It can be visited at the same time with the first, if you buy a single ticket to sightseeing, it is called “Royal” and costs about € 23.


2.Painted Village Oberammergau



Let no one think of idle tourists, like all Germans – entirely conservative, beautiful alien entities whose interests revolve solely around the beer and sausages!


A confirmation of this a little village with the unpronounceable name of Oberammergau. Come here to enjoy a major local landmark – painted houses decorated with frescoes on the grounds of German legends and fairy tales, traditional ornaments and beautiful intricate patterns.


The impression is as if hit in a fairy tale – well, just an art gallery in the open air!


Note: once every 10 years in Oberammergau theater festival is held, where played the presentation on the topic of Christ’s passion. The closest will be held in 2020.


3.Venture into the Black Forest


Black Forest-min

Bavarian Forest (German: Bayerischer Wald.) – Though reserve, but the extraordinary reserve. And it is famous for the fact that only here you can stroll among the century-old spruce tops, and even touch them by hand, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful views of the valley.


Walking through Wald Wipfel Weg (It ‘road over the tops of the forest. “) – A wooden bridge 370 meters long, built at an altitude of 30 meters above the ground right in the middle widely ramified firs, beeches, and pines!


Well, just as a child, when you build a hut of branches in the yard, remember? In the reserve also will not be bored: there are 25 stations where you explore the local flora and fauna, birds learn to distinguish between the local voice and possess climbing skills.


How to get there: by train to the city of Straubing, where transfer to a bus to the station of St. №6096 Englmar – Maibrunn. Admission is € 6 (adult), € 4 (children under 18 years) and free for children up to 7 years.

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4.Berchtesgaden Salt Cave


Berchtesgaden Salt cave-min

A great way to spend time is unusual! Tour of the underground caves, where once was mined salt for sure you will remember for a long time.


Together with the rest of the tourists, you make several descents and ascents, visit the different rooms and tunnels, and even take a ferry to the underground lake!


Where: Caves located at SÜDSALZ GmbH, Bergwerkstraße 83, D-83471 Berchtesgaden. Entrance fee: adult ticket € 15.50, children (under 16 years) – € 9.50.

5.Way of the Nibelungs



Even if you are not an expert of the saga of the Nibelungs, the tourist route you will probably be at least interesting because on the road you will find a lot of interesting and beautiful.


Imagine yourself brave knight (or a beautiful maiden) and hit the road – the valley of the Rhine, from the legendary city of Worms, the ancient kings, in Würzburg city.


Along the way you are waiting for Auerbahsky castle, caves Ebershtada, Worms Cathedral and the Nibelungen Festival.


With these our recommendations now you ready to make dream holidays into real and you can cover all these wonderful places.


Even if you only use one of these recommendations, I’m confident that it’ll help you take another step towards reaching your travel related goals.

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