How To Get From Prague To Budapest

These two Eastern European cities are constantly compared with each other. Some like medieval buildings on the Vltava River, while others choose bathing facilities with a view of the Danube. But the best option is to visit these two capitals during your trip through Europe.


The Hungarian capital is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations from Prague. That’s why travelers have many questions concerning this trip.

They often ask:

How long does it take to get from Prague to Budapest?

How to get from Prague to Budapest by train?

How to get from Prague to Budapest by bus?

How do I get from Prague to Budapest by car?

Where can I rent a car to get there?


Indeed, distance is an important thing that should be taken into account when traveling from Prague to Budapest. It’s 450 km in a straight line and 530 km along the highway. The train goes 610 km. However, the journey can be fun and comfortable if you know the secrets of the best ways to get from Prague to Budapest.


In some of my previous articles, I touched on the topic of transport. Please view The Best Way to Travel Between Prague, Budapest, and Vienna.


So now let’s talk about the possible ways to travel from Prague to Budapest. In this post, I’ll try to answer the most popular questions of the tourists who want to know more about this destination.


How to Get from Prague to Budapest by Train?


How to Get from Prague to Budapest by Train?


Taking the train is the most popular way to travel from Prague to Budapest. Considering that buses and trains cost about the same when traveling from Prague to Budapest, most travelers choose the railway transport. All trains traveling from Prague to Budapest are operated by České dráhy, the Czech Republic’s national train company.


Day train from Prague to Budapest

The railway transport between Prague and Budapest is historically well developed. It goes through Bratislava. The first train departs daily from the Main Station in Prague (Praha hl. st.) at 5:51 am, and then every two hours until evening (7:51, 9:51, 11:51, 13:51, 15:51 and 17:48). The whole journey takes 6 hours 28 minutes.


Most Prague-Bratislava-Budapest trains use smart modern Czech EuroCity carriages. The EuroNight Metropol includes sleepers & couchettes.  You can check exactly what carriages your specific train conveys using website.


There are power sockets at all seats in both classes. Each car has at least one toilet, usually two. Most cars also have free WiFi while the train is within the Czech Republic. The restaurant car is open to everyone. You can see exactly which types of car are used on your specific departure here.


The night train from Prague to Budapest

In addition, the night train goes from Prague to Budapest at 21:09 and 23:57.  This sleeper has two portions, each with sleepers & couchettes. Please also note that it goes for two hours longer, one arrives at the capital of Hungary at 6: 04 and another at 8:35.


Please also note that day train comes to Budapest Nyugati station, and night train arrives at Budapest Keleti station.


Prices for train tickets from Prague to Budapest

Prague to Budapest train fare starts at €21 in 2nd class or €37 in 1st class pre-booked online direct with Czech Railways, no refunds or changes, limited availability at each price level.  On the day, the unlimited-availability full-flex fare is around €67 in 2nd class or €99 in 1st class.


So you should book directly with the Czech Railways to get the cheapest prices, with the added advantage of print-at-home or collect-at-station tickets with no postage or booking fees.


Please always check times for your own date of travel and book tickets online.


How to buy tickets from Prague to Budapest?

You can buy a ticket at the station at the maximum full-flex rate and hop on the next train, sitting in an empty unreserved seat.  But it’s much cheaper to pre-book as there are cheap advance-purchase fares if you book ahead on a no-refunds, no-changes-to-travel-plans basis.


Booking usually opens 60 days before departure, although this may shrink to less than 60 days for dates immediately after the mid-June and mid-December timetable changes. But you can find the cheapest fares even booking just a week ahead and there will be places available even on the day.


Only one name and passport number are needed to support one print-at-home ticket, even if that ticket covers several people.


How to Get from Prague to Budapest by Bus?


from Prague to Budapest by Bus


The variety of bus routes is also impressive. Between Prague and Budapest, there are up to 47 bus departures, including 10-night buses. The earliest departure from Prague is at 05:00 arriving at Budapest at 12:15. The latest departure is at 23:50 arriving at 06:45.


Prices for a one-way adult ticket range from 15 € to 50 €. Taking the bus is the cheapest and easiest way to travel from Prague to Budapest, a little bit cheaper than by train. And it takes up to 8 hours to arrive at Budapest. The best option for a one-day trip to Budapest from Prague is night buses from Student Agency and Flixbus. Most buses drive via Brno and Bratislava.


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Bus stations

In Prague majority of buses departure from / arrive at the ÚAN Florenc bus station which is located in Prague 8, about 2 km from Charles Bridge and the old town. From the Florenc metro station, which is next to the bus station you can catch metro lines B (Yellow) and C (Red), which means you can easily reach the bus station from anywhere in Prague, the B line is the one to take if you wish to go to the old town.


Another Prague bus station is the smaller one on the opposite side of the road to the main train station in Prague (Praha Hlavní Nádraží), the walking distance between this station and the main bus station is about 1.5 km better option is to take the metro line.


There are several bus station in Budapest, so when you book your ticket from Prague to Budapest, you should pay attention to where the bus arrives in Budapest. Budapest Népliget at Üllői út 131 and Budapest Kelenföld station at Etele tér are the most common bus stations.


Services on the bus:

-Hot drinks for free, cold drinks for sale

-Air condition and toilet in the bus

-Leather seats with seatbelt

-Electric socket (230 V)

-Wi-Fi is available, but only on the Czech territory

-The stewardess will help you



The price fluctuates between € 16 and 29 because it depends on the number of available seats.

The ticket is sent by email/print out the ticket or write down its number and show it on the bus.



Flixbus serves seven flights at once. Six regular ones that depart from the Florenc bus station at 8:20, 10:20, 12:20, 14:20, 16:20, 23:50, and one night that departs from the Main Train Station at 3:25. Buses are equipped with large and comfortable seats, a toilet, Wi-Fi and power outlets.


Please buy tickets here.

The price starts from € 16. You can pay by credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, or Sofortüberweisung.


Student Agency

It is represented by the RegioJet bus department and offers five flights (5:00, 8:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 23:00). Ticket price is from € 19 to 24, depending on the number of available seats.


Most travelers book their Prague to Budapest bus ticket 1 day in advance of the travel date. You can buy tickets here.


Night buses. How to book night train from Prague to Budapest

If you want to travel overnight, there are 10-night buses from Prague to Budapest. The overnight buses depart between 16:00and 23:50 and arrive between 23:59 and 06:45 in the morning. Please check here how to buy train tickets from Prague to Budapest


How to Get from Prague to Budapest by Car?


from prague to budapest


The driving distance from Prague to Budapest is 530 km. Traveling by car through Brno will take at least 5 hours. You can overcome this distance on your own or a rented car. Here we will consider options for car rental as well as private transfer.


Before you go, you should know about the payment of roads in Hungary. Motorways, highways and certain sections of main roads can only be used for payment of a road toll, meaning that an e-Vignette must be procured.


Only certain road sections can be used free of charge, for example, the entire length of Motorway M31. The e-vignette can be purchased online and is valid immediately if necessary.

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Best way to drive from Prague to Budapest


Usually, the road that is most often chosen when traveling from Prague to Budapest passes through the following route:

on the territory of the Czech Republic: Prague – Benesov – Humpolec – Jihlava – Brno – Breclav;

further on the territory of Slovakia: Bratislava – Shamokin;

on the territory of Hungary: Gyor – Komarno – Tatabanya – Budapest.


Car rental from Prague to Budapest

  1. RunWell

You can make a trip from Prague to Budapest on the weekends. In a car rental in Prague called RunWell, if the car is taken for hire from Friday to Monday, there is a weekend rate – three days at a cost of two. You can also book a car online and get a 10% discount.


Their car fleet includes more than 30 reliable vehicles of different classes from the major car brands.  They offer German, Japanese, American and Italian cars like Skoda, Fiat, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and Mercedes. On customer request, the vehicle may be equipped with navigation system, a child safety seat, a roof rack, etc.


To rent a vehicle at their office in the center of Prague you need an international driving license, an ID and a deposit in euros, US dollars or CZK equivalent to 200 Euro. It is also possible to hold the amount of the deposit on your bank card.


Their office is in downtown Prague, close to Muzeum metro station, near the National Opera and the National Museum, at the beginning of Wenceslas Square and at the same time close to one of the most convenient Prague highways which leads directly to the city suburbs.


Among their additional services you will find:


-Transfer service to Vaclav Havel airport or any other airport in the Czech Republic

-Transfer service to any European city within a radius of 3000 km (1864 miles) from Prague

-Car delivery to any district in Prague (free)

-24/7 assistance on the following matters – accidents, insurance, navigation, parking, specifics of traffic rules in the Czech Republic and European Union (free)

-Services of drivers, guides, interpreters and translators from Czech into English.


  1. Budget car rental

Budget car rental offers a wide range of cars with a choice of sizes and styles to suit your requirements. All of their cars have regular maintenance and service intervals.

In addition to a standard rental car at the airport and the center of Prague, they also offer convenient one-way rental with the option of returning the vehicle abroad.


  1. Hertz car rental

It is located at Evropská 15 in Dejvice, Praha 6. The office is located in the city, making it easy for you to get to your nearby destination. This company has other locations around the Prague area. They have a huge selection of cars and discounts.


from Prague to Budapest by Car


Private transfer or car hire from Prague to Budapest

There are many advantages of traveling using private transfer:

– It saves time, money and energy;

– No waiting in lines;

– Travel in comfort and enjoy pleasant stopovers on the way;

– Make additional stops wherever you want;

– Only private (door to door) services;

– Safe cars and vans with professional and experienced drivers;

– Price is fixed at no additional cost, no hidden extras;

– The private transfer is more comfortable, the fastest way to get from Prague to Budapest;

– You can get more information about the cities through conversation with the English speaking driver;

– You can choose either to travel via popular places and stop there for a short visit to the city or just a lunch.


If you are thinking about the most suitable, comfortable and the easiest way of transport during your trip from Prague to Budapest, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local driver guide, using our service, is an ideal solution for you. You’ll get a tailor-made itinerary, visit interesting places on the way and spend a valuable time with our professional drivers.


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I must say that in the Czech Republic, the tradition of hitchhiking is widespread. But it is difficult to find a fellow traveler or a car on such a long trip. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying. Please see the options here. The fact is that the cost of travel in the service is quite low – only 500-700 Czech Koruna.


Note: The last thing for you to remember: when traveling from Budapest to Prague or the opposite direction, you will cross several borders, so make sure you have all necessary travel documents with you.



Prague and Budapest and the sites between them are so beautiful that you should visit during your trip to Europe. But what is the best way to travel between those famous European capitals? You decide what is the best way for you to travel from Prague to Budapest.


I can say that the most economical way to travel from one to another city is by bus or train. Let me remind you that for any information about tickets, prices, and availability of trains and buses from Prague to Budapest, please visit the website, where you can see the detailed information and buy tickets online.


But if you are looking forward to having a really easy and comfortable way from Prague to Budapest, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local English-speaking driver, using our service, is an ideal solution for you.


We can drive you to this or any other destination in Eastern and Central Europe every season of the year and with a great comfort.

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