How to Travel from Prague to Vienna

How to Travel from Prague to Vienna

One of the nice things about Prague being in the heart of Europe is that Prague is close to many great cities. One of them in Vienna. The bohemian atmosphere of Prague and the stunning architecture of Vienna are highlights of any European trip.

Romantic Prague and grandiose Vienna have been twinned together for centuries. When Mozart felt hurt and unloved in Austria, he relocated to the Czech capital. When Czechs were looking for employment during the Habsburg Era, they often found it in Vienna.

In this article, I’m going to make you sure that traveling between these capitals can be easy, affordable, and fast. The trip takes just over four hours, and traveling to Vienna from Prague is a great experience.

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Way № 1: From Prague to Vienna by train


Way № 1: Prague to Vienna by train


How to get from Prague to Vienna by train? It is a frequently asked question among tourists. There are several options. A train is considered the most popular way as it’s not too costly and it takes only 4 hours to get from Prague to Vienna.

The trains depart from the central railway station of Prague (Praha hl. n.) and arrive at the central railway station of Vienna (Wien Hbf). You can book tickets online or purchase them right at the Main (Hlavni) train station in Prague on the day you want to leave for Vienna. The second option seems to be even cheaper. The price can vary, but an average train ticket from Prague to Vienna will cost you approximately €27.

It is less expensive to buy tickets in Prague. The cheapest approach is to simply walk up to the counter in the main station and buy your ticket. You can buy it for the next train or for any future train, the price is the same.

A train leaves from Prague to Vienna at least thirteen times every day and seven days a week. If you miss a train then you can always catch the next one which leaves a few hours later. If you need a window seat then it is a good idea to come a little early so that you have a better selection of seats.

Lots of trains go from Prague to Vienna.


  1. RegioJet and RegioJet Express

You can purchase your tickets online directly from the Official Czech Train Website. The prices are almost the same as buying your tickets in Prague at the station. The price of eTicket is from €35, paper ticket—from €22.

After you pay via credit card via their e-shop you will receive an email with the ticket—print the ticket and take it with you. The only consideration when buying the ticket is if you want a reserved seat. A reserved seat costs a little bit more but if you want a window seat than it is worth it.

You have the opportunity to choose among 13 possible trains.


  1. EuroCity train from Prague to Vienna

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Prague to Vienna is by taking the EuroCity train. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in 4 hours and 25 minutes. It departs 8 times per day. For actual travel times, check out the timetable here.

Seat reservations are optional. Making a reservation during busy periods is recommended, and if you’re traveling in a group and want to sit together.


  1. The night train from Prague to Vienna

If you want to fall asleep in Prague and wake up in Vienna, you can travel between the two cities with the Euronight Metropol night train. This fast and comfortable night train takes about 6 hours and 50 minutes.

A ticket with couchette/bed will cost you from €73.

We recommend you book your seats as far in advance as possible.


NOTE! If you’re traveling with a Eurail Pass, you don’t need to buy a ticket and only pay a small reservation fee.


The Eurail Pass is a train pass that lets you travel on nearly every train in Europe. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your vacation plans.

If you’re only looking to travel in Austria and the Czech Republic, then the Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass might be just the thing for you. The Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass is your key to discovering the fairytale atmosphere of two enchanting countries. It’s a comfortable and fun way to explore Austria and the Czech Republic.

You can find more info about Eurail Pass and prices here.



Way 2: From Prague to Vienna by bus


Way № 2: Prague to Vienna by bus


Traveling from Prague to Vienna by bus has its pros and cons.

Coaches and buses can also be comfortable and they may be televisions and radios on board. All buses that go from Prague to Vienna are comfortable, equipped with air conditioning, wifi, sockets, and toilets.

Traveling by bus, thanks to frequency and convenient schedules, allow you to plan one of the most economical trips, according to your desires and possibilities. With a relatively small cost, you can visit many attractions not only in Prague but also in Vienna and other European cities.

However, in comparison with trains, buses have less room for legs, for example. The bus may be a noisy ride where you have to share with other strangers. As well as this the trip may take a longer route than you’d go by private transport or even a train.

The following carriers work in the direction Prague-Vienna: Radina VIP, ArdaTur, MeinFernbus, Eurolines and Regio Jet.

  • Regio Jet – 15 €
  • FlixBus – 22 €
  • ArdaTur – 25 €
  • Eurolines- 22 €
  • DeinBus – 22 €
  • InfoBus—19 €

The journey will also take about 4 hours. The first bus leaves at 3:30 in the morning, the last at 23:55. The direction is very popular, so the buses go almost every half an hour. Tickets for the chosen time are better to buy in advance. Morning buses are especially loaded.

Please check more info and prices here. 


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Way № 3: From Prague to Vienna by private car


from prague to budapest


Traveling by private car is of the advantage as it involves no driving or stress for the person traveling as they don’t have to take control of the vehicle. Traveling from Prague to Vienna by car you can compare two of the most dynamic capitals on your own schedule.

If you are thinking about the most suitable, comfortable, economical, and the easiest way of transport during your trip from Prague to Vienna, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local driver guide, using our service, is an ideal solution for you!

You can choose between direct transfer and transfer with stops. There are numerous possible stop-offs along the way from Prague to Vienna. Our car can take you directly from Prague to Vienna or we can make a stop in Cesky Krumlov, for example.

In this case, we go from Prague to Vienna via Cesky Krumlov (a historical town in the south of Czech Republic). That way you will be able to make it from Prague to Vienna in one day, but you will not miss the second most visited city of Czech Republic.

You can enjoy a few hours of wandering through the city on your own, or you can even order a personal guided tour, which will give you insight into both history of the town and current events in the region.

When going from Prague to Vienna, we can make a stop in Telč, a city-museum. Telč is included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage. Therefore, traveling from Prague to Vienna by car, be sure to stop here.

Further on the route Prague-Vienna by car, you can have a stop in Brno to see Špilberk Castle, a unique cultural heritage of the Middle Ages, palaces and a lot of architectural structures, which are worth visiting.

We can also visit an ancient town of Znojmo, famous for its Gothic architecture and a castle.

Further, when traveling to Vienna by car, you will be able to have a stop in Mikulov, which is located next to the Austrian border. Mikulov is rightfully considered the center of Czech winemaking, so there you can try excellent wine.

On the way from Prague to Vienna, we recommend making one more stop in Klosterneuburg Abbey. Situated by the Danube and near the Vienna Woods, with vineyards creeping up the hills, Klosterneuburg Abbey is quite a pretty place and hugely popular among the tourists.

You should also make a stop in Wachau Valley on your way from Prague to Vienna, as it’s blanketed with beautiful vineyards and ornamented with cute villages.

Other places that you can see on your way from Prague to Vienna are Holasovice, a castle of Hluboka nad Vltavou, Tabor, a castle of Konopiste, a castle of Karlstejn, Trebon, Linz, Melk, Ceske Budejovice.

As you can see, we provide scenic transfer from Prague to Vienna, which allows you to see more interesting places during your journey. You can choose your our itinerary or you can let us suggest some interesting places to see.

We provide a door-to-door service from Prague to Vienna, which means that we will pick you up directly at your hotel or an airport and take you to the other hotel or any other desired destination.


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Vienna and Prague are so beautiful cities that you should visit them in any case. Find out what your travel options are and how you can have a smooth and pleasant journey. The trains are roomy with lots of luggage and leg room and compared to taking the cramped bus, it is a luxury cruise.

But remember that your route will be fun if you do not hurry and make stops in interesting places. We recommend that you make stops to find out better the sights and history of Europe. In such a way, you will be able to visit small cute villages, ancient abbeys with their churches, monasteries, cathedrals, and castles.


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