Top 5 Most Interesting Cities In Poland

Top 5 Most Interesting Cities In Poland

We often travel thousands of kilometers in search of new sensations, fly to other continents and hope to see unusual monuments and natural wonders, but we often forget that everything amazing is around. All these words are correct about Poland. Just a few hours by bus or by plane and you will fall into a medieval fairy tale that will meet your expectations by 100%.




If you visit Poland for the first time or prefer comfortable and unforgettable rout it is worth visiting the following cities: Krakow-Wroclaw-Lodz-Warsaw-Lublin.

This route is very convenient, as the distance between the cities is 200-250 km, so you will not get tired, and can fully enjoy the Polish beauty, delicious local cuisine, take pictures in the background of Catholic temples and castles.

In Poland, Polski Bus bus network is well developed. Using it you can get to every point of our route. And what is important for your budget, the cost of the trip will not exceed € 5-6, and if you plan everything in advance, there are almost always tickets at a price of € 1.

Prices for accommodation in all cities of the route are about the same:

  • bed in the hostel– from € 5 for two
  • 3 * hotel room – from € 20 for two
  • 5 * hotel room – from € 70 for two



Just a few hours and you will be in the medieval Krakow – the cultural capital of Poland. Old Town (was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List), spacious Rynok Square, St. Mary’s Church and Wawel Castle are the heart of the city. For a long time, Krakow was the place of the coronation of the Polish monarchs, although the capital of the country was located in Warsaw – you can learn more about this during the tour “Secrets and greatness of royal dynasties”.


tower of the Town Hall in Krakow


There’s a huge number of attractions in Krakow, but just two places close to the city make this location truly unique. The first is the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine with several tracks, Graduation Tower, Pilgrims’ Route, and other interesting additions; the second is the world-famous Auschwitz concentration camp.

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The next stop of the route will be Wroclaw. This is another “classic” Polish city with the old quarter and Rynok Square in the center. There are traditionally Royal Palace and Historical Museum in Wroclaw.




The most famous attraction of the city is the Centennial Hall. The monumental building was opened in 1913 on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, won by the anti-French coalition against Napoleon Bonaparte.

Max Berg, the then city architect, designed a massive exhibition hall built with the use of the novel reinforced concrete technology. The dome of the Hall spans 65m and the building is 42m high. The main hall is surrounded by the corridors. It can fit 10 thousand people.

The Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) is currently one of the most wanted places to organize exhibitions, conferences, congresses, cultural and sporting events from Poland and from abroad.

Hydropolis: Knowledge Center about water will be the business card of the city. It is designed for guests of any age category, who can enjoy 64 installations in 8 thematic areas. Here you can even look into the “Trieste” bathyscaphe, which plunged into the deepest place of the Earth in 1960.

If you stay in Wroclaw for the night, we advise you to visit a tour “Mystical Wroclaw”.

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Very interesting city, with a rich history and interesting attractions. After the war, when Warsaw was destroyed, Lodz actually was the capital of Poland in 1948-1949.




Lodz is an industrial city, and this adds it a special charm and uniqueness. Here the factories became museums, and the former factories became trade centers and restaurants. For example, you should visit the museum of the textile industry or the museum of wooden architecture. Lodz is also a “film” factory in Poland. There is a school of cinema and television, a museum of cinema and its own Avenue of Stars.

In Lodz, there is the longest pedestrian street in Poland, with dozens of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and shops. The main feature of the city is a trading-entertaining complex – Manufactory, located on the ground of a former textile factory. There are shops, cinemas, restaurants, art installations in the workshops of the complex.



You immediately feel that you are in the capital, in Warsaw: wide avenues, long streets, tall glass buildings. There is traditionally the Old Town in the center of the city. True, it is only 60 years old! Warsaw will not surprise you with such a large number of attractions like Krakow or Wroclaw, but there is something to see here. The city is very dynamic, technological, cosmopolitan.




We recommend visiting the most unusual park in Warsaw, which is located on the roof of the Warsaw University Library!

The life and work of the great composer, Chopin, is inextricably connected with Warsaw. The city has 15 singing benches, on which you can listen to melodies written by the composer.

You will be impressed by the Copernicus Science Center. This is not just a museum of the heritage of Nicolai Copernicus, here you can become a scientist yourself and check the effect of all physical laws. An excellent view of the city opens from the highest building – the Palace of Culture and Science.

Since Warsaw is a rather big city, we advise you to visit a bike tour or an auto-pedestrian walk tour.



Lublin is located very close to the Ukrainian border and can easily be a weekend destination without visiting other Polish cities. Lublin has an unofficial nickname – “little Krakow” because there are also many attractions here, but the city is located away from the large flow of tourists.




As a result eating in Lublin can be cheaper by 10-20% than in other cities of the route. Also, this city will be a good place for shopping. The main local attraction is the Lublin Castle, which offers a great view of the city (from a height it looks something like Vilnius or Bratislava).



Poland offers not just a rich history, but also cool cities coupled with awesome activities. Krakow, Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Lublin might be some of the best places to visit in Poland.


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