Nightlife in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, and Munich

Are you an incorrigible party-goer? Do you like nightlife, adventure, and travel? Go to the best nightclubs in Europe!


Eastern and Central Europe can boast not only fantastic architecture, historical places, included in UNESCO World Heritage list, beautiful nature, or healing waters. Here you can have more than enough opportunities to go clubbing until late at night or even until the early morning.


In this article, I’m going to show you the best clubs and bars for nightlife in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, and Munich.





Of all the beautiful things that Vienna has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. The capital of Austria can provide you with all kinds of night fun from trendy bars to Irish pubs, lounge clubs, and underground locations. Here are the most popular among them.


  1. Sass Music Club, located on Karlsplatz 1, has a right mix of people and a well-run bar. It plays club music in a stylish atmosphere. It is situated in the very center, so it’s the most popular among tourists. Here the cocktails are mixed using the best ingredients. Here thousands of crystals hang from the ceiling and result in a unique light installation. The inner walls are even decorated with gold leaf. The music is brought to the guests with one of the city’s best sound systems. In Sass, you’ll feel the balance between chic and underground.


  1. Travel Shack on Mariahilfer Gürtel 21 is Vienna’s international backpackers’ bar: cheap drinks, strong shots, sturdy tables for dancing on and fun activities. You should expect both travelers and locals, drinking games, karaoke, all kinds of sports screenings and snacks like pizza, meat pie, and vegetarian toasties. The fully air-conditioned bar has a separate smoking room, which is rare in Vienna. Moreover, it’s located near the hostels and the central train station.


  1. Volksgarten Pavillon on Burgring 1 is located in one of Vienna’s largest city parks. It’s 1950s-style pavilion and a perfect place to stop for a coffee, too. At night, it turns into a party place. Don´t miss their famous Tuesday night Techno Cafe club.


  1. There’s live Jazz music six nights a week at 1019 Jazzclub, located on Althanstrasse 12, a club north of the city center. The audience comes in early for the great atmosphere and good food and the local wines and craft beers and hangs on the whole evening for the great music.


  1. Barfly’s Club on Esterhazygasse 33 is known as the “American bar with soul.” It’s perfect for cocktail and whiskey lovers. You’ll be offered over 350 varieties of cocktails here.


  1. Blue Box on Richtergasse 8 is much more than a bar. Artists have exhibitions here, musicians film videos, and music in general has and always will play an integral part in creating the bar’s atmosphere. The ceilings are high, which helps make this a cozy, inviting environment. When the weather is beautiful, the garden is an excellent place to enjoy the company of friends.


  1. Bogside Inn on Landesgerichtsstrsse 18 is a cozy Irish pub next to the City Hall. Bogside has an excellent selection of about 80 kinds of beer, ale and Irish whiskeys, with a different nightly special from Monday to Thursday. If you like whiskey, this place is special any night of the week.


  1. Celeste on Hamburgerstrasse 18 is a nightclub, gallery, art space, wine bar and jazz venue all rolled in one. It manages to amaze in many ways. Drop by for the great parties, the summertime Biergarten or the regular concerts.


  1. Charlie P’s Irish Pub on Währinger Strasse 3 provides an authentic Irish Pub experience to its loyal fans. Their nightly line-up on DJ’s keeps the students and locals alike dancing until the early hours.


  1. Champions on Parkring 12a. Football, American football, hockey, golf, baseball, basketball—they show all possible games on their many screens. Champions feature a menu filled with typical American dishes. The prices are decent, and you’ll get enough to eat. You can even enjoy watching your favorite games in 3D.
  2. Chaya Fuera on Kandlgasse 19-21 presents live music during the week – everything from jam sessions to Brazilian tunes. It also turns into a bouncing club on weekend nights. The music is always eclectic, from electronic to Ibiza and house to Soul.


  1. Located in a former synagogue, Donau on Karl Schweighofer Gasse 10 is a perfect place for you if you enjoy minimal techno and chillout beats as background music. It’s in a location close to the Museumsquartier, which makes it a favorite among students and young creative professionals. The prices are reasonable, and the cathedral-like environment is worth a visit.


  1. A wonderfully trashy club with low prices, Das Werk on Spittelauer Lände 12 is the best for you if you like loud electronic music. There’s occasional live music, but you can mainly expect DJs.


  1. Flex on Augartenbrücke 1 is very famous for underground parties in Vienna. With one of Europe’s best sound systems, every event is unforgettable. Some years ago, Flex started to change its image from very alternative to a bit more hip. But no matter who you are and how you are dressed, this club is a place to dance a night away.


  1. Dual on Burggasse 70 is a city center club, which offers fans of electro music a small but exciting venue, an excellent venue for dancing with impressive visuals projected behind the DJs.





Prague’s clubs work till dawn, so if you’re into serious clubbing and dance, Prague will offer a good nightlife.


  1. Roxy on Dlouhá 33 is considered one of the best Prague’s clubs. They play different kinds of music: drum and bass, house and many other styles. Very often, concerts and music festivals are held here. Usually, there are guest DJs from different countries, and even famous bands have concerts here.


  1. Lucerna Music Bar on Vodičkova 36 is one of the largest and most popular music clubs in Prague, located next to the Wenceslas square. All major Czech bands and some international bands regularly perform there, and the best 80’s & 90’s parties take place at the club every Friday and Saturday.


  1. OneClub on Melantrichova 5, is favorite among tourists. It’s not a standard Czech place, not something you usually find in Prague. The music is up to date and well mixed. The drinks are good, and they have specialized ones. It’s rather quiet at the beginning and then turns into a crazy party scene.


  1. Ku Bar & Lounge on Rytirkska 13 is located in the very center, and they have the variety of parties daily. There are shisha and great food, so a lot of foreigners and locals like it.


  1. Club Atelier on Rybna 16 is for you if you like to club till the morning as the parties go late here. It also has a mix of locals and tourists. When it gets late, and you are wondering where to go, you can end up here because it’s almost always a full afterparty.


  1. Cross Club on Plynární 23 is a cool club with drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, techno, and house. It’s very special place with original decoration. Everything is of metal, and everything is moving. If you are fond of something extraordinary, you’ll like it. Apart from two music stages, there are much smaller or bigger rooms, where you can enjoy your beer, chat with friends or play table football.


  1. NEONE on Bubenská 1 is a well established and respected club in Prague’s electronic music scene. They have a superior sound system inside.


  1. Vzorkovna on Národní 339/11 is something different and located not in the touristic city center. If you are sick of all the posh bars around, this is a great option how to escape from all that. They have a great selection of Czech beers. If you are a bit into an alternative culture, you’ll like this place for the design of its interior. Live music is here almost every evening. There is no light at the entrance, just walk down the stairs, say hello to the person who is guarding the entrance, and enjoy the evening.


  1. Palác Akropolis on Kubelíkova 1548/27. It’s located in Žižkov, a very lively quarter with many cool bars, clubs, cheap restaurants and hostels. Palác Akropolis is a heart of its nightlife. There is café, restaurant, the smaller bar upstairs, a theater and a club with two stages downstairs. During the day you can just have a coffee or lunch, while in the evening its a great place for a party not far away from the center. Good DJ’s, beautiful design, good food and drinks and a lot of fun are guaranteed.


  1. Radost FX, located on Bělehradská 120, has a special primacy among hundreds of Prague´s clubs: it is the first one. Opened in the early 90s, it was the first nightclub with electronic music, and it’s still popular. It offers the best of House, R&B/Soul, and Hip Hop music. Above the club is located Restaurant and Cafe which offers delicious vegetarian cuisine with Greek, Mexican, Thai and Indian specialties and with fabulous homemade cakes.


  1. Klub 007 on Chaloupeckého 7 is about anti-main-stream independent live music and acts. It is one of the oldest functioning clubs in Prague nowadays. If you are looking for a place where you can hear indie, punk, ska, hardcore or sometimes even alternative electro or local hip-hop, definitely visit it.


  1. Yes! Club on Škrétova 1, is one of the newest spots on the Prague nightlife map. The music is excellent as they invite very good DJs from the Czech Republic and from abroad.





  1. I’ll start with Danube Party Cruise in Budapest as it’s the unique and very Hungarian type of clubbing. Also, it’s popular among tourists as you can experience another side of Budapest’s fantastic nightlife. You’ll be able to party under the stars with a full bar, music, and dancing, and enjoy beautiful views of the city swimming in lights.


  1. Even the thermal baths host fantastic parties with great music, laser effects, and light show. On Saturday nights, Szechenyi Bath and Spa on Állatkerti körút 9-11 serves the clientele of young people who like clubbing. Enjoy drinking at the bar, in the pool, the hot tub, and the larger pool. Have a fabulous time for water and pleasure. You’ll have a fantastic time with a lighted color pool, DJs and party people from all over the world.


  1. A38 Hajó, located on Petőfi bridge, on the south banks of Buda, is a real cult place, popular with locals and tourists. It offers excellent international and Hungarian concerts, event venues, exhibitions and a restaurant. People like it due to its high-quality shows and vast alternative music scenery all year around.


  1. KuPlug on Király u. 46 is a beautiful place to start the night out. Inside, the site is designed for live music with lounges lined around the wall.


  1. Hello Baby, located on Andrássy út 52, is housed in a beautifully preserved 19th-century palace. It represents the new generation of fancy dance clubs in Budapest. The building’s fantastic architecture dominates the atmosphere with strikingly huge, floating bubbles overhead in the courtyard. The interior has a clear-out style with smooth low-light design and video installations. The club’s central area offers a variety of urban electronic music, but there’s a smaller room with funky & soul as well. Hello Baby has a cozy dance spot with air-conditioning.


  1. Szóda Kávézó és Mulató on Wesselényi utca 18 is a place where you can rock out to the early morning, having drinks upstairs and dancing downstairs. The inside of this spot is decorated with posters and art which covers the walls as well as the ceiling.





Many of Krakow’s nightspots play dance, house, and techno music, but some feature live music. For clubbing, the main streets are Floriańska and Szewska, popular among students and tourists, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Here’s a list of the best nightclubs in Krakow.


  1. Frantic Club on Szewska 5 has four bars and two dance floors. Clubbers gather to dance to a mix of pop, house, R&B, EDM, and hip-hop spun by both Polish and international DJs.


  1. Baccarat Music Club, located on Stolarska 13, has ten rooms. It’s the most extravagant nightclub in Krakow. No expense has been spared in outfitting the club with designer furniture, chandeliers, disco balls, and several bars. Such luxury attracts a slightly older, more sophisticated clientele than that found in other Krakow clubs. The guest DJs, musicians, and vocalists play a range of genres, from Latino rhythms and disco to house and dance.


  1. Taawa Music Club is located on Estery 18, Kazimierz district, has a fully equipped stage, often used by live musicians and dancers, with guitars, drums, and saxophones displacing the ubiquitous DJ decks. Armchairs, sofas, bar stools, and an air-conditioned smoking room are provided if you need a break from the dancing, while a VIP area with a dedicated sound system caters to the more discerning guests.


  1. Stalowe Magnolie on Świętego Jana 15 is not your a typical nightclub. It has a sumptuous scarlet color scheme, silk-canopied velvet beds, and gilded sculptures. This elaborately decorated venue plays host to live music each day of the week, and while there are a dance floor and DJ in one room, most guests attend for the blues, soul, and jazz played by local and international bands.


  1. Amnesia Club on Floriańska 27 offers cheap drinks and daily promotions. It’s a two-level cellar club tricked out with modern lighting, sound, and leather furnishings. The music is mostly mash-ups of mainstream dance anthems.


  1. RIN Music Club on Szewska 14 is also a classic cellar club: stone walls, vinyl seating, and cheap beer. With two chill out areas between the bar and small dance/DJ area, it’s intimate compared to other clubs.


  1. Klub 30 on Kościuszki 3 is perfect for you if you’re tired of mingling with students and backpackers. Klub 30 is the largest club in Kraków with four floors, modern lighting, and colorful surfaces. It has a strict 25+ policy at the door, but its popularity overcomes its size. There are three dance floors to choose from, each with their bar, music and a smoking lounge at the top.


  1. Zet Pe Te on Dolnych Młynów 10 is Kraków’s new premier cultural space and live music venue for independent bands and DJs touring nationally and internationally. They everything from klezmer to hip-hop, house and reggae, with film screenings, art exhibitions, and other events as well.





Munich is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, and it offers entertainment for everyone. From electronic music to Latin American rhythms in the capital of Bavaria, there is a huge selection of bars and nightclubs to spend unforgettable evenings. The pubs and clubs are scattered throughout the city, and of course, the famous Oktoberfest is held in Munich every year from September to October.


  1. Milla, located on Holzstraße 28, is one of the best locations for indie concerts or jazz jam sessions. It’s the best place in town for underground concerts. Also, the furniture fits perfectly to its vintage style.


  1. Rote Sonne on Maximiliansplatz 5 is a special underground place. Instead of mainstream clubbing, here you’ll find a cool cellar club which concentrates on a great electronic music. The majority of guests here are house fans.


  1. Ksar Club on Müllerstrasse 31 has a bar, lounge, and club. It’s very popular in Munich. If you cannot decide whether you want to go in a bar or straight to a nightclub, Ksar is your best option offering the best of both worlds.


  1. Backstage on Reitknechtstrasse 6 is Munich’s most alternative club. You’ll see rockers, reggae fans, emos, goths and heavy metal addicts here. It has a club, concert hall, beer garden, event location. It is everything but posh.


  1. Bar 45 on Schellingstr. 45 is one of the most outgoing bars in the university quarter. It’s a very Munich bar, so there is a whole wall of fame with names of famous locals. This place offers the best of both worlds: excellent drinks with loud party music and a small dance floor.


  1. Cohibar on Herzog-Rudolf-Strasse 2 is located in a basement. The dim lighting, images of Che Guevara and rum-filled shelves give the place an authentic Cuban look and feel. A good selection of rums attracts a good-looking international clientele. Famous for the salsa parties and strong cocktails guarantee a fun evening of salsa dancing.




If you like to party hard and dance till the very morning, Prague and Munich are the right cities for you. Here you can have opportunities for entertainment and dive into the lively and exciting nightlife.


If you’re in Budapest, you can have a unique opportunity to mix great music, drinks and the beautiful night view of Pest and Buda, as Night Party on the Danube which will ensure you a wonderful time. Moreover, the characteristic feature of Budapest’s youth is that they like pool parties, which you can join and party like Hungarian.


The Viennese clubs are famous for parties of high musical quality. No wonder the electronic music from Vienna is enjoying unprecedented popularity around the world. The range of musical format for parties is from glamorous to underground, so here the program is incredibly diverse.


Krakow boasts a unique club scene, with many of its venues found underground in what were once the cellars of centuries-old houses.


So if you have a strong desire to forget about everything and plunge into the sea of entertainment on the chicest discotheques and start a bunch of pleasant acquaintances,  go to Europe!


By the way, if you are thinking about the most suitable, economical, and easy way of transport during your trip, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local driver guide, using our service, is an ideal solution for you!

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