One day trip from Prague to Dresden

If you happened to be in Prague take our advice and have a nice one-day trip to Dresden. Besides it is not far from Prague to Dresden – only 19 miles (30 km) north of the Czech border.


This amazing German city, the capital of Free State of Saxony, is situated on the river Elbe. Because of its works of art and magnificent baroque buildings, Dresden is called the Jewel Box, “Florence on the Elbe”.


For a long time, Dresden was the royal residence of the kings of Saxony who furnished the city with artistic brilliance. That’s why Dresden is the cultural capital of European level.


One interesting fact about Dresden: the entire city center was destroyed in 1945 during the Second World War, but step by step it was rebuilt. Dresden rose like Phoenix from its ashes and year by year it becomes brighter and brighter. As you understand, one day won’t be enough to see every beauty of this stunning place, so you definitely will come back here over and over again!


Where to go and what to do in Dresden?


Let us give you some recommendations how to spend your unforgettable day in Dresden:


First of all, it’s better to see the city on your foot, but you can also use public transport or very popular among tourists horse-drawn carriages. It’s very romantic!


To feel all the charm of Dresden from first look you should start your journey from its quay. Go to the bank of the Elbe river, to Augustus bridge (Augustusbrücke). Here you’ll have an amazing and picturesque view!



From Augustus Bridge across the Castle Square (Schloßplatz) you can get to Dresden Residential Castle. As it was mentioned above Dresden was the home of Saxony’s Kings for almost 400 years, that’s why it has such beautiful Renaissance building.


Now the palace is part of the Dresden State Art Collectionsa museum complex that contains: The Green Vault (collection of gold, silver, jewelry and ivory from 14th to 18th centuries), the Numismatic Cabinet, the Print Cabinet, the Dresden Armory and the Turkish Chamber (one of the world’s largest collections of artifacts from the Ottoman Empire).

Address: Taschenberg 2, 01067 Dresden



On the west side of the Castle Square is situated Dresden Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Katolische Hofkirche). The baroque building of the most important Catholic church of the city stands at the end of the bridge over the river Elbe and was restored after the war.


Many kings and princes of Saxony are buried here and there is, also, the urn with the heart of Augustus the Strong. Don’t forget to draw your attention to its 85.5 m high tower, 78 statues in niches and on the balustrade; in its interior – the beautifully carved pulpit, the altarpiece and the organ from 1753.

Address: Schloßstraße 24, 01067 Dresden



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The next stop you should do is on Dresden’s beautiful public square – Theatrplatz. There is an equestrian statue of King John in the center of it. At Theatrplatz dominates one stunning renaissance building – the magnificent Semperoper.


You can have a guided tour in this one of the world’s beautiful and prestigious opera house but it will be better to watch some performance there. You can buy the tickets directly from its official website or from the box office.

Address: Theaterplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland

Phone Number: +49 351 49110




The Zwinger – a complex of museums which are situated in a magnificent Baroque palace of the 18th century. This building houses Dresden Porcelain Collection, the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments, the Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Zoological Museum and the Historical Museum.

Address: Sophienstraße, 01067 Dresden



If you leave the inner yard of the Zwinger and go straight through the Carillon Pavillion with its 40 porcelain bells, you’ll find yourself on the square in front of the Taschenbergpalais in which nowadays the exclusive hotel is situated. Also, here you can find the Cholera Fountain. This 18-meter-high monument is built in form of church’s steeple and commemorates the epidemic of the cholera 1840-1841.

Address: Taschenberg 3, 01067 Dresden, Germany


Another place of interest in Dresden is its Old Market Square (Altmarkt) with its nice renovated buildings: Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) – the largest church building in the Saxony and home of the Dresdener Kreuzchor (boys’ choir) and the New Town Hall. Don’t forget to rub the finger on the feet of wine’s god on the sculpture at the entrance to the Town Hall’s wine cellar! According to the legend, it will bring you luck!


When you go past Dinglinger’s mural fountain on Gewandhausstraße, on the opposite side of wide Wilsdruffer street you’ll see the Landhause which now houses Dresden City Museum. It will tell you about the 800-year story of the city.

Address: Wilsdruffer Straße 2, 01067 Dresden

Phone Number: +49 0351 488 73 01



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One more beautiful building in Dresden is the Albertinum – a modern art museum: The New Masters Gallery and the Sculpture Collection with more than 500 sculptures.

Address: Georg-Treu-Platz 2, 01067 Dresden

Phone Number: +49 351 491 420 00




A central and cultural square of Dresden is the Neumarkt which was completely destroyed during bombing in the Second World War. Now after restoration it has its pre-war look. On this square, you can find spectacular Frauenkirche.

This baroque church is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. Get inside the cathedral and go up to the top of the dome to see richly decorated interior and picturesque city’s main square. The church, also, hosts 180 concerts and musical events each year and has an exhibition hall detailing the reconstruction project.

Address: Neumarkt, 01067 Dresden



Besides the Frauenkirche you can also find such beautiful buildings here as the Academy of Fine Arts with its glass dome (Address: Brühlsche Gasse 1, 01067 Dresden Website: and a yellow baroque building – Palais Cosel where now the fashionable restaurant and grand cafe is situated (Address: Salzgasse, 01067 Dresden).


On the western part of Neumarkt is situated the main building of former royal stable – Johanneum. Now it houses Dresden Museum of transport which exhibits all models of transport: railways, ships, cars and air transport. This museum includes a series of new exhibitions, the Transport Garden and an experiment room for children.

Address: Augustusstrasse 1, 01067 Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland

Phone Number: +49 351 86440




But its most important attraction, however, is the Procession of Princes – a 101-meter-long portrait of the Dukes, Electors, and Kings of the House of Wettin, together with leading German figures from the arts and sciences. By the way, it consists of 24 000 porcelain tiles!

        Address: Schloßstraße 1, 01067 Dresden


At the end of Augustusstraße, from the starting point of our journey, Augustus Bridge, you can climb up a broad flight of steps to visit Brühl Terrace, also known as the “Balcony of Europe”. On the sides of this staircase, you can find four bronze sculptured groups representing morning, noon, evening and night.


The central bridge – Augustus Bridge – leads to the district of former “Old Dresden” which was burnt down and after restoration was given the name of New Town” (Neustadt).


Here in the Neustädter Markt you can find the statue of Augustus the Strong known as the Golden Horseman and has been one of the city’s most popular landmarks. From this monument begins the main street of Dresden Hauptstraße.


On the Hauptstraße there is beautiful church – Dreikönigskirche where you’ll be amazed by the 7-meters-high altar and 12-meters frieze of Dresden’s Dance of Death.

Address: Hauptstraße 23, 01097 Dresden



The Hauptstraße comes to a square – Albertplatz. There are two monumental fountains on this square: Still Waters (Stille Wasser) and Storm Waves (Stürmische Wogen).


There is one interesting place in Neustadt that you shouldn’t miss! It’s the Art Courtyard Passage which links Alaunstraße 70 with Görlitzer Strasse 23-25 and is the place for all kinds of discovery. Five courtyards are designed according to specific themes and house different restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops.

Address: Alaunstraße 70, 01099 Dresden



Pfund Molkerei is situated not far from Albertplatz and is the world’s most beautiful dairy shop. You can try its tasty buttermilk, cheeses or delicious ice-cream in a restaurant upstairs and feast your eyes with amazing shop’s interior decorations which consist of beautiful tile paintings.

Address: Bautzner Str. 79, 01099 Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Phone Number: +49 351 808080



Also of great interest here is the Japanese Palace (Japanisches Palais) – a baroque and neoclassical style building which now houses the State Museum for Prehistory and the Museum of Ethnology.

Address: Palaisplatz 11, 01097 Dresden



Outside the Old Town near the central train station there is the German Hygiene Museum which was founded to promote health education and healthy living, but really it’s a museum of medicine and medical practices. Among its exhibits, there are the Glass Woman, a permanent exhibit dealing with the human race, and a fun interactive children’s museum that focuses on the senses.

Address: Lingnerplatz 1, 01069 Dresden



Near the German Hygiene Museum, you can find Blüherpark, Dresden Zoo, and the biggest and loveliest park in Dresden the Great Garden (Großer Garten) with beautiful baroque palace the Sommerpalais.


The outer districts of Dresden Blasewitz and Loschwitz are spanned by a steel suspension bridge the Blue Wonder (Blaues Wunder). In 1893 it was considered to be a marvel for its long supported span. A great way to explore this bridge and the area around it is via the wonderful Dresden Suspension Railway!


Dresden will offer you also river tours along the Elbe to see castles, villas along the Elbe, the city itself and the region.


It isn’t the full list of Dresden sights! It has a lot more to show and to give! So take some time to get to know this fascinating city! Open its treasures for yourself!


How to get to Dresden from Prague?


By bus


The bus is the most economical way to get to Dresden as the ticket price is approximately 12 euros. The journey takes about 2 hours. Buses from Prague to Dresden depart from the main Prague bus station UAN Florenc Praha.


By train


If we compare the train and the bus, a trip by train is certainly more comfortable, but more expensive, approximately 19-20 euros. Travel time is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Trains have a two-class layout, so the price may differ.


By private car


You may also choose to travel with the comfort and make stops wherever you want with a local English-speaking driver-guide, who can take you to your preferred destination while allowing you to explore as many interesting places on the way as you wish.


If you are looking forward to going from Prague to Dresden for a day trip by private car, our service with the local English-speaking driver-guide can drive you to the destination in every season of the year and with a great comfort.


Driving is the fastest way to get from Prague to Dresden. Choosing this option, you’ll see how beautiful is Dresden and also can make some stops at other interesting places on the way from Prague to Dresden.


One of them can be Meissen. It is situated 30 km west of Dresden and is famous for its porcelain and a top tourist attraction – the Porcelain Manufactory.


To know and to see more, just don’t hesitate to contact us!

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