One Day trip from Prague to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a world famous Czech resort and an extraordinarily beautiful, fascinating city. The buildings in Karlovy Vary are similar in architectural style and form a single architectural ensemble, but despite this, each building of this fabulous city is unique.


Located at different heights on mountain slopes, the houses look like an illustration to a children’s book – bright, colorful, with amazing roofs and well-kept gardens. Virtually, any of them can be considered a landmark of Karlovy Vary.



Karlovy Vary is the largest Czech spa, famous for its hot thermal springs, the temperature of which varies from 30 to 70 ° C. Here you can drink healthful water and take sanative baths. Even in the Middle Ages, people found that the water of these springs had medicinal properties.


The founder of the resort is Karl IV. According to legend, he was hunting deer in these places. The wounded animal ran to one of the springs, drank some water, and galloped on with renewed vigor.


If you are staying in Prague and looking for a new amazing experience, visit Karlovy Vary for at least one day. The distance between Prague and Karlovy Vary is 130 kilometers, so you can easily overcome this distance by private car in 1 hour 40 minutes.


Karlovy Vary is one of those places, to which you will definitely want to return.


Let’s take a closer look at what is so good about these places.


Since Karlovy Vary owes its worldwide fame to its mineral springs, let’s first of all look at those sights of Karlovy Vary, which are the architectural design of places, where curative waters come to the surface.


Today, there are twelve springs in Karlovy Vary. The largest and hottest one with the temperature of 72 ° C is called Hot Spring or Vřídlo in Czech. It is capable of providing all existing bathtubs with curative water, and it also has uniquely useful portable properties.


In the middle of the last century, a special Hot Spring Colonnade was built for it, where daily from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. you can observe the eruption of hot water to a height of 12 meters, and drink it, cooled to 40 degrees, from the pump room. It is located opposite the Castle Tower, and the entrance is free.


Another attraction of Karlovy Vary is Mlýnská kolonáda or Mill Colonnade. This is probably the most popular place in Karlovy Vary. It was built on the site of an urban mill. Initially, it was assumed that the building of the colonnade would be three-story, but for a number of reasons, only the first floor was built.


Nowadays the length of this Karlovy Vary landmark is 132 meters. 124 columns support the roof with a terrace, decorated with 12 sculptures that embody 12 months. 5 mineral springs are brought out to the marble vases.



The White Wooden Market Colonnade (Tržní kolonáda), built in the late 19th century, was conceived as a temporary structure. However, this attraction of Karlovy Vary still stands. The Market Colonnade is interesting by a bas-relief over the spring of Karl IV with a depicted legend of the discovery of Karlovy Vary and surprisingly elegant wooden lace, decorating the colonnade.



You can not only drink healing hot waters of Karlovy Vary but also to swim in them. It is most convenient to do this in the pool with thermal water under the open-air near the hotel “Thermal”. This pool is filled with water by Vřídlo spring and has a year-round temperature of about 30 ° C. The admission price for an adult is 100 CZK; family subscriptions are sold at a discount.



Besides thermal baths, you can enjoy spa treatments, relaxing massages, whirlpool baths in thermal water, pleasant warm compresses and wraps.


Have you ever tried a Beer Spa? If not, you can try in in Karlovy Vary.


The Czech Republic is a country where beer is a national treasure. It is difficult to find anybody in the entire country who would doubt that Czech beer is the best in the world.


Did you know that besides its delicious taste, Czech beer also has healing qualities? It increases the organism’s endurance, benefits the vascular system, helps relax the muscles and harmonizes body functions.


Beer Spa is one of the most favorite kind of spa from Middle Ages. It is very old and unique spa therapy, where only natural materials are used such as hops, yeast, and other natural substances, which are needed in beer production and by the form of beer bath has a beneficial effect on your body.


To enjoy Karlovy Vary with all your senses, you must not miss the tasting of the traditional herbal liqueur Becherovka, which is produced only here. Becherovka is an essential part of Karlovy Vary and the whole Czech Republic. Therefore, you also find Jan Becher Museum here.


The exhibition is located in the historic building where the liquor was manufactured for 150 years. During the tour of the museum, you will see a short film about Becherovka, the original cellars, where Becherovka was aged, a variety of historical items, associated with the liquor, and other attractions. The museum also has a shop and bar, where you will be served Becherovka.


While enjoying your day trip to Karlovy Vary, please visit the Moser Museum and the Moser glassworks. Moser is the brand name of the highest quality glass products known throughout the world. A unique insight into the history and present times of this glass factory is provided by the new Moser visitor center.


The Glass Museum exhibition offers a captivating tour tracking more than 150 years of this glass factory history. It introduces the oldest glass creations up to the current collection with more than 2,000 exhibited pieces. The exhibition is accompanied by 7 documentaries in 6 languages.


We definitely recommend that you participate in the tour of glassworks. After the tour, you can buy glass products in the Moser factory shop.



The Church of St. Mary Magdalene is considered one of the most important Baroque structures not only in Karlovy Vary but in the whole Czech Republic. In the heart of the city’s spa area, it’s easy to find thanks to its twin onion-shaped spires and is well worth visiting for its splendid interior.


The Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul is also worth visiting because of its numerous murals and a large wooden wall of icons and paintings. This splendid old church manages to stand out thanks to its tall golden domes and rich blue roof.


In addition to walks on colonnades, drinking mineral water, enjoying the relaxation, and visiting museums, your steps should be also directed to the pleasant surroundings of the spa forests. For your walking tours, as well as for bicycle trips, you can use 180 kilometers of walkways, trails, and paths.


The favorite destinations of Karlovy Vary visitors tend to be the outlooks. We recommend that you take a walk to the Charles IV Outlook or to the Deer Leap (Jelení skok). Both places can be reached from the Friendship Hill, where the Diana Observation Tower is standing.


On a high hill above the city, the stone Diana Observation Tower is located, which can be reached either on foot along the spa forest paths or by a cable car from the Grandhotel. This observation tower rises 547 meters in the spa forests and offers a wonderful view of the entire Karlovy Vary and its surroundings.


The ride, including a stop at the Deer Leap (Jelení skok) station in the middle, takes three and a half minutes, and the ride is available four times every hour. Tickets can be purchased at the cashier for 22 CZK (it will take you to the Deer Leap), or for 40 CZK (up to the tower) or you can buy the round-trip ticket for 70 CZK.


But before you can look at the Karlovy Vary from the height, you will have to climb 150 steps or take a lift. Admission to the observation tower is free.



Next to the tower, there is is a forest restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal or a cup of fine coffee.


The Postal Court Restaurant also offers a rich menu, which includes the Czech and international dishes, and it has a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is suitable for a romantic dinner as well. If you come across the Postal Court while wandering through the spa trails, you can visit it just for delicious coffee.


Finally, come to Karlovy Vary for the largest and most famous International Film Festival. It will take place this year from June 30, 2017, until July 8, 2017. Don’t miss one of the most popular cinematography events in the world!


The Karlovy Vary Film Festival is the most prestigious film festival in Central Europe and has a unique atmosphere. The first one was held in 1946, and since that time, it has taken place in the first half of July.


Each year the festival presents the premieres of more than 200 new films from around the world, of which the best is traditionally awarded the main prize, Crystal Globe. The festival includes a variety of film and social celebrities, as well as the concerts, ceremonies, parties, and press conferences. The center of the festival will be the hotel Thermal.


By the way, some scenes of the Bond movie Casino Royal were filmed in Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary was used as the exterior of the Casino Royale, with the Grandhotel Pupp serving as “Hotel Splendide.”

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The main highlight and attraction of Karlovy Vary, of course, are thermal spring, as water in them has a beneficial effect on all body systems, improves digestion and metabolism. Even the feeling of being involved in the spa process in these places creates a healing effect. People, exhausted by civilization, come to life in these places.


Because of its unique thermal waters, the world-famous Karlovy Vary is visited by a great number of tourists during the whole year. Karlovy Vary is amazing in every season, but perhaps, is the most popular in winter.


The best time to spend a perfect holiday in Karlovy Vary depends mostly on you. You can visit Karlovy Vary during summer or spring, as they are mild. However, most tourists say that the best time to spend a fulfilling holiday in Karlovy Vary is during winter.


However, if you want to visit the most famous international film festival in Karlovy Vary, you should visit this city of the Czech Republic during the summer months.


If you are looking forward to going from Prague to Karlovy Vary for a day trip by a private car, our service with the local English-speaking driver-guide can drive you to the destination in every season of the year and with a great comfort.


Driving is the fastest way to get from Prague to Karlovy Vary. Choosing this option, you will see how beautiful is Karlovy Vary and its countryside.

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