What Places You Should Visit on the Way From Munich to Prague for Unforgettable Moments in Eastern Europe?

The right plan and knowledge of the best places in Eastern Europe is the basis of your successful trip.


Are you going to travel from Munich to Prague, and need some advice about the most popular places you can visit on your way?


Our tips will help you to spend time in different cities of Bavaria and Bohemia with the maximum benefit to you.


In my last articles about Five Recommendations for Your start in Bavaria


I discuss Five places what you need discover in Bavaria. So after visiting all these places, you will have full pictures of Bavarian land and power.


In this post, I’ll share with you What Places You Should Visit on the Way From Munich to Prague for Unforgettable Moments in Eastern Europe?.


So Lets Start!


1.Regensburg‘s Medieval Beauty


Regensburg is an ancient and very picturesque German town situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Danube and the Regen. Perhaps, in the whole country, it is difficult to find another city that has retained its medieval beauty almost intact.


Regensburg is very convenient to take as a point while traveling through Eastern Europe: many trains pass through the city on all popular European destinations, but if you want to have an exclusive private day trip to Regensburg from Prague please click here.


The pride of Regensburg is the Cathedral of St. Peter, built in the Gothic style and decorated with bronze cross and crystal.


The Old Town consists of more than thousands of differences in appearance, style and purpose houses. One of its highlights is a huge palace, which for many years belonged to the princely dynasty of Thurn und Taxis. The palace is surrounded by a huge park, which is also an attraction for the tourists.


And certainly, the Old Stone Bridge over the Danube is worthy of your attention.




In addition to the interest in history and architecture, in Regensburg, you can meet more prosaic interests, for example, go to the old Bavarian «Historishe Wurstkuche» and have a dinner of a portion of excellent sausages with sauerkraut and a local beer, or try other dishes that are typical of traditional Bavarian cuisine. Interestingly, this cafe was opened in the 12th century for the builders of the Stone Bridge.


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2.Nuremberg – the City of Festivals


Do you want a wonderful Christmas? Go to the December market in Nuremberg!


Are you fond of the classical music? Then visit the week of organ music!


Or maybe you would like to plunge into the biggest German festival? No, we are not talking about the Oktoberfest, but about the Nuremberg Old Town festival.


This city loves to entertain its guests. Each year there are about 800 cultural and sporting events.


First of all, you should go through the Historic Mile of Nuremberg and take part in the beer festival. Strictly speaking, this Historical Mile includes 25 places of interest. This route is designed especially for the tourists.


It helps relatively quickly run through the remarkable places of Nuremberg. Mile begins at the Frauentor (Women’s) tower and ends near the Meat bridge.


3 (1)


Nuremberg Castle is another city’s famous place. It is the collective name for three fortification buildings, destined for the defense of the city. The complex includes the Imperial Castle, the fortress of the imperial city and the Burgrave Castle.




Among the places we also recommend you to see in Nuremberg German National Museum, the catacombs, the Observatory, the Museum of Railroad (DB Museum), and the Memorium Nuremberg Trials.


Toy Museum and the Nuremberg Zoo are the favorite places not only for the youngest tourists but for quite respectable ladies and gentlemen. And do not forget to buy famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen or ginger cookies on the Market Square!


By the way, we recommend you to start the acquaintance with the peculiarities of national German cuisine with the pub Barfüßer. This famous pub in the heart of the city is a symbol of the German love of beer.


Today it is the largest pub in Nuremberg, designed for 600 guests! Since 1994, their own beer is brewed here. 3 euros per mug is not so expensive to get a taste of real German beer in the heart of Nuremberg.


A significant part of the popular gastronomic establishments is focused on Königstraße. Here a well-known restaurant Bratwursthäusle is located. It specializes in the Nuremberg sausages, and this popular national delicacy is served here in many different variations.


We can also advise the restaurant Heilig Geist Spital. Its extensive menu includes the most popular Bavarian dishes in their classic version.


3.Plzeň…Beer, beer, and one more beer…


Plzeň city is famous for the brewery Plzeňský Prazdroj, which brews beer brand Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus. Pilsen is also interesting for its historical center, where the main attractions are located.


Náměstí Republiky is the central area of Plzeň, the biggest in Europe. It is surrounded by an ensemble of decorated, historically valuable buildings, which include: the town hall, museums of monsters and puppets, wonderful fountains.


Marian or Plague Column also serve as a decoration of the square. If you are traveling with children, go to the zoo, combined with botanical garden and Dinopark. Techmania Science Center also offers visitors interactive technical games made by Microsoft, as well as the most interesting modern interactive exhibits.


Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. In the backyard of the church, find the gates with angels. Make a wish and hold one of them!



Pivovarské Muzeum or Brewery Museum is the place you should definitely visit. The pleasant atmosphere of the history of medieval brewing business, from the beginning to the present time, will be interesting, especially for those, who like beer.


We also recommend you to visit Plzeň Historical Underground. The vast maze of corridors, rooms, and wells with a total length of 17 km is located under the center of the city.




The biggest restaurant in the city is Na Spilce, as it has more than five hundred places. The basis of the menu of the restaurant is the Czech cuisine, but it also offers visitors a wide choice of international dishes.


Those, who prefer to relax in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, will also like a national cuisine restaurant Plzeňská Bašta. Here you can enjoy the most popular national dishes, as well as try an excellent beer and savory snacks.


The oldest restaurant in the city is U Salzmannů. Its design resembles a cozy old tavern: massive wooden furniture, decorated with antique elements, a fine selection of the main national drink and the abolition of delicious food are the main advantages of the restaurant.


4.Karlštejn Castle


Karlštejn Castle is one of the prettiest Disney-like castles and the most popular places to visit in the Czech Republic on the way from Munich to Prague. It is 29km (18 miles) from Prague. There is also a national forest around the castle, where you can have a picnic or go hiking.


prague to karlstejn besttrips


The visitors can see three sections of the castle – the Imperial Palace, Marian Tower and the Great Tower.


Our recommendation: take the tour, which includes not only the views from the Great Tower (3rd, 4th, 5th floor) but also The Chapel of The Holy Cross.  


The castle itself has a website that you can visit at www.hradkarlstejn.cz and check the opening hours in every season and price.




With these our recommendations now you ready to make dream holidays into real and you can cover all these wonderful places in one day.


But if you want tailor-made trip you can always visit www.besttrips.eu and build your dream transportation from Munich to Prague.

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