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There are a few ways you can travel between Eastern European capitals- by plane, by train or bus and by private car door to door transportation with English speaking local driver.

Most travelers who value own time and want to explore more Europe use the last option to make vacation unforgettable and comfortable. In Best Trips we organize for our international customer’s private transportation service, private day trips, private city walking tours, build customized trips to Europe, Eastern Europe itinerary 1 week and provide door to door transportation.

Below you will discover our list of popular itineraries and private transfers between European capitals to help you create own customized transportation itinerary and Eastern Europe tour itinerary.

8 Days in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary

12 Days in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary

11 Days in Germany, Czech Republic & Poland itinerary


Prague to Vienna

Prague to Budapest

Budapest to Prague

Prague to Passau

Salzburg to Prague

Berlin to Prague

Passau to Prague

Berlin to Krakow

Prague to Krakow

Munich to Prague

Prague to Frankfurt

Vienna to Prague

Prague to Salzburg

Visit Best Places in Eastern Europe with Door To Door Transportation Company

As Europe travel specialists Best Trips it’s a place where you can order a Private Transportation and Travel between Prague and Vienna, from Berlin to Prague, Prague to Budapest, Munich to Prague, Prague and Krakow, Budapest to Prague, Prague to Passau, Prague to Berlin and more, connect with local travel experts, and get the personal advice and unique itinerary for your vacation in Europe. With thousands of customers from 15+ countries around the globe, we’ve become one of the world’s most trusted transfer company in the travel market.

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