The Best Prague’s Beerhouses: Craft Beer

The love for craft beer didn’t pass by the Czech Republic – one of the capitals of the world’s brewing.

In the last few years, a lot of exciting beer bars have been opened in Prague, offering several types of freshly crafted beer, as well as beer from small homebrewers. And the top of these establishments simply must exist!

First of all, it is necessary to understand the difference between the craft beer and the factory beer.

The name itself comes from the English “craft brewery,” “handicraft” brewery. This beer is produced in small quantities by private companies, both adhering to traditional recipes and making their innovative decisions.

The main feature of the craft beer is the fact that it is produced by an independent company based on ancient traditions of brewing, but according to the author’s recipe, from high-quality ingredients and in small quantities. In its own way, this is an elite and somewhat avant-garde beer that real gourmets and amateurs can appreciate.

We represent the best beer Prague, offering craft beer.

Kulovy blesk

The cult beerhouse, whose name is translated as “Ball Lightning.” It is impossible to get here, especially on weekends, so it is necessary to make a reservation.

The beerhouse is divided into two parts: the upper and lower floors. On each of the floors there are daily poured different types of fresh draft beer: both Czech and foreign – there are more than ten species on each level.

By the way, you can also eat here, which is quite a rarity for the ordinary beerhouse. The classic Czech dishes are prepared here such as goulash or knee.

Address: Sokolska street 1499/13, 12000 Prague 2


Nota Bene Beerpoint

This pub is a part of the popular restaurant of modern Czech cuisine Nota Bene, located a floor above.

Every day five types of fresh beer are bottled here, one of which, as a rule, is the product of the brewer Matuska – one of the most famous craft brewers in the Czech Republic.

Address: Mikovcova street 4, 12000 Prague 2


Bad Flash Bar

This pub is a joint project of two other famous bars – Zly Casy and Kulovy Blesk. 12 types of fresh beer are poured daily here, and more than 300 types of bottles are also offered!

A real new paradise for beer lovers in the elegant bohemian interior. For all who are indifferent to beer, French wine is also poured from the excellent wine bar of Na brehu Rhony, and homemade hermelin (a type of Czech cheese) from Pepe is served here.

Address: Krymska street 126/2, Prague 10


BeerGeek Bar

Very stylish and modern bar, the style of which perfectly demonstrates the logo: a bearded and wearing spectacles hipster in a checkered shirt with a mug in his hand.

Every day more than 30 kinds of craft beer are bottled here, as well as their own beer called Sibeeria, is also brewed here. By the way, here each time you can find 5-10 types of beer, which you’ll not be poured in any other beerhouse. And the beer is served here with chicken wings in different sauces – what else is needed for happiness?

Address: Vinohradska street 988/62, 13000 Prague 3


Craft House Prague

This beerhouse offers 27 kinds of draft beer both from the Czech Republic and from all over the world. For example, here you can try Bavarian, English, Belgian, Polish, American and even Italian types of beer.

Also, this beerhouse produces its original drink – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. It is a coffee drink without sugar, saturated with nitrogen. A snack here can be sandwiches in Scandinavian style.

Address: Navratilova street 1421/11, 11000 Prague 1


20 PIP Craft Beer Pub

In this small two-story beer bar, whose walls are decorated with bottle caps, you can taste more than a dozen types of beer. They serve mostly Czech beer, but there are also German names of beer on beer taps.

By the way, fresh Czech cider is also bottled here. The real one, and not the chemical drink like Kingswood, which can be bought in a supermarket.

Address: Slezska street 1357/1, 12000 Prague 2


Zly casy

A cult beerhouse, in which beer is poured from 48 beer taps! Here you can try Czech beer from medium and small brewers. The assortment is supplemented by a vast selection of bottled beer from around the world.

Also, you can have a meal here that is a rarity for beer pubs. The classic dishes from Czech cuisine is prepared here. Despite the impressive size of the restaurant, we recommend that you reserve a table – in the evenings the pub is crammed.

Address: Cestmirova street 390/5, 14000 Prague 4


Illegal Beer

In this small beer bar, located near Wenceslas Square, there is a homely and natural atmosphere of a family establishment.

In addition to beer, homemade cider is poured, and handicraft lemonades are made here. By the way, six kinds of drafted beer from the Czech Republic can be tasted here daily.

Address: Smeckach street 590/16, 11000 Prague 1


U prince Miroslava

A small beer kingdom between Smichov and Radlice. Every day about 19 kinds of small brewers is poured from all over the Czech Republic and from abroad.

Also, here you can eat: to a mug with a lavish cap of foam pork ribs, a knee or baked cheese will be brought to you – a classic of Czech cuisine.

Address: K Vodojemu 2382/4, 15000 Prague 5


Zubaty pes

In the pub with the terrible name “Toothed dog,” you will be treated much more affable than it may seem at first glance.

In total there are 15 beer taps from which excellent fresh beer is poured from small brewers. Including their own beer which bears the same name as the beerhouse.

Address: K Botici 409/2, 10100 Prague 10



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Once you have entered the ancient pavement of Prague, you find yourself in some kind of affectionate captivity, from which there is neither the opportunity nor the desire to escape. But the perception of Prague will be simply defective if you don’t take this city with the most amazing Prague beer.

Beer is the national drink and pride of the Czech Republic, therefore, when you come to Prague, you should try the Czech beer.

It is impossible to name some sort of Czech beer the best and to recommend it to everyone. Czech beer is an age-old tradition, the heritage of the nation, people’s pride and just a popular product. You want again and again to study his varieties and species.

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