Top 10 Things to Do in Berlin, Germany

From palace hoping to sweep views from the third tallest building in the European Union, the bustling city of Berlin has something to offer for travelers on any budget. Here at Best Trips EU, we’ve provided tips and recommendations for 10 things to do in Berlin that should be included on every itinerary no matter how short or long your stay.

Explore Berlin’s largest surviving royal palace

Constructed at the end of the 17th century, the lavish Baroque and Rococo style of the Charlottenburg Palace make it one of the most frequently visited palaces in Germany. Named in honor of Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia and wife of King Friedrich I, it now stands as the oldest palace in Berlin. We recommend touring the New Wing of the palace an hour before closing time. The staterooms — including the stunning rococo ballroom (Golden Gallery) — will be essentially empty, making for the perfect shot. In good weather, stroll through the English-style Palace Park located on the grounds for fresh floral scents and views of the mausoleum the Belvedere tea house.

Take in Panoramic at the Famous TV Tower

To take in some of the most sweeping views of Germany’s capital city, the Berlin TV Tower won’t disappoint.

Known as the “Fernsehturm”, the structure was built in the 1960s and now stands as the third-tallest throughout the European Union. Take one of the high-speed elevators to the top and grab a cocktail on the observation deck at Bar 203. Afterward, follow the staircase up one level to the Sphere Restaurant for a quick bite and the best-unobstructed views. Tickets are available online or at the ticket counters and machines on location, but we recommend buying the “Fast Track” ticket in advance of your visit. Arrive when the tower first opens to beat the lines and crowds on the observation deck. To view ticket prices and hours of operation, click here.

Stroll Down the Iconic East Side Gallery

It’s still possible to take a step back in time during a journey down Berlin’s East Side Gallery. Located near the Ostbahnhof railway station on the banks of the Spree river, this open-air gallery is the longest in the world at 1316 meters. Since opening on September 28, 1990, 118 artists from 21 countries have contributed works of art to its storied slabs. While there are a number of captivating works of art showcased, the most iconic remains Dmitri Vrubel’s “Fraternal Kiss” painting. You’ll find this painting 200 meters to the left of the Mercedes Benz Arena if facing the river. Learn more about Best Trips EU’s personalized transportation options in Berlin here.

Grab Traditional Currywurst at Curry 61

Most claim that it’s not a trip to Berlin without a round or two of currywurst — and here at Best Trips EU, we agree. There are plenty of roadside street vendors and takeout restaurants where you can try this traditional German fast-food delicacy, but we have our favorite: Curry 61. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what currywurst actually is, it’s steamed-then-fried pork sausage cut into bite-sized chunks and generously topped with curry seasoned ketchup sauce. Curry 61 offers the signature pork sausage dish, as well as a vegan version that can be made extra spicy upon request. The best part? A hearty serving with crisp fries and a German beer costs less than 10 Euros, making for the perfect lunch.

Take in the History of Brandenburg Gate

We couldn’t write an article recommending the top 10 things to do in Berlin without including a visit to the iconic Brandenburg Gate. While it is usually the first stop listed on any itinerary (and for good reason), we’ll tell you exactly why it should be there. A pinnacle of the Berlin’s turbulent past, it is the city’s only surviving gate that signifies a unified Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. More than 200-years-old, it’s glowing sandstone continues to represent one of the most beautiful forms of Neo-classical architecture in the world. The grounds of the Brandenburg Gate never close, so we recommend arriving at the location a few minutes before sunrise to enjoy the magnificent structure without the crowds. Check out our transportation options to Berlin here.

Satisfy Your Sweet tooth at Brammibal’s Donuts

If you want to satisfy a sweet tooth without the added sugars and fats, Brambilla’s donuts are the perfect compromise. A vegan bakery specializing in vegan donuts and coffee, the bakery rotates the flavor of its donuts out each season. Depending on when you visit, you could get your hands on flavors such as the “Maple Smoked Coconut” or “Blueberry Lavender”.  We reccommend staple flavours like the cherry-filled “Frankfurterkatz” donut and the “Irish coffee” donut soaked in (you guessed it) coffee liquor. Pre-order and check out their full list of seasonal donuts here.

Drop Some Cash at Alexanderplatz

Sightseeing and shopping all in one place: you’ll find this and more at the center of Berlin’s City East station of Alexanderplatz. Local and international clothing and jewelry stores line the streets (and shopping malls with department stores are plentiful if that is more your style). Clothing stores are not the only option available, however — bookstores, beauty salons, fast-food restaurants, and electronic stores are plentiful. We recommend strolling through the three-story affordably fast fashion complex of Primark first. After you’ve worked up an appetite, grab a quick cheeseburger nearby and claim a spot in the main square for views of the famous TV Tower.

Sip a Tiger Nut Milk Latte from Hermann’s

Some of you may think that coffee is simply coffee in any form, but we politely disagree when it comes to the Tiger Nut Milk Latte from Hermann’s in Mitte. The Tiger Nut — not actually a nut but a tuber vegetable — has both nutritional and historical value throughout Germany. Soldiers during WWII would carry the vitamin E and iron-packed African superfood in their rescue packs. Today, the versatile, gluten-free veggie is enjoyed still enjoyed as a quick snack, but its milk is also used to make overnight oats, or in Hermann’s case, lattes and other milk-based beverages. Steamed and topped with fresh ground cinnamon, we think it’s the sweetest perfect mid-morning pick-me-up.

Snag Cheap Dim Sum in Mitte

Currywurst isn’t the only food Berlin has up its culinary sleeve. Dim Sum hotspots are in abundance across the city, but the central borough of Mitte is ground zero for this popular style of Asian cuisine.  Prepared as bite-sized portions of food served in steamer baskets or on small plates, there are plenty of locations that serve authentic, handmade dumplings and traditional spring rolls, just to name a few. We recommend you visit Yumcha Heroes for a heaping plate of their coveted “honey spare ribs” (a house favorite) and the steamed “Cho You Bao” stuffed with sweet pork, mushrooms, and oyster sauce. If there’s still room in your stomach for more, head down the street a couple of blocks to SixtySeven, a fast and casual pan-Asian restaurant for their purple-bun shrimp bao burger for a late-night snack. Don’t come here for the luxury, however —you’ll find toilet paper for napkins, plastic chairs, and laundry hanging from the ceiling (classic Vietnamese street food vibes).

Catch a Sunset at Teufelsberg Spy Station

A 20-minute drive outside of Berlin’s city center in the Grunewald locality of former West Berlin, a golf ball-like structure interrupts the city’s skyline. Once serving as an American spy station during the Cold War, Teufelsberg today stands in ruins, though still hauntingly beautiful. The now abandoned location began as a man-made mound of rubble and dirt, but the early 1950’s it was transformed into a listening station to intercept espionage communications. It was finally made into an air traffic control center until 1999. Today, it is a popular destination for tourists, photographers, and social media influencers hoping to catch a sunset from one of the property’s many radar domes. To round out your Berlin adventure, arrive at Teufelsberg an hour before sunset to claim your spot for the perfect view.

With so much history, beautiful architecture, international culinary experiences and breathtaking gardens and parks, it can be difficult to determine what to include in your Berlin itinerary. We hope that our above tips and recommendations for the top 10 things to do in Berlin helps create a fun and seamless visit, and don’t forget to book your transportation to Berlin via for a stress-free adventure today.

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