Top Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest is like a magic box of wonders—you can open it endlessly, each time finding new surprises, discovering new places. You can come to Budapest at any season. In the summer, you can walk along the green streets, ride along the Danube and visit the famous Sziget Music Festival. In the winter, try traditional Hungarian kürtőskalács and hot mulled wine in the Veresmarty Square during the Christmas Fair. In this article, we are going to recommend you top things to do in Budapest, which can’t be missed when traveling to this city.

Visit the Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion

Buda Castle is definitely the first thing to see in Budapest. On the territory of this large complex you can visit a lot of buildings, interesting from both historical and architectural viewpoint:

  • the Royal Palace
  • Matthias Church
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Sándor Palace
  • Budapest History Museum

When choosing what to see first, you should focus on the Fisherman’s Bastion. Built in 1905, it resembles a medieval white-stone castle with its window openings, arches, protrusions, and recesses. Seven wall towers symbolize the number of tribes which united to create the Hungarian state. The square inside the bastion is decorated with a statue of the first king of Hungary.

You may visit the Buda Castle for free. You will only need to buy tickets for the entrance to the upper balconies of the towers, which offer a magnificent overview of the city.

Stroll around Varosliget Park

Park is located in Pest and is a favorite resting place for residents and guests of the capital. In the summer, you can go boating on a lake, which in winter turns into an ice rink.

On the territory of the park, you will see the Botanical Garden and the Zoo. There are about 10 thousand plants and more than 4000 animals that feel great in conditions close to natural. The kids will like a local amusement park with fascinating attractions.

In addition to places of entertainment, there are many monuments and the Museum of Fine Arts with a rich collection of European paintings from the 12th and 17th centuries. An incredibly beautiful and romantic Vajdahunyad Castle is also located in the Varosliget city park. In addition, the Varosliget park houses the famous Széchenyi swimming pool.

You can spend the whole day there. And when you get hungry, you can try exquisite spicy dishes of the local Hungarian cuisine in the famous Gundel restaurant.

Relax in Széchenyi Baths

When deciding what to do in Budapest, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting Széchenyi Baths located in the Varosliget Park.

This large complex is open all year round. It harmoniously combines beautiful architecture, a variety of services and therapeutic effect of thermal water containing salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, as well as fluorine and organic acids.

There are 5 pools and 11 hot spring baths. Visitors can undergo a course of wellness massage and mud applications. These therapeutic baths are very helpful for people who have problems with the locomotor, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. The complex also has gyms, an aqua fitness pool, a solarium and a cozy cafeteria.

For more information, visit the official website of Széchenyi Baths:

View the city from above

If you want to get a better view of Budapest and take beautiful pictures, you should look at the city from above. Several city buildings are ideal for this activity.

The first one is the Hungarian National Gallery. It’s located in the Buda Castle, where Hungarian kings once lived. Therefore, the gallery is now interesting both as an architectural structure and as an excellent collection of the Hungarian art collection. And for a beautiful view, you should definitely climb the dome of the fortress. A perfect panorama will open for you.

If you want to see the city from the different side, climb the dome of the largest city cathedral, St. Stephen’s Basilica. An alternative to the traditional buildings with views of Budapest is the roof of the bar called “360” on Andrássy Avenue. But please remember that it is closed from October to April.

Have a Drink in One of the Ruin Pubs

Have you ever heard about trendy underground bars called “ruin pubs”? It all started in the 2000s when locals began to transform old buildings and abandoned factories to conceptual lofts and art spaces.

You can start at Anker’t Romkocsma. Once it was a factory, and now it’s a stylish, cozy open-air bar. It is nice to sit here with friends or have hot dances in the evening, as there is a lot of space. Ellato Kert & Taqueria serves Mexican drinks and dishes, organizes art shows and music performances. Fogas Ház és Kert is one of the first ruin bars in Budapest, which is now a real art hub. You should also visit Mazel Tov for good food and cultural space with a beautiful garden.

Szimpla Kert is where it all began. It opened in 2002 on the site of an abandoned factory as an alternative urban art space. Now, under the Szimpla Kert brand, there is a recording studio and a program for finding young talents; this is the basis for meetings of urban movements and social activists. On the weekends, this ruin pub turns into a trendy hipster market where farmers sell everything your heart desires: honey, greens, paprika, meat, vegetables, and fruits. It’s a must for you if you want to see Budapest from a different side.

Have a Cruise on the Danube

One of the top things to do in Budapest is to have a river cruise on the Danube, on the banks of which magnificent buildings, sculptures, and monuments are located. One of the most beautiful buildings, located on the banks of the Danube, is the Hungarian Parliament Building.

You may also go for a walk along the embankment or along the river by boat with a stop at the local islands. There are seven islands on the Danube within Budapest. The most popular of them is Margaret Island.

Stop at the Margaret Island

It’s a nature reserve with a wonderful park with a special microclimate and clean air, a real oasis of peace. It’s preserved in an amazing way in the very heart of the Hungarian capital. Margaret Island is a real botanical garden, famous for its beach, summer theater, zoo, cozy restaurants, and cafes, as well as a large Palatinus swimming pool. It’s definitely a must place to visit in Budapest.

Frankly speaking, it’s impossible to see all the main attractions of Budapest in one day. Visiting numerous basilicas, fortresses, and museums… Having a good time in ruin pubs and try national Hungarian cuisine… Relaxing in thermal baths…These are top things to do in Budapest. So it’s better to plan your visit for at least a week to explore the Hungarian capital. And if you would like to go to nearby cities, feel free to contact us. We will organize the best transportation services
for you.

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