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When you think of Poland, does Wroclaw come first into your mind as a city you want to visit? Probably not. But we can ensure you that it is an impressive city with a lot of things to do and see. Wroclaw is full of architectual sites and vibrant cultural places. It has a great history, beautiful architecture and friendly citizens.

Best Trips have prepared a list of top things to do in Wroclaw for you. We are sure you’ll want to visit this incredible Polish city and it will surprise you.

Stroll around the Market Square

Like any Polish city, Wroclaw is famous for its Market Square. It’s one of the oldest areas in Europe. There is a Town Hall in the center, surrounded by 60 colorful narrow stone houses. Now it is the place where Christmas fairs, Christmas celebrations, religious, academic and military celebrations take place. It is a meeting place, a place of entertainment of the citizens and guests of Wroclaw.

Just walk around a historical city, look up and see the details in every building. Wroclaw seems that was made exactly for that.

Ride an Old Tram

Take a ride on an old Wroclaw tram of the early 20th century.

Wroclaw trains have two routes. The first departs from the Theater Square and moves through the streets Swidnicka – Kaziiera Wielkiego – Dominikanski – Pokoju Bridge – Grunwaldzki – Hala Stulecia. Another route goes from Hala Stulecia to the Theater Square, along the streets Piastowska – Sienkiewicza – Hala Torgowy – Piotra Skargi.

Apart from regular, seasonal tram line, there is also a possibility to take a commercial ride on the antique train. Please view the details here.

Ride a Boat along the Odra

Wroclaw is a city of bridges, often called “Polish Venice”. It stands on twelve islands. There are one hundred and thirty bridges over the Odra. So you can ride along the Odra on a boat and enjoy the perfect view.

There are plenty of options, from kayaks, rowing boats and peddle boats ( to private boats ( You may also go on a tourist cruise boat.

Two-person kayaks cost 15zl per hour, while a three-person family kayak can be rented for 19zl per hour. Three person rowing boats are available too, priced at 25zl per hour. Please visit the websites for any updates.

Visit Tumski Island

Tumski Island is often called the “Cathedral Island”. When in Tumski, visit some of the most famous temples in this island:

  • the first Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, built in 1913;
  • the gothic church of St. Peter & Paul, constructed in the 15th century, destroyed by fire and then reconstructed;
  • the small brick St. Martin’s Church, the only remains of the 13th-century Royal Castle.

St. Bartholomew’s Church, the first two-storey church in Silesia.

Rest on the Botanical Garden

When you visit Tumski island, you should not miss the charming Botanical Gardens, an oasis of peace and quiet. Locals and guests often choose this place for walking and relaxing in the open air.

This is one of the oldest nature monuments in Europe. An arched bridge made of wood is a popular place for romantic meetings. Walk near the pool, full of beautiful water plants. If you are fond of flowers and plants, you’ll like rich greenhouses, Polish larch, evergreen mahogany, an abundance of varieties of hyacinths and daffodils.

Get a great view of Wroclaw from above

To admire Wroclaw from height, climb to the observation deck of the Wroclaw University. By the way, the university is famous not only for its graduates but also for the Leopoldin Assembly Hall. This hall, decorated with gilt, is a masterpiece of Polish Baroque.

You may also view the city from the top of the tower of St. John the Baptist Cathedral. The view of Wroclaw is absolutely breathtaking from that place.

Have a Look at Panorama Raclawicka

It’s a must-see highlight in Wroclaw. This huge painting shows the battle of the Polish army under under the leadership of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a national hero.

The monumental canvas with dimensions of 15 meters by 114 meters will transfer you to another reality and another time. Panorama is the only surviving creation of this kind.

Pay a visit to Four Denominations District

The Four Denominations District (Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń) is located in the centre of Wroclaw, right next to the Market Square. It is not a regular, urban district but a truly unique place.

It’s also called Mutual Respect District. For churches of different denominations are located in 300-meter proximity to each other: Orthodox church of Nativity of Theotokos, Roman Catholic church of St. Anthony of Padua, Synagogue pod Białym Bocianem and an Evangelical church of Divine Providence.

You can find many restaurants, cafés, pubs and music clubs in the Four Denominations District. The beautiful patio of the Synagogue, surrounded by old walls, make it one of the most magical meeting place in Wroclaw.

Enjoy Wroclaw’s Cafeterias and Coffee Shops

Do you want to explore the vibrant coffee culture of Wroclaw? Then visit some of the most quintessential Wroclaw’s cafés.

  • Cafeteria Chic. You will find it in Tumski Island. It’s a world of marbled floors, tiny little tables, gas lamps, and the best apple pie with raspberry sauce in Poland.
  • Bema café. It’s a cozy place to relax, have a cake or a beer. Bema café’s modern style doesn’t stop it from being warm and welcoming. There are two Bema cafés in Wroclaw, in Drobnera 38 and Legnicka 56. Whichever you choose, it’s a great place to visit.
  • Kawalerka café. It’s a colorful, retro coffee house full of warmth, smiling staff and specialty coffee, located in Benedykta Polaka 12. They won’t just brew you a coffee, they will be so friendly and welcoming that you will want to visit this place every time you’ll be in Wroclaw. This coffee house is an excellent reason to leave the city center.
  • Café Rozrusznik, located in Cybulskiego 15. Its warm and laidback atmosphere is the reason to visit, along with its collection of vinyl music and choice of specialty coffee.

Look for the famous Wroclaw dwarfs

Almost all tourist guides describe Wroclaw as a city of bridges, students and dwarfs. How do the gnomes appeared in Wroclaw and became its symbol?

The story of the appearance of the dwarfs in Wroclaw is connected with the political life of the country and the opposition movement.

Guests and citizens so much love the dwarfs or “krasnale”. They believe that the dwarfs bring luck and prosperity to Wroclaw. The city authorities gave the tourists an excellent attraction: scattered around the center of Wroclaw small sculptures of dwarfs. You can travel all over the city looking for the hiding gnomes.

Each gnome has its own meaning and profession. For example, at the railway station you’ll meet a gnome-traveler, while at the entrance to the cafe, you’ll see a friendly gnome inviting you to go inside. If you do not want to miss a single gnome in the Old Town of Wroclaw, look for them on this special site.


Wroclaw is an amazing place to visit or stay in with so many things to do and explore. You’ll definitely like its vibrant center, more than a hundred of bridges over the Oder and hiding figures of dwarfs everywhere. To get a full picture of Poland, you may go on a trip around the most interesting cities in Poland with us. We promise that you’ll fall in love with this country with its both spiritual and festive atmosphere.

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