In Germany With The Kids

Travel to Germany With The Kids

Are you going to visit Berlin or Munich? We selected the most interesting places of Berlin and Munich for family travelers, and also found out what delicious local food is suitable for the child’s menu.


Munich and surrounding areas


Europa – Park

This is the largest amusement park in Germany and the second most popular in Europe after Disneyland in Paris. More than five million people come here every year.

The park is divided into thematic zones, 15 of them are named after different countries and decorated in their style. In a short time, you can visit Germany, France, Austria, England, Iceland and other countries by train.

There are about hundreds of amusement rides: for kids and adults, for lovers of quiet entertainment and for the thrill. Children are allowed according to their height: if you do not reach even a couple of centimeters, then it is too early for you.

Keep in mind that on weekends and holidays you can stand 30-40 minutes in a line  for each of the popular rides, so it’s best to come here for at least 2 days (and even in this case there is a chance not to have enough time), planning to spend the night in the park or Rust city.


Europa park


There are cafes, restaurants, kiosks with sweets, souvenir shops, camping and hotels on the territory. Almost everywhere they accept cards, but cash in euro would be also good.

Address: Europa ‑ Park ‑ Straße 2, Rust.

From Munich, it will take 4.5-5 hours by train. There is no direct train you should change the rout so it is more convenient to rent a car.

Price: One day ticket for children (4-11 years old) – € 34.5-40.5,  for adults – € 41-47.  Two days ticket will cost you € 58-76 (for children) and € 69-88.5(for adults).


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Thermal complex Galaxy

Here children are interested in an indoor water park (the largest in Europe). There are also saunas and bathhouses for adults. Young visitors can have fun on 20 water slides of different level of complexity: from gentle and wide, on which children can go down together with their parents, to those where it is just breathtaking.

There is the longest descent in Europe (365 meters) and the fastest water slide of the park with a height of almost 20 meters here.


Thermal complex Galaxy


Address: Thermenallee 1, Erding.

From Munich to Altenerding station you can get by city train (line S2), and then by free bus or walk on foot (about 15 minutes).

Opening hours: from 9:00 (14:00) to 21:00 (23:00), depending on the day of the week.

Price: € 18 for 2 hours, € 24 for 4 hours, € 33 for the whole day. For children under three years of age, admission is free.


Hellabrunn Zoo

It is the largest zoo in Europe (39 hectares) and the first in the world, where the conditions have tried to bring as close as possible to the natural. The zoo is divided into “continents”, the animals are distributed between it according to their origin.


Hellabrunn Zoo


There are about 14,500 animals of 650 species, the largest of which are elephants and giraffes. Children will be interested to visit the contact zoo, where they can feed the animals (food is sold in vending machines on the territory).

Address: Tierparkstraße 30, 81543 Munich, Germany.

You need to take the metro to the station Thalkirchen and then follow the signs.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 16:00 (18:00), depending on the season.

Price: the ticket for children of 4-14 years old is € 6, for the adult is € 15.



This is a huge park, where everything is created from the cubes of the most famous designer on the planet. It will take 12 hours to ride on all the rides, watch shows and 4D films and take part in the workshops! It would be better to plan a trip for a few days – you can book a hotel room or rent a themed cottage on the territory.

Miniland is one of the most interesting areas of the park, where copies of European countries, cities and famous landmarks at a scale of 1:20 are presented and collected from Lego.




Here you can see a miniature Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein, Venice, Berlin, Frankfurt, the Netherlands, and many interesting things. Lego-people live in toy houses, cars drive through the streets… From afar you can’t even tell that all these are toys.

Address: Legoland Allee, Günzburg.

From Munich, it will take about an hour by train.

Opening hours: In 2018, the park will receive visitors for the first time on March 24, the current schedule is on the website.

Price: € 35 for the whole day. For children under three years old admission is free.


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Circus Krone

It was founded in 1870 as a mobile menagerie, and in 1919 turned into a permanent circus in Munich. Today, it is known far beyond the country and successfully has toured in Europe.

Circus Krone


Air -gymnasts, illusionists, clowns, riders – the program is designed not to leave indifferent the spectators, as children as adults. Young visitors like circus performance involving animals most of all, for example, the performance of trained elephants.

Address: Zirkus-Krone-Straße 1-6.

You can get here by the S-Bahn city train or tram No. 16, 17 (get off at Hackerbrücke station).

Opening hours: on weekdays, performances start at 20:00, on weekends and holidays – at 14:30 and 18:30.

Price: from € 15 to € 40.


Toy Museum

It is perhaps the most accessible children’s museum in Munich. It is located in the center, in the tower of the Old Town Hall, and is on the route of the walk through the city.

Toys are collected by Czech writer and screenwriter Ivan Steiger, part of the collection is kept in a similar museum in Prague. The exhibits were created at different times, from the XVIII century to the present day, by European and American craftsmen.




Dolls and houses with miniature furniture, cars, animal figures, tin soldiers, a train station, on the platform where trains arrive, a ranch inhabited by cowboys – your child will like this place. And you also will plunge into childhood.

Address: Marienplatz 15.

Opening hours: from10: 00- to 17: 30.

Price: ticket for children- € 1,  for the adult – € 4.


Berlin and surrounding areas


The oldest zoo in Germany, open to the public in 1844, is recognized as the most diverse in the world: there are about 20,000 animals of 1,400 species. The main attraction of the program is the giant pandas that are not found in any other city in the country.


Berlin Zoo


Giraffes, elephants, gorillas, crocodiles, the seals live here … There is a contact zoo where young animal lovers can treat goats and sheep with special food purchased in the machine.

Address: Hardenbergplatz 8.

You can get here by S-Bahn city train, metro or bus (tourist route No. 100 will do).

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 16:30 (18:30).

Price: Ticket for children of 4-15 years old – € 8, for the adult – € 15.5.



Adults are allowed to visit the entertainment center only when accompanied by children aged 17 and under (except for Adult Night).

Here you can build an island with dinosaurs from Lego in the Dino Explorer zone, find out how your favorite designer is made by visiting the LEGO Factory and see a miniature copy of Berlin, for which took 2 million parts to create.


Legoland Berlin


Children of 2-5 years old will enjoy DUPLO Village, where they can build with their parents. Those who are older will enjoy with the shop works in assembling figures from Lego, which are held by the people who designed the center.

The additional quest for parents: try to leave this place without buying another set of the designer in the company store.

Address: Potsdamer Straße 4.

You can get here by bus (to the Varian-Fry-Straße stop) or by train (to the Potsdamer Platz station).

Opening hours: from 10: 00 to 19: 00.

Price: € 11-22.5. For children under three years old admission is free.


Interactive Museum MACHmit!

There is a cross between a science center and a playground at the old church Elias. For those who prefer active entertainment, there is a climbing wall, and children who like to learn can visit the printing house, art workshop, soap factory or laboratory.

Sometimes there are interesting lectures and organ playing classes. Parents can watch sitting at a table in a cafe.

The main activities are designed for children 4-12 years old, and for those who are younger, there is a safe playground.

Address: Senefelderstraße 5.

You can get here by S-Bahn city train (to Prenzlauer Allee station) or by metro (to Eberswalder Straße station).

Opening hours: every day except Monday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Price: up to two years free admission. Child ticket price is € 3.5, adult price is € 7.


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Water Park Tropical Island Resort

It is the largest indoor tropical resort in Europe (area – 66,000 m²). If it is rainy or frosty outside, you can relax on the sand under palm trees near Berlin.

There are the climbing area, a softball field, Lego constructors, table hockey and a race track for children in the Tropino Club. Adult thrill lovers will enjoy the highest water slide in Germany (27 meters), you go down with speed up to 70 km / h.


Water Park Tropical Island Resort


Of the other zones of the complex, it is worth seeing the rainforest under the roof (50,000 plants of more than 600 species) and the tropical village where samples of traditional buildings are collected (most cafes and restaurants are located here). If you get bored, you can climb to a height of 15 or 60 meters in the balloon basket.

Address: Tropical-Islands-Allee 1, Krausnick.

From Berlin, you can get here by train, next to the station Brand Tropical Islands.

Opening hours: 24/7 (except for Christmas).

Price: Child (5-14 years)  price is per day – € 33-39.5, the ticket for adults  – € 42-49.


Also, children may be interested in the collections of the Technical Museum and the Museum of Natural History, which we recently wrote about.


Food for the kids in Germany

Traditional German cuisine is predominantly fatty meat dishes that are hardly suitable for children. If you do not want to cook by yourself, pay attention to such items in the restaurants’ menu:

kartoffelsalat – potato salad, which in addition to the main ingredient may include boiled egg, chicken breast or herring, pickled cucumber, apples, celery;

leberkäse – meatloaf;

brezel – German baked good with sugar, cheese or salt (the classic version, it is usually served with beer);

obatzter – “spread” of cheese, butter, herbs, and spices. There are also options from other ingredients: cottage cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc .;

kartoffelklöße – potato dumplings;

stewed sauerkraut;

soups: eintopf – hearty and nutritious soup, resembling solyanka, or pfannkuchensuppe – broth with pancakes;

gaisburger marsch –  stew baked in pot;

klopse – veal meatballs;

kartofelpuffer – potato pancakes;

kartoffel möhren pfanne – potato and carrot pancakes;

zwiebelrostbraten – veal roast beef.



Right now you have a full list of places in Minich and Berlin worth visiting with children in next year. Every place is unique and you need to plan more vacation days to discover at list a few of them.


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