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Only 2 hours 20 minutes ride from Vienna you can travel Salzburg – old baroque city, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city looks much as it did 250 years ago: its graceful domes and spires, its clifftop fortress and the mountains beyond.

Walk along its streets where you can hear classical music from open windows and concert halls and let yourself admire picturesque scenery and skyline that you won’t ever forget!

From Salzburg, you can plan many different day trips from Salzburg, for example, one of the favorite day trip Salzburg to Sankt Gilgen and Hallstatt. Fabulous Hallstatt is a unique town in the Salzkammergut region. It’s pinned between the mountains of the Dachstein Massif and a lake with breathtaking beauty.

Travel from Salzburg with BestTrips

If you decided to visit the countryside and travel from Salzburg with Best Trips as our client, you would get an English speaking local driver who will organize Salzburg transportation for you and show the most famous places.

Tailor-made Tour of Europe – Travel from Salzburg

Most attractions are central, and the Salzburg transportation system is excellent. But the further you have to go between locations, the less time you have for actually sightseeing.

If you are looking forward to having a suitable and comfortable way travel Salzburg, be sure that traveling in a private car with a local English-speaking local driver, using our service, is an ideal solution for you.

We can drive you to these or other destinations in Eastern and Central Europe every season of the year and with a high comfort!

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If you decided to visit the country of Mozart, you should definitely go to the city in which he was born. This 4th largest city in Austria is less crowded than in Vienna, but nevertheless, the flow of visitors is increasing every year. Arriving in Salzburg, you will find yourself in a beautiful medieval city, in which each street is a trace of the past, firmly frozen in the walls of time-enduring structures.

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