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Wroclaw city is one of the oldest city in Europe. There is a Town Hall in the center, surrounded by 60 colorful narrow stone houses. Now it is the place where Christmas fairs, Christmas celebrations, religious, academic and military celebrations take place. It is a meeting place, an area of entertainment of the citizens and guests of Wroclaw.

Wroclaw is a city of bridges, often called “Polish Venice.” It stands on twelve islands. There are one hundred and thirty bridges over the Odra that’s make Wroclaw transportation system perfect for people who travel Wroclaw.

Travel from Wroclaw with BestTrips

If you considering a day trip from Wroclaw, Lower Silesia is a fantastic choice. With its turbulent past, interesting culture and incredibly beautiful landscape make it one of the most popular day trip from Wroclaw.

During the day trip from Wroclaw you can discover The Church of Peace in Świdnica is the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe, were built in the former Silesia in the mid-17th century.  Also, we can do a day trip Wroclaw Książ Castle the third largest castle in Poland, located on a majestic rock cliff by the side of the Pelcznica River. Beautifully surrounded by the forest at the height of 395m above sea level, the castle is often called ‘the Pearl of Lower Silesia’.

Experience the beautiful scenery of the Karkonosze, the highest part of the Sudetes mountain system, where the Czech-Polish border runs along the main ridge. During a daylong trip to Karpacz, where the highest peak of Karkonosze, Sniezka, is situated 1602 meters above the sea level, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Lower Silesian towns and villages like Vang Stave Church, Built in the 12th century in Northern Norway without any nails, moved to Karkonosze by Frederick William IV of Prussia in the 19th century, currently in the Karkonosze National Park and on UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Tailor-made Tour of Europe – Travel from Wroclaw

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