Travel between European cities – to Český Krumlov

In the very south of the country, in the picturesque bend of the Vltava River, lies Český Krumlov, a fabulous town.

It’s a high starting point to explore Southern Bohemia. Although Krumlov is rather small, there are tons of things to see and do within driving distance.

A huge castle towers over the river right in the middle of the city, hanging over the tiled roofs of houses and the labyrinth of narrow streets.

Travel to Cesky Krumlov

Travel to Cesky Krumlov from Prague has become one of our popular destinations.

The distance from Prague to Česky Krumlov is 170 km. You can get from one city to another by train, bus, and by a private car. If you want to choose a train ride, you should know that there are no direct trains going all the way from Prague to Český Krumlov. You have to change trains in České Budějovice. A direct bus ride from Prague to Český Krumlov takes about 3 hours.

Sure, one day trip Česky Krumlov by a private car with a local driver is much more preferable. The car journey takes approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. Nowadays, tourists are travel Česky Krumlov by car.

The advantages are obvious—individual route, unhurried dive into the atmosphere of the medieval city, the opportunity to save money, and at the same time, take advantage of all the benefits of the service.

Of course, the price comparison between private car Cesky Krumlov transportation and bus transportation between Prague and Cesky Krumlov leads to the idea that the bus is the most economical. Do not forget that you still have to count on the taxi to and from the bus station. Also, the amount of time you will save by traveling by comfortable car or minivan should be taken into consideration. The option to stop anywhere and do whatever you want is naturally possible only with our private hire service.

Travel to Cesky Krumlov with BestTrips

With Best Trips door to door transfers, you can find travel to Cesky Krumlov with private transportation very easy and stress-free. Day trip to Cesky Krumlov is by car with a local driver, we always arrange additional sightseeing on the way. Very often we organize a travel Cesky Krumlov day trip and include stops in these cities like Konopiste Castle, Hluboka Castle, and Cesky Budejovice.

Hluboka Castle

Hluboká castle is not only one of the jewels of the South Bohemia but the entire Czech Republic. Tapestries, weapons, ornate furnishings, technological advancements, and impressive kitchens are a few reasons why you should make a stop there.

Konopiste Castle

Konopiště Castle is an easy day trip out of Prague, located around 50km southeast of the city and easily reachable by public transport. It has become famous as the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne, whose assassination in Sarajevo triggered off World War I. Konopiště is known for its large collection of Ferdinand’s hunting trophies and weapons, antique furniture and art objects, as well as its Rose Garden.

Cesky Budejovice

One more attraction of the Czech Republic is České Budějovice, a modern city and the capital of South Bohemia. České Budějovice managed to preserve its historical character, despite the fact that its history goes back almost nine centuries. České Budějovice was founded in the middle of the 13th century by King Premysl Otakar II. Thanks to its location on the trade route, and later on the first horse railway in Europe, České Budějovice gradually grew rich, grew and became a large prosperous city.

Tailor-made Tour of Europe – Travel to Cesky Krumlov

Best Trips tailor-made journeys are carefully crafted to deliver a customized day trip to Cesky Krumlov like no other. We build in extraordinary, enriching experiences curated just for you and put the best private guides at your service.

The result is an experience that is more personal, more rewarding and frankly more fun. We create an experience that changes your life.

Here are just a couple of benefits when you choose our company:

  1. Once you booked a Cesky Krumlov day trip, the rate is confirmed and final for you
  2. All cars have insured passengers seats and baggage compartment
  3. $200 Hotel Savings Card you will get from us
  4. Free WiFi connection
  5. Comfortable European brand cars and minibusses
  6. Non-smoking and air-conditioned cars and minibusses
  7. Economical, comfortable, door to door transfers
  8. Flexible, time-efficient and cost-effective
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  10. Free cancellation with a minimum of 24 hours notice
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