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Travel from Munich to Oberammergau

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Munich, Germany – travel to Oberammergau

Oberammergau village is located in the valley of the river Ammer between the slopes of the Alps. From Munich to Oberammergau best way to travel is by private car with a local driver. The population of the village is about 5,300 people, but once in 10 years, up to half a million tourists come to Oberammergau tours! And this is due to the theatrical production of “The Passion of the Christ,” which takes place every 10 years, starting in 1634. Tickets are bought up for the performance a year before the performance, and up to 800 people are involved in the crowd scenes. Only those born in Oberammergau or living for at least 20 years have the right to participate in the performance.

Oberammergau is also famous for its half-timbered painted houses (these are clay walls with transverse patterns of wooden beams), actually, that motivates all travelers to travel from Munich to Oberammergau. The founder of the style was born in 1748 in the house of Zum Luftl – the famous fresco painter Franz Zwink in these places, hence the name of this type of painting – Luftlmalerei.

The amazing village of Oberammergau is rich in crafts and is also famous for its woodcarvers. These products have long been very important to replenish the incomes of the villagers who used to live in difficult conditions and were forced to look for all sorts of means for food. Prices for souvenirs are now quite high, but after all, high-quality and painstaking manual work is always paid for with dignity.

Where to stay in Oberammergau?

For Alpine Luxury we recommend to stay in Oberammergau Hotel Maximilian, is a five-star option in the center of the town. It’s a pampering stay whichever season you choose to visit, with an onsite spa and gourmet restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.

Things to do in Oberammergau

 If you can’t make it to Oberammergau during the staging of the 2020 Passion Play, or the play simply doesn’t appeal to you, this small village nestled snugly in the Bavarian Alps, is still well worth a visit.

Being located in the Bavarian Alps, the town is perfectly situated for a number of outside adventures both in winter and summer.

Climbing Kofel 

To get a real taste of Oberammergau’s natural beauty, making your way up the trail that leads to Kofel’s summit is certainly a good way to go. Climbing from late spring to late summer, the views across the valley are refreshing and charmingly dramatic – just as you’d expect a view in the Bavarian Alps to be.

Hiking and Cycling in Oberammergau 

There are numerous hiking trails around Oberammergau suitable for everyone.  Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll with the family or prefer a more demanding hike, there are plenty of options for hiking in Oberammergau.

Ride the Oberammergau Alpine Coaster luge 

If hiking or cycling seems like too much hard work, you can still enjoy the great outdoors without raising a sweat.  The Kolbensattel Alpine Coaster is the answer.


If all of that is a bit too active for you, then a trip to the town’s public swimming pool is one of the less famous but more chilled-out things to do in Oberammergau.
Winter Sports in Oberammergau

In winter, of course, when there is plenty of snow all around, the things to do in Oberammergau (outside at least) become focussed on one particular past-time: skiing. From the same place that the Alpine Coaster operates, the Kolbensattel, there are a number of slopes for skiers – from beginner-friendly to a ski tour of the area, as well as the Snowpark Oberammergau for snowboarders and freeskiers.

Horse and Sleigh rides in winter 

For a special way to experience the natural beauty of Oberammergau’s surroundings in winter, why not enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage ride through the snow?

A number of different Oberammergau tours operators offer visitors the chance to witness the snowy scenes from the tranquility of a carriage or sleigh being gently towed across the snow by a horse.

Not far from Oberammergau are two of Germany’s most-visited castles – Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace.

Also worth visiting are Ettal Abbey, an impressive Benedictine Monastery and Baroque church that is still home to more than 50 monks.  The monks produce beer and liquors on site which are sold to the public.


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