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Travel from Prague to Wroclaw

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A Magical City

Wrocław was once described as “the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities”, and has always been a bone of contention, changing hands many times throughout its long history. In the past, Wrocław has belonged to Poles, Czechs, Austrians, Hungarians, and Germans.


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    Hey People who ordered this transfer also they buy extra stop because they very interesting to see how local people live and visit more beautiful places on the way.

    Optional two hours stop in...

    Price 55 euro (Please click on the picture to add optional stops)

    Kutna Hora

    City of Silver

    The boom of Czech Republic was due to the treasury of Kutna Horas silver and which is why it is known as the city of silver. The famous bone church is also found here. One must come here to see the fascinating history of the silver mining, underground tours, cathedral, restaurants and bars when visiting Kutna Hora.

    Adrspach Rocks

    Adrspach Rocks

    Here you will find the strange beauty of the rocks that you have never seen anywhere before. You must be wondering who really sees the rocks in that way right? Well, this is a place of rocks with various formations that leads the people to use their imagination. You can also do rock jumping here as the rocks are pretty high. Boat rides are also don’t here through the gorges.

    Opocno Chateau

    Opocno Chateau

    The castle is famous to be showcased as a museum, displaying the historical interior, ethnographic collections, weapons, library and a gallery. The chateau is huge and has rare waterfalls, ponds and trees. The town is very small having a population of 3000 only so it is easy to explore the town and you do not require any transportation.

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