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Travel from Prague to Budapest

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Product Description

“We had very enjoyable transportation from Budapest to Prague, in half of that way we had a stop at Bratislava for couple hours, which made our trip even better!.”

– Valentina K, Best Trips customer

Blue Danube, plains, and mountains, palaces and castles, cafes and baths, czardas and paprika’s, past and present, completely unreadable language – all that Budapest. This city is often referred to as the thermal capital of Europe – is more than 1,000 medical and thermal spas. What will surprise Danube treasure chest, read our review.

4 reviews for Travel from Prague to Budapest

  1. 5 out of 5

    We’d like especially to commend Ruslan, who drove us from the Prague airport to the hotel. Ruslan was an oasis of calm and helpfulness in retrieving a piece of luggage I had left in the baggage claim area.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Russ and Nataly met as Prague airport and Russ then transferred us to Vienna. He was an excellent guide and stopped for us to have dinner in a beautiful small town on the way.

    Another driver got us 3 days later and took us to Budapest where Best Trips got us one week later. They where always on time and it was very comfortable for a big group with lots of luggage to travel this way. We always rent our own vehicles but in future will definitely make us of Best Trips again. We highly recommend them!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Transfers between Budapest, Vienna and Prague
    What a great experience having Russ and his team transfer us between Budapest and Vienna and again between Vienna and Prague via Mikulov. The service is clearly customer orientated and removed all of the stress normally associated with moving between cities on buses and trains, not to mention the excellent conversation along the way. Always on time and with little extras like water and apples (from David’s own tree) the whole experience was great. We would recommend Russ’s service to anyone at any time. Thanks for a wonderful trip! Bryan and Mariza from South Africa.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Tanks a lot !!!
    My family used Best Trips service for a private transfer from Prague to Budapest. And we don’t regret choosing that company because everything was on time and on a high level. A long way was comfortable and fast. As a bonus, we had one hour stop in Bratislava. Thanks a lot!

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    Hey People who ordered this transfer also they buy extra stop because they very interesting to see how local people live and visit more beautiful places on the way.

    Optional two hours stop in...

    Price 55 euro (Please click on the picture to add optional stops)


    City of Waters

    A city with lots of treasures that you must discover. Gyor is an important city of Hungary that is economic, industrial, sports, cultural and educational center. You can find a lot of historic monuments well preserved here. It is also known as the city of waters due to the fact that it lies on the bank of River Raba. Being located at such place, Gyor is popular for arrival or departure by canoe or boats. Also, if you are a fan of bathing or fishing, you will find backwaters and lakes in your surroundings to do so.


    The Many Faces of Beauty Vienna

    Vienna - city of luxurious palaces of ancient Austrian princely dynasties and majestic cathedrals. City Gourmet, the world capital of classical music and a true aristocracy. City of love, understanding, and tolerance for all people, regardless of their skin color, religion and sexual orientation. Muse City of Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Freud, and perhaps your ...

    Lednice Castle

    Lednice Castle

    Lednice castle is a majestic, georgeous mansion, exactely the kind of a place you imagine, while listening to:“...once upon a time there was a magnificent castle...“ The Lednice castle is a majestic, gorgeous mansion, exactly the kind of a place you imagine while listening to:“...once upon a time there was a magnificent castle...“ A unique English styled park was created around the castle with rare trees, romantic little buildings, fishponds and beautiful little corners. The Lednice Complex is included in the Unesco list and is known as the Garden of Europe.



    A small city with lots of significance that is bordered by the three other countries, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria. It is an ideal destination for people who want to travel the city itself along with three other countries. What makes Bratislava a place to visit is that the accommodation is pretty cheap here. Another benefit of coming here is that it is a small place so you don’t need to use any public transportation too. A great place for great experiences that won’t cost you much.

    For transportation 9 and more people please contact us via email.

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