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Transfer from Prague to Budapest with stop in Bratislava

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“They where always on time and it was very comfortable for a big group with lots of luggage to travel this way!.” 

-Dorothy, Best Trips customer


Transfer from Prague to Budapest or from Budapest to Prague will take 5 hours 30 minutes and you can make this trip more unforgettable when you stop in Bratislava.

There are a few ways you can travel from Prague to Bratislava or Prague to Budapest with stops in Bratislava – by plane, by train or bus and by private car with English speaking local driver.

Bratislava is a cozy city with a beautiful old part. This is not aristocratic Vienna, magnificent Prague or optimistic Budapest, but the place with its color and identity that is becoming amazing for the European cities. It is worth to come here for the sake of nice local handmade souvenirs, picturesque views and small streets of the old town.

The new part of the city consisted of a mix of modern and Communist Era buildings, but the old town is tiny and quite similar to other cities in Central Europe, like Krakow, Ljubljana, Riga or Vilnius. There are beautiful churches in the old city: Trinity Church, Clarissine Church, and St. Martin’s Cathedral, the largest in Bratislava.

Budapest, Hungary – travel to Budapest with stops in Bratislava

If you’re traveling by car and are not in a hurry take a road trip to Budapest with stops in Bratislava! You can spend the whole day visiting a few interesting and beautiful places along the way – this can be so much better than just simply driving from one place to another. Start with a stop in Szentendre, known as the most popular day trip from Budapest Bratislava and one of the most beautiful towns in Central Europe.

Where to stay in Budapest

A city of almost 2 million population, Budapest, Hungary is a great European cultural and financial center that offers a fantastic selection of hotels.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

One of the best hotels in Budapest, this 5-star hotel is a short walk from the Chain Bridge and features elegant, modern décor. Rooms overlook Fashion Street or have views of Pest’s fin-de-siecle architecture.

Pest Buda Hotel

This boutique hotel is a stunning property located just next to the Fisherbastion. Each room is unique and exquisitely decorated. One of their suites even has its own private rooftop garden.

Things to do in Budapest

There are numerous unique things to do in Prague to Budapest tour. By having a local guide on your side, you can truly taste the real city life, see how people live here, and understand why people love it so much.

Here are Things to do in Budapest:

  1. Cook traditional meals with your host
  2. A ruin bar night out with your host
  3. Check out the lovely view of Normafa
  4. Have a hike in the Buda mountains
  5. Try delicious Hungarian wine
  6. Discover Turkish heritage in Budapest: Bathhouses
  7. Have a long walk on the river bank of the Danube in the evening

With so many exciting activities, you’ll never run out of things to see in Budapest. If you’re looking to soak up the Hungarian culture, you’ll be delighted by the many secret spots to explore. Head to the Jewish Quarter, visit the opera or cross the bridges of the Danube with a sweet treat in your hand. Foodies will love Budapest! You’ll be nibbling Jewish ricotta cake, learning about goulash and shopping for sausages in Great Market Hall.


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