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Travel from Prague to Munich

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“We booked Best Trips to take us from Prague to Munchin. It was a great choice, driver picked us up at our hotel in Prague on time with a clean car!.”

-Mr.Smith, Best Trips customer


Every beer lover knows of Munich – this is where the famous festival is held annually the best Munich brewers and concurrently the most large-scale festivities in the world.

However, Munich is famous not only for its brewing traditions but also the magnificent architectural ensembles, both ancient and modern, as well as the world’s largest museums, a collection that covers all cultural periods, from antiquity and ending our days.

2 reviews for Travel from Prague to Munich

  1. 5 out of 5

    By choosing Best Trips service we got a comfortable car, English speaking friendly driver-guide, great advice, amazing places along the way, easy and fast journey, affordable price and excellent service. Our journey was very pleasant and without worries!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Highly recommended
    Excellent service; we booked the private transfers from Munich to Budapest; Budapest to Prague; and Prague to Munich. Very pleased with BesTtrips and will use them again. Highly recommended
    from Singapore

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    Hey People who ordered this transfer also they buy extra stop because they very interesting to see how local people live and visit more beautiful places on the way.

    Optional two hours stop in...

    Price 55 euro (Please click on the picture to add optional stops)


    The Towers city

    Regensburg is a beautiful, historical city; since 2006, its preserved medieval quarter was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The old town has nearly 2,000 listed buildings, some of which date from as far back as the 14th century


    City of Fountains and tin soldiers

    Old Nuremberg has many faces and is beautiful. It is called the Bavarian Prague and the most German city in Germany, and even the city of sausages, toys, cakes, fountains ... Nuremberg is classically austere, cozy and leisurely, and at the same time, life here is in full swing.


    Plzen city of beer

    Everybody knows Pilsner Urquell beer. This bottom-fermented lager was invented in the Kingdom of Bohemia half-way between Prague and Regensburg, Germany. It was founded in the city famous for Skoda locomotives, the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic, and the second largest synagogue in Central Europe. Plzen was declared the European capital of culture for 2015. It truly deserves the title.

    Karlstejn Castle

    The Heart of the Kingdom

    A Gothic castle built in the 14th century by Matthias of Arras for Emperor Charles IV. As a giant safe box for relics and imperial, later also Czech coronation jewels. Located just 30 short kilometers South of the capital of Czech, Karlstejn is the most visited castle in Czech, outside of Prague. In the year 1992 Karlstejn castle was added to the list of UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage

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