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Transfer from Munich to Salzburg

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A real treasure trove for all travelers

Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is dominated by churches, castles, and palaces. Its picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


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    Hey People who ordered this transfer also they buy extra stop because they very interesting to see how local people live and visit more beautiful places on the way.

    Optional two hours stop in...

    Price 55 euro (Please click on the picture to add optional stops)

    Eagles Nest

    Hitler’s Lifestyle

    The Eagles Nest is also known as Kehlsteinhaus that was made as a teahouse for Adolf Hitler. You can go and have something to drink and eat and explore the rooms there that will give you a little idea about the Hitler’s way of living.. The ride to the mountains of the Kehlstein Mountain is very exciting as you see incredible views on your way to the eagle nest.

    Noeshwenstain Castle

    The Castle of the Fairytale King

    The castle is one of the most visited of all in the Europe. It is known as a fairytale castle because of its existence at a particular location which makes it even more unique. The castle is located in the Alps, on the top of a hill. The castle is equipped with the art technology inside.



    A small town with a population of about 20,000 people, this town’s state wealth was through the salt mines but currently its economic significance occurs through the wood and other industries. The beer, garden and the hiking is what makes Hallein a fun place to visit



    A place that has always been a major trade route for business. The must visit places here are the theaters, various museums, buildings and parks. Come during the month of October to enjoy the famous festival of Oktoberfest in Rosenheim.

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