What to Pack for European Trip?

What to Pack for European Trip

Whether you’re planning to spend a long weekend in the Czech Republic, a fortnight abroad in Germany, or an entire summer traveling around the continent by Eurorail, you should know what are the most important things you have to take with you for a European trip.

Once you start planning, it’s tempting to expand your European journey from a single destination to several. Inexpensive local rail system makes it easier to explore multiple countries during a single trip. Packing multiple destinations, cultural experiences and activities into a single trip can make for one incredible adventure, but it can also make packing itself a challenge.

To help you plan your trip to Europe, we have made a list of essentials an active lover of new countries and unique routes can’t do without. We have also prepared some useful tricks for packing a bag for a European tour. If you want to get maximum impressions from your holiday, we will tell you how to reduce the volume of your suitcase and take the most important things.


Baggage Packing List mobile app – organizes suitcase for the trip

Experienced IT-travelers created a mobile app “Baggage packing list” for packing a suitcase, so even if you’re an experienced traveler, you will find useful ideas there. This application offers a list of what is needed on every trip ideally.

For example, with the help of this app, you will not forget a swimsuit, which can be useful even in winter, in a hotel or in a thermal pool, especially if you go to Budapest. This app will also remind you to take a spare memory card. The app can be loaded here.


Pack clothes in layers

Pack clothes in layers


Mind changeable European weather. The weather in Europe is constantly changing, often going from warm and sunny to wet and chilly in a single day. So don’t bring clothing designed for only one climate or weather. Everything you bring should be able to be worn in any weather. Winter-weight fabrics will weigh you down and frustrate you on the road. Focus on versatility and layer-ability.

Stay comfortable and stylish. You can always find a stylish piece that can be layered with other options to make it perfect for any climate. Use layers to dress smartly and look good.

When packing travel clothes for Europe, make sure you always stay comfortable and stylish by choosing clothing that you can layer, selecting thin breathable fabrics like cotton, and knits that can keep you warm in the early morning and are easily peeled back as the temperature rises. Pack one lighter waterproof jacket in your luggage and wear or carry a heavier jacket or coat to save space. 

Base Layers. Be thoughtful about your base layers and choose wisely. You’ll need several high quality, breathable base layers that you can wear basically all the time. Your list should include underwear (plus long underwear or tights for a trip through cold weather), undershirts, socks, and T-shirts.

Wool or microfiber. These base layers should be made of wool or synthetic microfiber. They’re both breathable. Also, when you’re hot, wool and microfiber wick sweat away from you; when you’re cold, they keep you warm. They also tend to not get stinky as cotton does.

What is even more important, these two fabrics is that they dry quickly. If any of your base layers happen to get wet or sweaty, they’ll always be ready to wear again after a few hours of air drying.

Over-pack socks and underwear. Stuff them into your shoes and between the small, empty spaces in your bag. You can never have too many fresh pairs of either essential. One pair of long underwear for both top and bottom will be sufficient. Long underwear makes jeans and any long sleeve shirt an ideal outfit for even the most frigid conditions.


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Choose comfortable footwear

comfortable footwear


Take walking shoes for the cobblestone streets. Thanks to the European cobblestone streets, walking around most places in Europe is far more comfortable when you’re wearing a comfortable pair of walking shoes, with plenty of support and cushion. Fortunately, there are some really stylish ones out there that can also look good when going out to dinner at a nice restaurant.

What’s the best way to pack shoes? For Europe, try to limit your shoe packing to two pairs: one open-air pair of sandals and one closed shoe that can be worn with socks. If you are planning a trip to a different climate zone or with a kid, you will have to take some more pairs of shoes.


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Take electronic devices

Take electronic devices


Take Apple MacBook or a light laptop. There is nothing revolutionary or surprising in this if there is simply a need to work on the road. The screen size should not exceed 12 inches. They are lightweight but quite convenient to solve various tasks: work on the Internet, write articles, chat with friends and colleagues, edit photos, visit social networks, etc.

A good smartphone gives you the opportunity to listen to music, quickly access the Internet to view the map, connect with friends, watch a movie, etc.

Universal battery charger. Comments are not needed here. A high-quality charger will allow you to charge all the gadgets that you take on a trip.

Take high-quality headphones. True travelers realized one important thing—you shouldn’t save on headphones. Good headphones allow you to enjoy music and movies. Therefore, if you think what to take with you on a trip, be sure to buy high-quality headphones that provide good sound.

It is recommended to have two sets of headphones: large, a good option for the aircraft, and compact, vacuum, good for running or fast walking.

A USB Universal Travel Adapter is necessary for plug-in items in Europe, as it offers various prong configurations to use with plugs found in different countries.

An SLR camera allows making high-quality pictures. You can’t do without a camera when traveling around Europe. Modern smartphones can take good pictures, but the overall level of pictures is lower in comparison with a camera.

You may also take the Mp3 player for music, reading material or device and a watch. And most important, don’t forget to take plenty of SD card storage for your incredible photos!


Take essential travel accessories


essential travel accessories


Don’t forget the smaller essentials you’ll need on your journey. Don’t forget about a travel pillow and blanket, travel towel, sleep mask, and ear plugs. These things are quite essential, especially during airplane flights and train journeys, or during overnight stays in hostels.

Other useful items to put on your packing list are a Travel Safe TSA lock and cable for your luggage. It’s helpful when going on trains or buses to prevent theft.

To be eco-friendly, take your own water bottle; most water in Europe can be shipped directly from the tap, and many cities have public drinking fountains for filling up.

You should consider taking a belt or hidden wallet, but it can be rather inconvenient. We also recommend using a special travel wallet, in which you can store money and bank cards.

Take a toiletry kit with personal cosmetics, tissues, shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen, lip balm, and comb. But try to keep it minimal. Solid or dry shampoo is light, comfortable and suitable for hand luggage. If there is a problem with a shower, then the hair even without water will look fresh.

Don’t forget about a small medicine bag, including aspirin, upset stomach pills, and motion sickness medicine.

Finally, use a bright suitcase cover to prevent your luggage from getting dirty. It will not be lost and will attract the attention of other travelers with bright colors.


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Now you know exactly what to take with you. Of course, there are other things that you will need. However, this list will allow you to make your trip much more comfortable.

Packing can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan, so spend some time making a list well in advance of your trip. It’s also important to do some research on the best travel bags and the best luggage for European travel. Strategically plan what you’re going to take so that you have the best carry on a backpack or the best lightweight luggage.

To sum up, pack a lightweight, hooded waterproof breathable jacket and warmer jacket or coat, several tops that can layer together, a pair of jeans and another pants or shorts, a swimsuit, two pairs of comfortable walking shoes and several pairs of socks and underwear. And don’t forget about essential travel accessories and electronic devices.

Remember, if you do forget something or need something else, you can always buy it once you reach your European destination. Have a nice trip to Europe!


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