Where to stay in Vienna?

If you plan to visit Vienna, devote at least 6–7 days to see the city’s sights. Visit at least some of the museums, stroll through the palace complexes and parks and, of course, take some time to shop and drink coffee. If you wonder where to stay in Vienna, we are here to help you figure this out. The article will tell you about the best housing options and features of booking accommodation in Vienna.а

What quarter in Vienna is best to stay in?

The capital of Austria is divided into 23 districts. Each has its own name and number.

The capital of Austria is divided into 23 districts. Each has its own name and number.

  1. The most expensive is the 1st district in the historic Old Center, called Inner City (Innere Stadt). It is surrounded by the Vienna Ringstrasse or Rind Road. Here, with a few exceptions, the major sights are located. So it’s very convenient to live inside the Ring. Everything is within a walking distance. But hotel prices are the highest here.

Click here to view hotels in the Inner City.

  1. Outside the Ring, there are districts built in the 19 – 20 centuries. Here you can stay in a majestic stylish building. The center is within a walking distance. The transport infrastructure is perfect. And the prices in this district is lower than in the Old Town.

You should take into consideration hotels or apartments in the following quarters:

  • It is located on an island between the Danube Canal and the border with the Inner City. Great place to stay in Vienna with children. Here is the Prater Park with attractions, the oldest Viennese park Augarten with a baroque garden, a palace, and a porcelain manufactory, as well as the largest stadium in Austria.

Click here to view hotels in Leopoldstadt.

  • Landstraße. A business and diplomatic district of Vienna. The most famous sights are the Belvedere Palace complex, the Hundertwasser House and Museum. Numerous green parks are perfect for families with children.

Click here to view hotels in Landstraße.

  • The Wien Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) is located here. Among the highlights, here you’ll find Karlskirche and Vienna University of Technology.

Click here to view hotels in Wieden.

  • This district is famous for its Museum Quarter, Austrian House of Justice, Volkstheater. Here you will find a famous shopping street Neubaugasse.

Click here to view hotels in Neubau.

  • The smallest and most respectable district of Vienna. Here are the embassies, housing of the mayors of Vienna and the president of Austria. It’s located behind the City Hall and Parliament.

Click here to view hotels in Josefstadt.

  • A quarter of students and doctors. It’s known for many educational and medical institutions: the University of Vienna, Medical, Economic and Agrarian Universities, the city’s central hospital. Interesting sights include the Sigmund Freud Museum, the Schubert House-Museum, the Volksoper, and Votivkirche.

Click here to view hotels in Alsergrund.

3. The area outside the Ring is surrounded by another ring, which is called Gürtel, and the main railway stations are located along it. Choosing a hotel near one of Vienna’s railway stations is worth only if you plan to travel from Vienna to the neighboring cities every day. For example, from the station Westbahnhof, you can take a train to France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, as well as in the direction of Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck.

What to consider when choosing where to stay in Vienna?

  1. Price. The closer to the center, the more prestigious area, the more expensive hotels.
  2. High season. The high season in Vienna is Christmas and the period from April to October. You can save money by visiting Vienna in the winter.
  3. Quarters. In order to save money, you can choose from areas away from the Ring. You should also consider the cost of transportation in this case. Choose quarters with good transport infrastructure.
  4. Parking. As in many other tourist cities, there is a problem with parking place, especially in the city center and on weekdays. If you plan to go by car, choose a hotel or accommodation with private parking and not in the very center. By the way, there is no problem with parking bikes, and many hotels are equipped with appropriate parking.
  5. Travelers’ reviews. Before booking, it is also important to carefully read the reviews of travelers about hotels. From them you can learn a lot of useful things, for example, that free wi-fi is provided for those who have a membership card of the hotel chain, or that it is necessary to come for breakfast early, otherwise, there is no place to sit. You can get a more complete picture of the hotel as a whole.

Rent an Apartment in Vienna

As an option, you can book an apartment with a kitchen in Vienna, which is cheaper than hotels. You can buy products for cooking at Billa supermarkets and this will save you a substantial amount, especially if you stay in Vienna with your family.

It is very convenient that in many apartments in Vienna there is not only a kitchen corner but also a washing machine and a dishwasher. Some apartments are not a room with a kitchenette, but a real Viennese apartment, which only adds advantages.

When you stay in an old building, take into account different nuances, for example:

  • the size of the room
  • the presence of an elevator
  • room service
  • air conditioning in summer
  • heating in winter
  • the availability of free Wi-Fi

Since transport communication in Vienna is excellent, both on land and underground, you can choose to live in more remote areas away from the Ring. Here are some nice places for your stay in Vienna:

Find more apartments here.


Where to stay in Vienna depends on the purpose of the trip. The capital of Austria has a large selection of housing. The center and the nearest quarters are optimal for exploring the sights, ancient parks, for visiting museums, art galleries, theaters, operas, concerts, for shopping, gastronomic tourism and visiting the best restaurants. However, other quarters are quieter and less
expensive. Carefully consider all the pros and cons when choosing where to stay in Vienna. Have a nice trip!

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